Sep 27, 2009

**UPDATE** --The News is GOOD and I am over whelmingly grateful to each of you!!

OK, here I am, after literally crashing (finally) from exhaustion. Let me first say, the news is GOOD!!!

But let me start by saying how overwhelmingly grateful I am to have seen all your amazingly beautiful comments. Several times now, I've read thru each & every one of them, and all of the PMs & emails I received & I have to say, I never expected to be the recipient of such open-hearted kindness. No WONDER things have turned well & no WONDER why I constantly feel so privileged to be a part of our community here, even after ALL these years (since 2006!!). I don't think there's any way for me to express what every one of your messages have meant to me. I honestly don't know why I'm surprised, since I know from personal experience the incredible people who make up this community, but I somehow never feel worthy, nor expect the immense kindness to be directed my way. But believe me, I felt all of you with me as I waited for the final results.

And the news is GOOD--no cancer right now--just a large abscess, which they've elected to first treat with a course of serious antibiotics (yeast infection likely included, LOL!!). I was surprised they didn't want to go in & start digging right away, but I'm very lucky in that my hospital is one of only seven specialized "Breast Centers" in the entire country, which means they're on the cutting edge of everything & they told me if they can take care of it with medication, that's the preference, rather than opening anything up right now. Obviously, if after a few weeks, when they do another ultrasound, the meds haven't cleared it all up, they'll then look at the next step, but for now, I'm thinking positively that the meds WILL take care of it!! And as far as the breast pain I've been experiencing, hopefully it can all be attributed to the abscess, but I was also told that breast pain is often just one of those medical "mysteries", that have had books & more books written about it & sometimes, there's just no good explanation for it.

I was poked & prodded over & over again on Friday (and squished  & squished some more, if you know what I mean!!) during my extensive mammogram & then again during the ultrasound. And it was quite unnerving when the radiology person stepped out to go get "the big doctor" after she'd done the ultrasound, & had him come in & do it all over again (and let me say, he was MUCH less gentle!!)!! But I know they were just trying to be cautious, & for that, I am grateful!!!

When I finally got the good news & understood what it all meant, I can't explain the sheer & utter exhaustion that came over me. It wasn't just that I hadn't slept, (even though I hadn't!!), but I believe it was the amount of time in between my doctor appointment Wednesday, when I was told that I had a "large mass", up until after all the tests were finally completed & the outcome was explained to me in detail on Friday afternoon & all that time I had then to simply worry myself into a frenzy (because I was terrified!). Plus I was dealing with it pretty much on my own, since there's no way that all the "boys" (including DH) surrounding me understood what I was going thru. Anyway, after I got the good news, instead of jumping up & down in joy, even though I was so relieved & thankful, I actually felt like I'd been run over by a very large truck!! I don't think I've ever felt so utterly exhausted, almost to the point of feeling like I was outside of my own body, looking in. I don't remember even driving home (so the answer to one of the many questions that were asked of me was, "Did I have anyone go with me?"--Uhhmmm, no, I went alone, since DH was swamped, trying to get everything caught up at our main family business, before getting ready to leave on his overseas trip!) --anyway---when I got home, I just kept getting even more & more tired & I'm not sure why, but maybe it was just all the build-up of the worry about what might be happening!!  And when the news was good, perhaps the relief simply manifested itself in exhaustion--who knows??!! Because all I can say is that I honestly don't think I've ever felt that exhausted in my life!! Even all day Saturday & Saturday night, I could hardly move off the couch. And again today, all I really wanted to do was lay around, but at least I finally managed to drag myself into the shower & wash my hair late this afternoon, so I'm starting to feel half human again!!

Along with everything else, DH took off for his overseas trip very early this morning, around 4:30 AM. Even though all along I'd planned to drive him up to LAX where his flight originated (about an hour's drive without any bad traffic!), he must have seen how exhausted I was & therefore arranged with one of his friends who owns a limo company, to have a driver pick him up here & take him to LAX (L.A. International Airport) instead. It was a thoughtful gesture & believe me, I appreciated not having to drive up & back again to LAX before the crack of dawn this morning!!

I also appreciated the extra time to try to rest a little, since while DH is gone overseas, I'll be pulling "double duty" a good share of the time, running not only my own business,  , but also caring for our main family business, along with our DS. (So please, be patient with me this week!!)

In concluding this message, I want to let you know that I DID feel all your positive thoughts, energy & especially your prayers coming my way, & I want every single one of you to know that I believe it was a big part of why everything turned out well for me. I know when we put our collective minds together to help uplift one another, we can accomplish amazing things. I for one am absolutely grateful & am forever in your debt for what you've done for me over the past few days, as well as the last several years, during the time that you've allowed me to be part of this community. You are all amazingly kind & generous people & I feel luckier than ever to be a part of you.

Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart!!!

Sep 25, 2009

Please send your positive thoughts to me today

By the time this thread is posted, I will be checking into the hospital for some tests.  I know many of you are people of faith and/or just incredibly positive people and I'm asking you to channel some of that for me today.

I went to the doctor late afternoon on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd & while I was there, I was told that I had a "large mass" under my left armpit, in the breast.  Today was the soonest they could get me in (since all appointments yesterday were filled), so I'm off to get some kind of fancy mammogram.

I'm hoping with everything I've got that this turns out to be nothing and since there is NO history of breast cancer in my family, there's a good chance that's how it will turn out.  But for now, I must admit I'm absolutely terrified.  I've also had a horrible week (personally) with things having nothing to do with this, so it seems when it rains, it pours.  If there was ever a time I wish I was still living in the same town with my family, especially my Mom & my sister, Gail, this is it, instead of being surrounded by all these men here & an absolute sea of testosterone.  (Is is OK to want your Mommy if you're a middle aged woman??)

Add to that the fact that my DH is taking off (without me!!) for Monaco this weekend to meet up with his brother & sis-in-law (who live there) & his youngest sister & her 2 daughters, who will be traveling from the Mid East to meet him there.  There's been a lot of family loss surrounding us over the past month or 2, when my husband's youngest sister's husband dropped dead from a very unexpected, massive heart attack--no warning, nothing, leaving her a widow at age 48.  Then within that same week, his father died--also unexpectedly--he'd been suffering from dementia for a while, but was in good physical health, then he started to not feel well & within a 1/2 hour, he was gone.  So we've has been trying to get a visa for his sis & her 2 daughters (who are very young adults, still living at home) to come & visit here, just to help them clear their heads a bit, but we've had no luck.  But they were granted a visa to visit their other brother in Monaco & DH decided to fly over there to meet up with them, & just booked his flight earlier in the week.  I really thought I was also going, but it hasn't turned out that way & truthfully, I've been quite hurt by it.  But I always say everything happens for a reason & maybe the reason I wasn't allowed to go is because there might be something I need to take care of right here & now--I just don't know.  (See, I told you I was having a bad week!!)

I'm also feeling a little guilty because I have NOT kept current with my mammograms, so if this doesn't turn out well, I'll have no one to blame by myself.

What I'm asking of all you amazing people in my talented & generous community, who have become not just acquaintances, but also friends, to do for me this morning is just to put out all the positive thoughts you can muster for me & if you're so inclined, to say a little prayer as well.

Hopefully the next time I write here, it will be with great news that they found hadn't found anything & all this worrying had been for nothing!! 

Cross your fingers & wish me luck.  You are all the very best people & I couldn't be luckier to be a part of this amazing community!!

Sep 21, 2009

Congratulations to The Cuttlebug Spot on their 1 Year Anniversary!!!

Holy smokes, how time flies!! I can't believe that The Cuttlebug Spot is already one year old!! It hardly seems possible.

I remember when Nilda (the site owner & my friend!!) was trying to talk to anyone who would listen about adding a Cuttlebug Challenge Forum to the Cricut MB over a year ago, since both these products were being used together by the MB Members all the time.  Well, it seems Nilda was a tiny bit ahead in her thinking at the time, & when she couldn't get the CB Forum up & rolling right away (and believe me, she NEVER let up trying & finally succeeded!!) she decided to start her own blog about the Cuttlebug, about embossing & that's how "The Cuttlebug Spot" was born!!! It has evolved over this year into a place where of course, embossing is always featured, but now it also includes any machine capable of performing embossing.  So whether you have a Cuttlebug, a Big Shot or Big Kick, a Wizard, or other, this site is always there to inspire & challenge you to learn to use your machines &  all of the available & ever-expanding embossing tools & products out there to their utmost capabilities, which in turn, helps to elevate your crafting abilities. For that, I personally want to give a huge "THANK YOU" to Nilda & her fabulously talented design team for everything they've done to inspire & teach us over this last year.  I honestly can't wait to see what the coming year will hold for The Cuttlebug Spot!!

To show my appreciation & to help celebrate The Cuttlebug Spot's one year anniversary, I'd like to offer a prize for Tuesday, 9/22/09.

 Nilda will have something posted on her site,  for Tuesday, 9/22/09 , which will tell you how to enter to win my prize and I promise you, it's very easy--you don't have to stand on your head & twirl around 3 times while howling at the moon, or anything like that, LOL!!  You just have to email Nilda a secret word, which I will reveal within this post!!

