Nov 28, 2010

Black Friday=laptop problems galore!! BUT-ALL sales are being honored!

This is being posted  from another computer by a friend. Been having lots of PC problems all weekend--worse today--continually keeps starting and restarting in a loop. Can't stay on long enough to get anything done or respond to your emails or orders-- BUT--want you to know I am honoring ALL orders & sale prices from this past weekend!! I DO have your emails and orders--I just can't get them answered yet.

Giving up tonight after fighting with this for 2-1/2 days. Going to attempt to do a System Restore before I go to bed (if it will stay on long enough!) to see if perhaps by chance, some crazy driver or something got installed somehow that shouldn't have. Hopefully when I get up in the morning, it will have been corrected by the System Restore.  If not, at least it will be normal business hours when I call HP for help, since warranty just expired on the laptop! (Of COURSE it did!!!)

I will be going thru all your emails and orders from the weekend sale just as soon as the laptop allows me to do so. All sale prices will be honored!! So, so sorry about the delay!!

*Black Friday sale CONTINUED thru SUNDAY!!- re:Black Friday /Saturday at

Hi All!!  Hope everyone has had an absolutely fabulous shopping weekend! Good news--I have extended my sale thru midnight (Pacific Time) tonight (Sunday, Nov. 28th) because I have had sooooo much computer trouble with my laptop this weekend, I haven't been able to answer all the emails I've received. (Laptop keeps freezing up for hours at a time--grrrr!).

So rest assured, if you have emailed me over the weekend (anytime since Friday), I WILL take care of you!!!  And if you were worried you missed out, you still have time right now to get your list to me!! 

Now, just wish me luck keeping this #*@!)*^# laptop running, LOL!!!  Thanks!!

Nov 26, 2010

Black Friday /Saturday at

My Black Friday here at Glenda's Creative Place is going to mirror my everyday crafting philosophy.  And all of you who are familiar with my crafting philosophy know that I think crafting should be FUN and therefore, it should be fast and simple (aka easy-peasy!!).  But, how do we get there, to simplify all those great techniques we want to try??  Well, the answer is by having the right tools and GADGETS that do the work for us! And who better to help you with those then me, Glenda, who is the original GADGET QUEEN of the internet?!

So on this Black Friday, I am offering a 40% discount (off the MSRP/Retail price) on all the major lines I sell, whether the products are in stock or not!!  So what that means is that all the manufacturer's products listed below are yours at 40% off (unless otherwise noted) all day Friday, as well as Saturday (Nov. 26th and 27th)!!  The reason I'm extending my sale thru Saturday is to celebrate the National Small Business Shopping Day (on Sat.).  As the owner of 2 totally unique small businesses, I think it is very important to support the small businesses within this country, since they are the actual backbone that helped grow this country into what it is!!  So please, support your favorite small businesses on this great shopping weekend (including mine!!)!!

Here are the 40% off (MSRP/Retail) product lines:
  • Spellbinders (excludes Grand Caliber machine, which is 35% off)
  • JustRite Stamps
  • Ranger (all their lines underneath their main parent umbrella)
  • Ranger / Tim Holtz (all Distress products, alcohol inks, Perfect Pearls, Liquid Pearls, Pearls Mists,... )
  • Ranger (all other featured designers)
  • Tim Holtz/Sizzix (excludes Tim's Vagabond machine, which is covered under a M.A.P. agreement)
  • Tim Holtz / Advantus
  • Tim Holtz/ Ideology
  • Tim Holtz / Stampers Anonymous
  • Donna Salazar
  • Imaginisce
  • Cuttlebug
  • Zutter (New Christmas Specials: Bind-it-All: $49.99, and Distrezz-it-All:  $29.99!!!)
  • Scor-Pal / Scor-Buddy
  • Scor-It
  • Ultimate Crafter's Companion
  • Teresa Collins
  • Tsukineko
  • Clear Snap
  • If you don't see something on this list that you want and if it's a product line that I have listed on the right sidebar of my blog under the heading: "PRODUCTS I SELL", just email me and ask!!
I'm also running a special Copic promotion, which as many of you may already know, has a very strict M.A.P. (Minimum Advertised Price) agreement, which is vigorously policed, so I can not post any price under the $5.15 per unit price (for Sketch Markers), but I CAN give away anything I want, so my Copic Special is this: For every set of 10 Sketch Markers you order at $5.15 each, I will give you 3 free Sketch markers (and YOU get to tell me which 3 colors you want!!).  FYI--since I will be ordering these for each and every one of you specifically, there's a chance that I might not have all colors in stock and therefore, might need to order some of them, which could add an average of 7 business days to shipping time--I just want to be clear about that, so there's no confusion.


Make a list in email that includes the manufacturer, the product name and product code (if you have it!!), YOUR ZIP CODE  (or for international customers, your country and country code information) and the email address that is attached to your PayPal account, and email the list to me at .  Please be sure to put something similar to this in the email SUBJECT line: : ***BLACK FRIDAY/SATURDAY ORDER SPECIALS!!***

Or, if by chance, everything you want happens to have a PayPal ADD TO CART Button attached to the item(s) on my site, go ahead and check out as you normally would, using the ADD TO CART Buttons, and during checkout, please be SURE to put a note for me on your order under the heading: "Any Special Message for Glenda???"  and write something like this: ***BLACK FRIDAY/SATURDAY SPECIAL!!*** Then I will go in & MANUALLY adjust anything owing to you (to get those items to 40% if they're not already there!) and that adjustment will refund immediately to your PayPal account.

That's it!! HAPPY SHOPPING and especially HAPPY CRAFTING!!

P.S. I will be trying to work at home as much as s possible over the weekend, so if you have a question, or if you need immediate help, or if it's just easier to place your order over the phone, you may contact me on my home office #, anytime between the hours of 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. PACIFIC TIME.  The home office # is (714) 964-0656. Thanks again!!

Nov 4, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy--products rolling in!! And check out new Snag 'Em Special section!

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I have been incredibly tied up and just haven't seemed to be able to find the extra time!!

But things are starting to settle down a bit, so hopefully I can start to get back on some sort of a schedule here.

Lots of products are arriving and more on their way--Spellbinders, Ranger, Tim Holtz,  JustRite, eh I, eh, I, oh!!

As always, my prices are far below the Retail/MSRP.  If there's anything you want, please email me at & include the list of products, your zip code & of course, the email address that your PayPal account is under.

FYI-I'm starting a new section on this blog called "SNAG 'EM SPECIALS".  I will occasionally put items in there with special pricing and limited quantities, so be sure to check those out when you have a chance!  These will be changing frequently, so the easiest way to keep tabs on any changes is to make sure that you are subscribed to my site & then you'll receive an email whenever I post anything new.  To Subscribe, scroll down the right sidebar just a bit until you see:
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There's just a few items in there now, but I will add more when time permits.  I hope these Snag 'Em Specials will help you build up your craft supplies in this touchy economy.  After I've had some time to have this new section grow and evolve a bit, please let me know how I'm doing with it.

As things begin to calm down a bit around here, I hope to get some videos made & uploaded for my Cricut Imagine.  I have some new Imagine cartridges on the way, so I can't wait to make time to play with those!  If any of you want me to get you any of the Imagine cartridges, let me know!

OK, that's all for today.  I've missed being here with you and I'm so happy I managed to find the time to get this post done tonight.  I'll be back soon!

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