Sep 12, 2014


WOOHOO, YIPPEE, YAHOO!! FINALLY--the brand new, much anticipated, longed for, and much sought after Close to My Heart Cricut cartridge, ARTFULLY SENT, is now ready to order on my shopping site. Click right here!!  
 I WANT YOUR BUSINESS!! I really want you to order this cartridge from me!!!  This is WITHOUT a DOUBT, the most amazing Cricut cartridge that has ever been released!  You will be astonished at all that it can do!!!

It comes with:
  • The Close to My Heart Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge.
  • 3 - My Acrylix D-size stamp sets that were designed specifically to beautifully complement this cartridge.
  • 1 - 12"x12" White Daisy Cardstock pack.   

Here is my special:  Everyone who orders ARTFULLY SENT, or any of the OTHER 3 CTMH Cricut cartridges on my shopping site, from now through Fri. Sept. 19th, will get their choice of ANY "B"-sized stamp set FREE from me (see just a few samples below!) You can find all of the "B"-size stamp sets available either on my CTMH website, or in the CTMH new CTMH Annual Inspirations 2014-2015 Idea Book.  Their item code will begin with the letter B. 
(***FYI, your stamp set will be mailed separately - please--do NOT add it to your shopping cart!***).
To receive your stamp set, please email me at: and include the following:
  1. The name that your order was placed under and the date placed
  2. The Item Number and the Name of the B-size stamp set you've selected
  3. Your complete mailing address:  Name, street address city, state and zip
  4. Telephone #, including area code just in case I might need to contact you

    Additional special: If you refer a friend to me and they buy ANY of the four  Close to My Heart Cricut cartridges, I will send you a 12 combo pk of our CTMH White Daisy and Colonial White cardstock.  These two cardstocks are the absolute best choice for you to use with your Cricut.  You will get soooo much use out of them for creating, cutting and stamping all of your Cricut-compatible images, as well as your regular Cricut cuts, not to mention for use as card bases and also as backgrounds, journaling blocks or photo mats for scrapbook layouts, plus much more.  You will reach for these time and time again!!! 

To redeem this special, all you need to do is email me the name of your friend, the date of their order and of course, your name and mailing address. And if you would, please put "Glenda's Cricut Promos: in the email subject line!!  My email is:   

*** See below just a couple examples of some of my personal favorites out of the large number of the B-size stamp sets available.  Please CLICK HERE to see all of the available B-size stamps sets! (Their Item Number will begin with the letter "B".)

FYI, in case you're not familiar with this:  ANY stamp image that you see outlined in red on my shopping website, or in our CTMH Idea Books, means there is a matching Cricut cut on the CTMH Cricut cartridge listed on the stamp set.  Example--For the "Crafted with Love" stamp set above, both of the two main/largest stamps do have matching Cricut cuts!! (And all the little phrases are meant to be stamped inside those 2 shapes!!  Soooo stinkin' cute!!!)

So COME ON old and new friends alike, I really WANT YOUR BUSINESS!!!!  Please help me expand this business venture and wonderful journey that I feel privileged to be a part of with Close to My Heart.

See below for a short video about the ARTFULLY SENT Close to my Heart Cricut cartridge:

Apr 29, 2014

HURRY-Just ONE DAY Left!!! Don’t miss this amazing offer!!!

Please—don't miss out on this amazing offer which ends promptly tomorrow—in ONE day, on April 30th, which is giving you over $300 in free products!!! If you are already someone who likes to dabble in making cards, scrapbooks (either traditional or the new faster/less work method!!), or making home d├ęcor items or even quilting, or if you are a stay at home Mom (especially if you do home schooling!!), or a teacher, or someone who helps out in the classrooms with bulletin boards & more, or someone who helps with church or youth groups, etc. please take advantage of this outstanding offer from a great, robust company before it's gone forever! Or did you ever wish you could learn how to do any of above-mentioned items? This is a golden opportunity and it would break my heart to see any of you miss out on it!! (Click here to get started!)

The offer is simple and straight-forward. If you join my Close To My Heart (aka: CTMH) team as an Independent Consultant before midnight Eastern time on April 30, 2014, you will receive your choice of any of the three favorite "art-full" Close To My Heart Cricut® collections FREE (all of which themselves are normally $99 retail each!!)! The New Consultant Kit is just $99 and comes packed with over triple the retail value in products and supplies to help you succeed with your crafting right out of the gate. Select your choice from the 3 FREE Cricut® bundles—which are all normally retail priced at $99—when you order your New Consultant Kit. The combined retail value of the New Consultant Kit and the FREE CTMH Cricut® Bundle is over $400 total, but all you're paying for with this special promotion, which is over at the end of of April, 2014, is $99 !!!!! I am personally adding even more to this offer: I am doing a drawing for anyone who signs up on my team in April for a FREE CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut bundle!!! So, not only will you get your choice of one of the three Free CTMH Cricut bundles as part of the CTMH special promotion ending at the ending TOMORROW/April 30, 2014, you will also be entered into a drawing where I will be giving away yet another of the 3 CTMH Cricut Bundles & the one I am giving away is Art Philosophy!!! Plus I am also giving all my team members another gift worth an average of $15. of other paper crafting supplies!!!

I know your next question is: "Is that it??" and the answer is no. You will also be able to order whatever supplies you want, as often as you want, from CTMH at the Consultant 22% discount, as long as you remain an active consultant, so you will be able to order & stock up on all your crafting stash, now discounted—and by the way, CTMH products are some of the highest quality in the industry!! If for whatever reason, your Consultant status changes from Active to Inactive, you get to keep everything you've received up to that point, including all the freebies offered at the beginning, plus all the "stocking up" supplies you've ordered up until then with your 22% discount!!! That's it!!! The only things that changes is a status in the CTMH system—period!!

