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A Little Cricut Hint Video!

Well, here's a little Cricut Hints & How-Tos (aka CHHT) Video that I thought I'd already posted here a while ago, but last night, I just realized that I hadn't!!! I uploaded it to You Tube, but somehow never linked it here. But in my defense, it was the same night that I uploaded 5 different Cricut Videos to You Tube, but somewhere, somehow, the first 4 of them disappeared into the "ether" of the internet & corrupted themselves on my hard drive--this video (which was #5!!), was the only survivor of that fateful upload experience, so no wonder I was confused, LOL!!! And of course, I'm currently re-doing the other 4 Cricut videos for you, so stay tuned for those!!! Enjoy!!!

Almost Time for Blog FOLLOWER Give-Away!! Plus,Hurry to Order UCC & RAB to Beat Price Increase!

Ohhhh, I'm so excited!!! It's getting close to the end of the month, which means that all my Blog Followers (who were signed up as my Blog Followers in the month of April or before) will be automatically entered in my monthly Blog Follower contest Give-Away!!! I just LOVE give-aways, don't you?? For those of you who might not be familiar, starting in April, I'm holding a monthly give-away among just my Blog Followers. They don't have to do a darn thing except be signed up as a Follower, in which case, they are automatically entered each & every month. Pretty cool, huh?? And you just never ever know what the prizes might be--one month could be a really big give-away, another month might be a bit more low key, but, just know that there will ALWAYS be a give-away!!! And in this economy, every little bit helps, right??? Sooooo, if you're NOT signed up as a Blog Follower of mine, hurry up & do so!!!! To sign up, scroll down the right side of my blog until yo

Removing the "Mystery" of how to: Sign Up as ANYONE'S Blog Follower, Post Comments on ANYONE's Blog & a Few Other Things on the Internet!!

Over the past month, I've had soooo many questions about this, so I've decided to just take the bull by the horns & remove the mystery of how to do these things. I'm also going to show you how to know which "Internet IDs" you may ALREADY own & not know about!!! So, I'm going to slip into "instructor mode" here & when I'm done, I really hope this will answer a LOT of these questions. I also hope it will help many of you out there to feel more secure moving around the Internet & signing into different places, knowing that you already OWN an ID capable of all that, so you don't feel as if you have to keep signing up for all these various IDs all over the place. When you're finished reading this, I think many of you will be surprised to find out just how many of these IDs you may already own!!! The main things that have generated these questions and concerns are: - What type of ID do I need to sign up as a Follower for ANYON

Another Video in the Glenda's Hints & How-Tos Series (GHHT), Plus Bad News About Price Increases from Manufacturer

OK, here I am, back again with another short video, which is part of the Glenda's Hints & How-Tos Series (aka GHHT). Plus, today I finally got the news I've been dreading about my wholesale prices being raised by the manufacturer. But first I want to say a big THANK YOU to those who have been placing their orders on my blog for both the Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC) as well as the Rock-A-Blocks (RAB) during the past week. The amount of orders being placed have picked up quite a bit since I first posted my "Free Studio G Stamps with Purchase Promotion" on April 17th. It could just be a coincidence, but I don't think so. It seems we all just love those darling Studio G Stamps!!! Thank goodness I managed to pick up as many as I did, because even though I've been sending them out all week long, I'm not quite out of them just yet!! But I can't imagine they'll last too much longer, so if you've been thinking of ordering either of these p

Hurry-Provo Craft Promo--Limited Time!!

Hi all. I just wanted to make sure you'd all seen this promotion from Provo Craft!! It says they're only taking pre-orders thru April 24th (which is TODAY!!!), but I haven't had time to read all the fine print, so I don't know if that also means the contest attached to it is also over on the same date or not. But as soon as I saw this, I wanted to make sure that all of you have had a chance to see it before it's too late. This promo allows you to pre-order the much sought after (and soon to be in general release!!!) Home Decor cartridge ( NOT to be confused with the Home Accents cartridge--they are 2 separate cartridges with different images on them!!!!), along with the new Jubilee cartridge. (The Home Decor cartridge is another one of those cartridges that has some great images on it for use with vinyl for "Wall Words".) When you get to the payment options, if you pay the $99.00 all at once , (in 1 installment), you get 2 free gifts along with the cartri

Another New Video in the Glenda's Hints & How-Tos Series (GHHT)

