Jun 30, 2009

New Spellbinders Dies & new, larger Rock-A-Block set, whew!!! So many new products, so little time!!

New Rock-A-Blocks, new Spellbinders dies (all at GREAT prices!!) and more--all ready for purchase!! WOW, what a week!!

Not only did I roll out the new, larger, add-on Companion set for the Rock-A-Blocks, plus several Crafter's Companion "bundles", (all with their own PayPal "BUY NOW" Buttons, just over on the right side of my blog here!), but now I'm also ordering all the brand new Spellbinders dies that were just revealed during Spellbinder's amazing Blog Frenzy!!

OK, so now that all the Spellbinders Dies have finally been revealed in all their amazing beauty (some of these are breathtaking, aren’t they???), I’m placing my orders for them with Spellbinders. See all the dies here from the 8 Day Previews: http://spellbinderspaperarts.com/new

I've decided to have special pricing for all of these brand new dies during the ordering phase!!! So here they are:

Pricing during initial ordering phase:
. All of the New Pendants Dies: $16.50
. All of the New Borderabilities Dies: $14.00

And of course, you may still order any of the other Spellbinder’s Dies & Accessories from me as well.

Recap of those prices:
. Nestabilities: $17.50 each (single packs)
. Nestabilities (entire Nest): $53.50 each (4 Packs aka “Nests”)
. Frameabilities: $17.50 each
. Shapeabilities: $15.00 each
. Pierceabilities: $15.00 each
. Borderabilities (Petite): $15.00 each (all, except the NEW dies—see above)
. Borderabilities (Grand/12"): $17.50 each
. Edgeabilities, Frames (Mega): $17.50 each

Please email your orders to me ASAP, as I want to be sure I get enough products ordered & stocked, so as to keep up with your orders.

Email your orders to: glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com -- ***PLEASE, PLEASE include in the Email Subject line: “Order for new SPELLBINDERS Dies” ***--that will help me sort out your orders as Priority #1!!! Thanks.

And I just want to say again how VERY much I appreciate your business – I don’t know how else to say it, but I want you to know that it really does mean EVERYTHING to me!! Thanks sooooo much!!!!

Jun 26, 2009

New, Larger Companion set of Rock-A-Blocks (RAB2) are FINALLY Here!! Look at ALL the Crafter's Companion Specials!!!

Wow, after waiting & waiting since January, the new, larger size Companion set of Rock-A-Blocks (RAB2)are FINALLY, FINALLY here!!! WooHoo!!!!!! Plus, I've added some bundles for the different Crafter's Companion products that I carry!!!

I was soooo excited when the UPS man arrived with my shipment of the new large Rock-A-Blocks last evening!!! You should have seen me rip open that shipping box!! And boy, oh boy, did I EVER give them a serious work-out last night. I was in a stamping frenzy!!! We have needed these additional sizes of Rock-A-Blocks (one block is 4 1/2" x 7", and the other block is 2" x 7") sooooo badly!!!! And they work just as fabulously as the original set---they are just sooooo easy & the results from both sets are absolutely outstanding!!!

No more ink splotches from ink on your block transferring onto your paper!! No more unevenly stamped images!!! No more ruined projects!!! WooHoo!!!! (Can you tell I'm excited??? I feel like a little kiddo on Christmas morning!!!)

So, if you haven't already done so, you need to look at all my "BUY NOW" buttons, which are listed over on the right sidebar of my blog!!!

I have both sets of the Rock-A-Blocks listed either individually, or you can get them as a bundle with both sets, plus there's a discount for getting both sets at once!!!

In addition to all that, I've now also added a new Crafter's Companion 3-Product Bundle, so you can get the amazing Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC), along with BOTH incredible sets of the Rock-A-Blocks (RAB1 & RAB2)--and talk about a discount---YIKES!!! I've seriously discounted this bundle--I think I've lost my mind, but, what the heck!!!

Those of you who were here with me from the beginning, know that the reason I did so was because I had absolutely fallen head over heels in love with these Crafter's Companion products after seeing them at CHA in January & I wanted everyone else to be able to get their hands on them & to get them at a really good price!! I have NEVER wavered in how much I think these products are simply genius, & about how much they've helped me in my crafting life by simplifying sooooo many tasks that are part of our everyday work flow when we're crafting & creating!!!