I want you on my team!!! I want to help you. Please CLICK HERE to get started. If you have any questions, feel free to email me ASAP at

P.S. Are you a dedicated crafter and you really want to take advantage of this offer, but the ONLY REASON you NOT do so is because you do NOT already own a Cricut machine?? If that is the ONLY reason, please email me with your telephone number (including area code) ASAP and I will call you back, most of you tomorrow morning, after 9AM PACIFIC TIME, If it's OK to call you tonight, please email me the hours I can call you. I may be able to help you with the machine. If there's a will, there's always a way!!!

Apr 10, 2014

Over $300 worth of Free Product!!

Let's say I'm offering you the most amazing "coupon" ever, to any of your favorite craft stores (Michaels, Joann's, Hobby Lobby, etc.) & that "coupon" allows you to go into any of those craft stores, then go up to the register with well over $400 worth of products in your shopping cart & when they ring you up, you only have to pay $99 for all of it!!!! So you are getting OVER $300 worth of products for FREE!!  Wouldn't you scramble to get that "coupon" from me??   

But wait, this "coupon" offers even more: What if this same "coupon" allowed you to shop at those craft store as often as you wanted to for (at LEAST) the next 6 months, & every time you went to check out at the register, it gave you 22% off your ENTIRE order--and I DON'T mean the kind of coupon that just gives you a measly 40% off of only 1 item & is full of  fine print & restrictions as to what you can & can't use the coupon for---NO--this "'coupon" gives you 22% off your entire order EVERY time you go in to shop for at least the next 6 months!! PLUS—don’t forget that it already allowed you to only pay only $99 for over $400 worth of merchandise  Who among you wouldn't jump to get a "coupon" like this???  I think any if us would be crazy to pass it up!!!  
But what's the catch you might ask??  Well, it is a VERY TIME SENSITIVE coupon, it's only good for the next few weeks (April 30, 2014).

So you ask, what do you have to do to get all this??  Well, you can actually DO NOTHING AT ALL if you don't want to, & all that happens is that 6 months after you first used the "coupon", it becomes inactive & you can't use it anymore. But you still get to keep the over $400 worth of products you got on your first trip to the register (with OVER $300 of it being completely FREE!!!), plus you also get to keep all the other products you bought over the last 6 months with the 22% off. If that's how YOU want to use the "coupon", then you’re in my "HOBBYIST" category, which gives you everything described above & you don't have to do a single thing going forward (unless you want to). CLICK HERE to get all of this!!

But I have another category of "coupon" that offers everything listed above, plus you may want even more!!  Maybe you want to try to use the "coupon" to, in addition to getting all the other stuff, also maybe make some extra money for yourself. And perhaps you'd also like to be able to take advantage of all the free training the "coupon" offers (& it offers a LOT of different types of training!!). There's obviously training that shows you how to best use all those free & discounted products that you got, plus there are free projects utilizing those products, & you can also learn how to teach others to use them!!  There's also a lot of business training to help teach you how to expand & make some money with all these products, plus much, much more. If you want to explore those kinds of options, along with the over $400 worth of products that you got on your first trip to the register ($300 of which was absolutely FREE!!), plus your ongoing 22% discount every time you shop, then I'll put you in my "Business Consultant" category. 

Whichever of the 2 categories/"coupons" fits you, I want to help you get them by going here: CLICK HERE

The only difference is that instead of having to shop at one of those crowded craft stores that aren't always easy or convenient for many people to get to, & who doesn’t show you how to use those products or provide you with ongoing projects utilizing them, your "coupon" is for the Close To My Heart company, one of the foremost craft companies in the world, who have been in business for over 30 years. They carry only the highest quality products & you can shop with them online 24/7.  When you pay that initial $99, it gives you over $400 worth of products (making over $300 of it FREE!!!), plus it allows you to join Close to My Heart (abbreviated as CTMH) which then gives you the ability to shop ongoing & get your 22% discount. If you want to join as a "HOBBYIST", & all you want is the free stuff & the 22% discount & you never want to do another thing, I'm happy to have you with me for at least the next 6 months & I'll do everything I can to show you how to extend your time beyond 6 months if & only if you want me to. And at the end of your 6 months, your "coupon" changes from Active to Inactive, you keep all your free & discounted products that you've accumulated over the last 6 months & that's it. No harm, no foul!!  Easy peasy!!   CLICK HERE & take advantage of this amazing offer before it’s too late & you miss out on the early extra gifts!!

But for those who want to explore your options & want to learn how to make some extra money & maybe make a business out of this for yourself, I would really love to have you as a "BUSINESS CONSULTANT" & I will do EVERYTHING possible to help you reach whatever goals YOU set for yourself!!  Plus when you join me, you will be surrounded by & have access to some of the most successful people in this organization who are here to help you as well. CLICK HERE to get started.

If you are still not sure, please—tell me why!!??  Come on now—Over $400 worth of Close to My Heart Products for only $99!!! Who's in? NO STRINGS!   And you don't have to sell a single thing in order to keep the products! WooHoo!!!! Ask yourself how much you spent on craft supplies over the last couple months???  You know you have $99 to spend on Craft supplies, especially since it will get you over $400 worth of products (over $300 is then FREE!!)!!  When is the last time a company gave you over $300 worth of free stuff??  I can’t remember it ever happening to me, until I found CTMH!!!  You won't regret it!

Join me & get everything we’ve discussed, plus I have some special freebies I’m also tossing in!!
CLICK HERE to get started!!!


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