This next hint in my Glenda's Hints & How-Tos (GHHT) Video Series is a very practical one that has already saved me a BUNCH of money!! It's about a new tool I got about a month ago & guess what?? This is a tool that actually works, it's a tool that will get used over & over (and already IS getting used a lot!) & on top of all that, this is a tool that was sooooo inexpensive for what it does, it's unbelievable--(even before I pulled out the 40% off coupon, which made it even cheaper--WooHoo!)!!! Because I bought THIS tool, I was able to make some of the tools I already owned work as well as they did when they were brand new , which meant I didn't have to spend any more money to replace them!!! This little tool has been a TOTAL win-win for me & let me tell you, in the "Glenda Ranking System for Tools", this one has a place of honor !! Take a look at the video below for more information. I just want to remind everyone that I'm in t

Studio G Stamps Give-Away & Another Video from Glenda's Hints & How-Tos (aka GHHT)

OK, here's another day and another short video in my new video series called Glenda's Hints & How-Tos (or for time's sake, let's abbreviate it to GHHT!!)!!! And just for fun, since I just picked up a bunch of the new Studio G Stamps over at Joann's (Craft Stores), let's give some of them away!!! Here's the info: Starting right now and lasting until I run out of them (which could take a while!!), anyone who orders products from my blog here will not only receive the regular & generous "goodies"/give-aways that I always include with your orders, but you'll also receive 3 different packages of Studio G stamps for each Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC) ordered, & 2 packages of Studio G stamps for ordering a set of Rock-A-Blocks (RAB). (To clarify, within EACH package of the Studio G Stamps, there are normally somewhere between three to five individual stamps inside.) Now back to paper!!! Today's edition of GHHT is a hint whi

Second Video in New Series-Glenda's Hints & How-Tos (GHHT)

Here we go with the next video in my new video series. This new series (GHHT) consists of short little hints from me; they're things that have helped me along the way grow as a crafter. No matter how small and sometimes maybe even insignificant they might seem on the surface, when you add them all together, they make up a whole lot of practical help. This newest video is about sorting & keeping track of ALL your paper stacks. This applies to stacks of any size & from any manufacturer . In my case, I buy a LOT of stacks from Die Cuts With A View (DCWV). What I've learned is that because their colors can and do vary from season to season and year to year within their stacks, those colors may NOT work perfectly if you try to pair them from stacks from different seasons. Therefore I needed a way to be able to know which year each stack was from (not JUST the season!!). I also needed to be able to tell with just a very quick glance exactly WHAT type of papers were inside

First Video in new Series-Glenda's Hints & How-Tos (aka GHHT)

OK, here's the first in my new series of "short" videos, which consist of some of the many "little" things I've learned & stumbled across throughout the years & through my journey as a crafter. I like to think that all these "little" things have added up to help me become the crafter I am today, which is certainly a better crafter than I was years ago. I hope you find something in these little hints that will help you as well. This first hint didn't really even start out to be a "hint". I was just looking around my craft room one day when I was kind of "stuck" in a creative rut, just searching for some inspiration anywhere and then my eyes landed on my "color spot" and I immediately felt uplifted and inspired. My video camera happened to be sitting right there next to me, all set up and ready to go from when I was doing some videos earlier, so I grabbed it and just started to talk--to try to express how BEA

New Series of Videos Coming!!!

Hi all!!! Yeaaaahh --NEW videos are being uploaded--finally!!! Ohhhh , wow, have I been a busy gal. So, I've gotten behind on my (self-imposed!) video schedules. But, I'm finally getting some of the videos I actually made more than a month ago edited and uploaded for you. Most of these are part of a new series of videos that I'm doing called: "Glenda's Hints & How- Tos " (aka GHHT ) . These will be videos of a much SHORTER duration than most of my more detailed tutorials. These videos are simply little snippets, little nuggets of information that I've learned and found out along the way that have helped me get my craft projects done more easily & quickly. My hope is that these new GHHT videos will contain some information that will also be helpful to you. If so, please let me know by posting your comments here & also by rating the videos within the site itself. For those of you that want to be sure to be notified of any new posts

We Have OUR WINNERS--for my Blog Candy Give-Away Contest!!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but, let me tell you, I have been a very BUSY gal. First, let me tell you that my Blog Candy Give-Away spreadsheet has finally been completed & after a LOT of research, a lot of generous help from sooooo many people out there & a LOT of sleepless nights, it is working exactly how I’d hoped it would for this first Blog Candy contest of mine. All your entries & the information you gave me have been checked, double checked, triple checked & then checked again over & over to make sure everything was entered correctly. And BTW, it was checked not only by me, but also by my new friend & amazing Excel goddess, Stacy S., aka StackyScraps from the Cricut MB, who used to be an auditor, so you KNOW she checked it all very thoroughly, which is exactly what I wanted her to do!!! FYI, Stacy is also the person who deserves the credit for finally fixing up my spreadsheet, for figuring out the correct formulas & almost everything el