Now let me tell you about the prize you can win from my site, --I think you're going to LOVE it!!  I think everyone knows by now that I've been totally captivated, have fallen in love with & have been vigorously selling the Spellbinders product line for a while now.  I know from the large number of orders I have to KEEP placing to continually replenish my Spellbinders inventory, that ALL of their products are well loved & very popular.  But, they introduced a totally new concept to their product line a few months ago that absolutely exploded onto the craft world & the popularity has not diminished at all so far, so I thought would be fun to give away something from that that product release.

Then of course, I had to struggle to decide WHICH of the 8 new designs (16 new dies!!) that were introduced in that product launch to offer, since every single one is more beautiful than the next--they're all absolutely breath-taking!!! Then I remembered an amazing card that Nilda had made & posted on the Cricut MB a while back, using an entire trio of one of the new designs--and let me tell you, when she posted that card, it truly went "viral".  I received sooooo many requests & orders for the 3 matching products she used on that card, it crashed my Yahoo email box--not to mention I sold out of the entire design & had to re-order them--TWICE (so far)!!!

Without further ado, the prize will be one of the new Spellbinders TULIPS Pendant dies.  If you're not familiar with these, there were 16 new dies released together that consisted of 8 new matching design themes --one Pendant die and one matching set of the Petite (A2 size) Borderabilities dies.  They were made to complement one another and they do so very well!!  Then to top it off, when Spellbinders did another new product release right after the Pendant/Petite Borderabilities roll-out, they released a new Impressabilities TULIPS embossing die & it works beautifully with the TULIPS Pendant & Borderabilities--so now, there's a trio of TULIPS!!!!  Can it get better than that??? 

Let me show you what they look like & their cost--

- TULIPS Pendant Dies (S4-209), which I sell for $16.50  --This is the one I'm offering as a prize over at :

Next, here's the matching Petite (A2) Borderabilities dies (S4-211), which I sell for $14.00:

And last, but certainly not least, here's the TULIPS Impressabilities (I2-1008) for embossing, which I sell for $4.99:

Well, guess what??  After I decided to offer the Tulips Pendant as a prize, my little dog, Gucci (secret word!!) & I thought it would nice to offer a TULIPS Bundle, for all 3 of the Spellbinders TULIPS products together at a special price of $32.50, so everyone has another chance to own these beautiful products. Just email me at,  please put the word "TULIPS" in your email subject line & tell me you want the TULIPS 3-Product Bundle, & be sure to include your zip code!!!  And please remember, if you want any of the Spellbinders products other than the TULIPS, be sure to email me, because I can help you with ANY of them, as well as many other great products from other manufacturers!!!  (See the information listed in my right sidebar!!)

OK now, be sure to go over to  & follow the instructions about how to email the SECRET WORD (which is "Gucci") from this post to Nilda, which will enter you to win!!  And be sure to check out Nilda's beautiful card that features all 3 of these Spellbinder's TULIPS products.  Good luck to all of you!!!

P.S. Gucci wants to wish all of you good luck as well!!

Sep 11, 2009

BIG Announcment-I’m the Newest Retailer for JustRite Stampers!!!

By popular request, I am now a new retailer for JustRite Stamps!!! .
I’ve had several of my regular customers who’ve been asking me to start carrying these, so I finally acquiesced to their requests & opened up an account!!

These darling stamps are made to work together like a hand and glove with many of the basic shapes of the Spellbinders Nestabilities dies. In fact, if you see the samples shown in their online catalog, as well as on their blog, the majority do show their stamps sitting right in the middle of a Nestabilities basic shape, such as the Circles, Ovals, Rectangles & Squares!! So if you already have Nestabilities (or if you’re just beginning to collect them), you are going to NEED these stamps. It makes the process of putting together a card or layout even easier (and everybody knows that I am ALL about easy and quick crafting, LOL!!!).

If you’re not familiar with how these stamps work, they have different sizes and shapes of wooden blocks (with a built-in grid pattern), then the matching sizes of stamps (centers, borders, fonts…) snap right into those. There are LOTS with interchangeable borders and centers, which I think is soooo clever!! Then you just ink up with your selected colors, stamp it and then position a Nestabilities die or a punch around what you’ve stamped and proceed to either run it thru your die cutting machine or punch it out!!! Or if you want to use these stamps with your Cricut machines and cartridges, there are all kinds of perfect shapes available on various Cricut cartridges!! And if you have the Cricut Design Studio Software, or the new Cricut Gypsy, you can even manipulate your shapes to match whichever stamp you want to use!!! Just cut out your shapes and then stamp!!! VOILA’—a gorgeous addition or focal point for any card or layout!!!