And from there, as I've gone forward, I've continued to add many other products that I also love & use all the time, such as all the great Spellbinder's dies (including all the new ones, which are ready for pre-order--just email me!!!!!), all the Zutter products (Bind-It-All, etc,), Ranger Ink (Tim Holtz's product lines...) and more.

I made a commitment here to deal with products lines that I myself actually use & I feel great about recommending---that way I KNOW that everything I send out to you are things that I am absolutely sure, from my personal experience, will help you to craft in an much easier & faster way!!!

So, go on now & take a good look at the sidebar of my blog to see all of the new (and existing) Crafter's Companion bundles (http://glendascreativeplace.blogspot.com/ ).

And please don't forget that I'm taking pre-orders for all the new Spellbinders dies that are being revealed during the Spellbinders Blog Frenzy & my prices will stay the same for the new dies as what I've already been charging for the existing dies. Email me at glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com with your pre-orders--be sure to list the names of the dies & their product # (which are always on the blog that is revealing each new set of dies). To follow along with the reveals of the new dies, go to the Spellbinder's blog: http://spellbinderspaperarts.com/blog/

Jun 19, 2009

Cricut Markers using "Glenda's Marker Method"-Videos!

Do you want an easier & more precise way to use your Cricut Markers? For those of you who never saw my post waaaayyy last year on the Cricut MB outlining how to use my "Glenda's Cricut Marker Method", I finally taped some videos back in February (2009), but sadly, they were part of a group of Cricut videos I'd done that somehow disappeared off my hard drive. Then, after I recently did a "disk defrag" they magically reappeared, which was a THRILL!!!! So I finally got them edited & loaded up to YouTube.

There is a "short" version of the Tutorial, which only talks about using the markers (using my "method", which does differ from the manufacturer's directions!) & shows how to change them, etc. Then there is an "extended" version, which is a 3-Part Tutorial that not only demonstrates how to use the "Glenda's Cricut Marker Method", but also gives some other "Hints & How-To's" in typical Glenda fashion that also include some things about the Cricut Design Studio Software, as well as some other things.

I hope they'll help you to get those Cricut Markers out of the drawer, where they've probably been gathering dust & allow you to have another working tool for your Cricut!!!!

Here's the "extended" version (Part 1):

Here's the "short" version:

Cricut Markers using "Glenda

Quick Post!!!! New Spellbinder's Dies (some of them that is!!!)

OK, here's a list released by Spellbinders about their new dies set for release. But I'm hoping this can't be all of them, as I was told by a VERY good source at Spellbinders that there's supposed to be about 32 new dies coming out. So, if my source is correct, this should only be half of them, so there should be more to come!!! More as soon as it's "leaked"!!!

Don't forget, you can order all your Nesties & all other Spellbinders dies from me right here!!!

And I'm TAKING PRE-ORDERS for all the new dies--using the SAME prices that I've been charging!!! Just email me at glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com & let me know what you want!!!

. Nestabilities: $17.50 each (single packs).
. Nestabilities (entire Nest): $53.50 each (4 Packs aka “Nests”)
. Frameabilities: $17.50 each
. Shapeabilities: $15.00 each
. Pierceabilities: $15.00 each
. Borderabilities (Petite): $15.00 each
. Borderabilities (Grand/12"): $17.50 each
. Edgabilities, Frames (Mega): $17.50 each

Here's the list (so far!!) of new Spellbinders dies (and they're meant to coordinate with each other):

Spellbinders Pendants Borderabilities Dies: Tulips, Renaissance Hearts, Contemporary Hearts, Kaleidoscope, Fleur De Lis, 3In Spades, Eyelets, Lattice

Spellbinders Pendants Shapeability Dies:Tulips, Renaissance Hearts, Contemporary Hearts, Kaleidoscope, Fleur De Lis, 3In Spades, Eyelets, Lattice

Also, be sure to check out the Spellbinders Blog Frenzy, for the new contests they're having to coincide with the "reveal" of these new dies: http://spellbinderspaperarts.com/blog/

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