I’m soooo excited about the various opportunities these darling stamps are going to open up for my own personal crafting and for that of all my customers!!! I just love ANYTHING that helps me get a project done quickly, don’t you??!!!

So, without further ado, here’s a link to their entire downloadable online catalog (I prefer the high resolution images, so you can get a really good look!!):

Here are some of the newest additions, and just to alert you, many of these have already sold out, have then been on back-order, are just now coming back into stock and are expected to sell out yet again (whew!)—so, if you see anything that you want in these newer designs, please be sure to let me know ASAP, because JustRite IS expecting several of these to sell out again!!!!

For now, I’m just going to highlight the newest releases, BUT—I can order anything in their entire catalog, so be sure to browse through all their products online (you can actually download a PDF of their entire catalog!!!). I really love the “Kits” that have the wooden stamper already packaged in with the stamps—they’re a really good "buy"!!! Be sure to email me for prices for anything else in the catalog at . Please put “JustRite” in your email subject line!

Here we go!! Please note, these are my introductory prices, so take advantage of these!!

Summer Releases 1 & 2 ALL NEW!!
Christmas Joy Borders & Centers Oval 1-3/4” x 2-5/16” $11.50
• 6 Designer Center Set with 6 Borders• Fits 1-3/4” x 2-5/16” Stamper• Blister Package

Christmas Treasures Borders & Centers Round 3-1/4” $11.50
• 4 Designer Center Set with 4 Borders• Fits 3-1/4” Stamper• Blister Package

Holiday Demi Phrases Round 2” $9.50
• 15 Half Borders• Fits 2” Stamper (sold separately)• Blister Package*Can also fit 1-5/8”, 2-3/8” & 1-3/4” x 2-5/16” Oval

Merry Little Christmas Borders & Centers Round 1-5/8” $11.50
• 10 Designer Center Set with 10 Borders• Fits all 1-5/8” Stampers• Blister Package

Old Fashioned Christmas Borders & Centers Round 3-1/4” $11.50
• 4 Designer Center Set with 4 Borders• Fits 3-1/4” Stamper• Blister Package

Something Sweet Borders & Centers Round 2-3/8” $9.50
• 6 Designer Center Set with 6 Borders• Fits 2-3/8” Stamper• Blister Package

Wood Stamper 1-3/16” with 3 Bonus Damasks Centers & 60 pt Font Round 1-3/16” $14.50
• Includes Wood Stamper 1-3/16”• 3 Damask Designer Centers• One 60 pt Font Set in Times New Roman• Blister Package• Border groove also accepts 6pt font

Witch Way to the Treats Centers & Borders Round 1-3/16” $11.50
Limited Edition!• 10 Designer Center Set with 10 Borders• Fits all 1-3/16” Stampers• Blister Package
*******SADLY, this darling Halloween set, "Witch Way to the Treats..." is now totally sold out!! The manufacturer has exhausted their entire supply of this LIMITED EDITION set!! At this time, they have NO PLANS to have them re-manufactured. So sorry!!!*******

Preserves Borders & Centers Round 2-3/8" $9.50
• 6 Designer Center Set with 6 Borders• Fits 2-3/8” Stamper• Blister Package

Friendship Borders & Centers Round 3-1/4” $11.50
• 6 Designer Center Set with 6 Borders• Fits 3-1/4” Stamper• Blister Package
Wood Stamper Oval 1-3/4” x 2-5/16” with Bonus Pansy Center & 15 pt Special Occasions Font $11.50
• Includes Wood Stamper Oval 1-3/4” x 2-5/16”• Pansy Designer Center• 15 pt Font Set in Special Occasions• Tweezers• Blister Package* Border groove also accepts 6pt & 15pt font
Calendar Borders & Centers Oval 1-3/4” x 2-5/16” $10.50
• 12 Designer Center Set with 12 Borders• Fits 1-3/4” x 2-5/16” Stamper• Blister Package

Thinking of You Borders & Centers Oval 2-1/4” x 3-1/16” $11.50
• 6 Designer Center Set with 6 Borders• Fits 2-1/4” x 3-1/16” Stamper• Blister Package

Autumn Blessings Borders & Centers Oval 2-1/4” x 3-1/16” $11.50
• 6 Designer Center Set with 6 Borders• Fits 2-1/4” x 3-1/16” Stamper• Blister Package

1-3/4 x 2-5/16" Wood Stamper $7.75

Oval 1-3/4" x 2-5/16" Wood Stamper only.Accepts 6pt. and 15pt in border.
Designed for use with our Calendar Borders & Centers Set (JB-08735) and Christmas Joy Borders and Centers (JB-08770).

2" Wood Stamper $7.75
Round 2" Stamper only---Double border enables use of 1-5/8" center or border on the inner ring and 6pt or 15pt font of the outer ring.

*****There’s ONLY 1 stamper in the package—this illustration shows the plain stamper first, then 2 different examples of how it can be used.*****

2-3/8" Wood Stamper $7.75
2-3/8" Wood Stamper only

*****There’s ONLY a plain stamper in the package (no fonts or images)—this illustration shows an example of how it can be used.*****

Storage Box with Drawer $7.95
Limited Edition!• 4-5/8" x 6-7/8" x 1-3/4"
OK, there's all the newest Summer Releases. Remember, you can see all the JustRite products by either clicking through them all on their website here:
or, you can download a PDF of their entire catalog here: .

I have a "starter" order already on the way to me & will be placing another larger order within the next few days. If you want anything, please be sure to let me know so I can include it on that order & get it to you ASAP!! Email me at !!! I'll be watching for your orders!! Let's have some fun with these adorable stamps!!

Sep 9, 2009

WOWEE!!! Cricut is Celebrating its 100th Cartridge!!

It seems like only yesterday when I got my first baby Cricut from QVC (during their first launch!!) & the cartridges that were included--George & DoodleType. That was 2006!!

And now, as we're winding down 2009, Cricut is celebrating its 100th cartridge--yes, I said 100!!! The 100th cartridge is the very darling Winter Wonderland--see the details here: .

I already have this cartridge & it is sooooo stinkin' cute--and the most amazing feature on this cartridge is the ability to put together the houses/villages, so they'll function like those very expensive ones you find at the craft store for Christmas. But now, using the ones on the Winter Wonderland cartridge, you can just buy the little light kits to put behind your own decorated version of your village--lots less expensive & now, completely customized to your own design!!! You can even make it to look like your house, your neighborhood or even your town's "Main Street"!!!

Congratulations to Provo Craft & to Cricut on their 100th cartridge. Here's to another 100!!! I personally can't wait to see what's next!!!

Sep 2, 2009

Loaded with Spellbinders Dies here!! Fabulous Inventory.

Wow, I just keep ordering & ordering & thankfully, all of you keep buying. I have a great inventory of Spellbinders dies right now, especially on all the newest ones from CHA Summer, as well as all the gorgeous Pendants with their matching Borderabilities. Just check the right sidebar on my site for all the prices.

Ohhh, I am such a BAD blogger, but I just don't feel that I should post something when I have nothing new or worthwhile to talk about!!! I can't stand it when blogs get updated sometimes twice a day, even though the blog owner has nothing new to say--seems they're just updating for the sake of updating!!! It makes no sense to me. I try to not update until I have something I feel I need to convey to all of my Blog Followers. I just think it's kind of disrespectful of my Blog Follower's time otherwise!! JMHO!!

Well, can you believe it--I still don't have my web store all the way up yet, even though I'm already paying for it!!! I just don't have time to do it all on my own. I'm looking for someone with web technical abilities to help me, plus they need to know the CSS programming language, because that's what's needed to "tweak" the very boring templates that my hosting company provides!! I keep thinking I should be able to find a student, or an out of work website person somewhere who knows all this stuff & would help me for a reasonable price, but so far, no luck!!! So who the heck knows when I'm EVER going to get my "real" online store up & running. I know once it finally happens, it will save all of us a lot of time, because you'll be able to just click to buy about everything I offer & that will prevent me from going back & forth answering hundreds of emails (for pricing) a day!! I spend more time answering emails than anything else right now!!! I finally had a couple spare hours last weekend that I used to make some new & long overdue videos, but now, I haven't had the time to get them edited yet--and until I edit them, I can't upload them for you!!! I feel like I need to clone myself!!

Well, now that it's almost 4 AM (Pacific Time) & I still haven't had a chance to go to sleep yet because I've been answering emails for hours now!!! So I suppose I'd better sign off for now & try to get some rest, so I can be sharp & ready to work tomorrow (or I guess I should say, today, LOL!!). Hopefully you'll see some new videos up here soon & then maybe, if I'm really lucky, I'll find someone to help me get my online store up & running, so I can spend more time teaching & sharing techniques with all of you, which is what I LOVE to do!!!

Don't forget to email me at for any qustions you might have, or to simply place your orders. I look forward to hearing from you!!

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