May 24, 2010

Updated my list of products-- Plus, you still have time to tell me what you want to pay for Cuttlebug folders!!!

Hi all, after many requests, I have updated the list of products that I sell and/or have access to. Please scroll down within the sidebar (on the right side) of my site to find the list.

And please remember, if you EVER have a question about what I might be able to get for you, please, please don't hesitate to ask me.  All you need to do is to email me with the specific product name, size and/or color (if applicable) and manufacturer.  My email is .

In the meantime, there is still time to tell me what you want to pay for your Cuttlebug folders.  Please see my last post for all of that information (CLICK HERE).  I asked you to put the information in the COMMENTS, but it seems most of you have been too shy to put that information in a public forum for some reason, and instead, have opted to email me your information and suggestions.  I appreciate getting the information any way you decide to send it to me, however, I am now buried in emails, so please be patient if you asked me to get back to you in your email!!!  I really encourage you to take this opportunity to help set a price for a product that most of us adore and use all the time.  It doesn't happen very often in this world where consumers get to have first-hand input about what they want to pay.  I am giving you that opportunity with me.

I started this business initially to help people in my (mostly) Cricut community get the paper crafting supplies they needed at the fairest price possible, and to help highlight techniques to get things done quickly & easily.  Somehow the word spread and now my customers come to me from all over the internet, from all different types of crafting disciplines, as well as from many different countries. I am constantly humbled by the trust you put in me to help you.  And I am ever joyful as I see the community this site is evolving to become. 

I honestly feel as if I 've become the "Dear Abby" of the crafting world, as I respond to all types of crafting questions sent to me in email, and I only hope my answers continue to help you learn and grow.  My crafting philosophy is all about making it fun, and making it as easy and as fast as possible, which is how I became the original "Gadget Queen".  If there's a tool or other product that can help me complete a project in a more pain-free and fast way, then I want to have it in my arsenal.  I'm the type of crafter who needs to be able to see the end of the project in sight--that's what helps keep me motivated. So if there's a tool of some sort that can help me get it done, I will buy it.  But, I also want to get the best price possible for those tools and products for myself, and now for all of my customers. Crafting should be a joyful thing, it should never be stressful, nor should it ever feel like a "chore". I am here to try to help you get your projects completed by taking advantage of the many great products that are made to help us get them done quickly and easily. 

As we go forward and enter the summer season, let's make a pact to make crafting a priority whenever time allows.  I know many of you will be busier than ever this summer.  But let's keep in mind that crafting is good for the soul and for the mind.  Do you remember that feeling you got when you first started crafting and you finished your first project or two??  That amazing "high" of looking at something YOU created and the pride that swelled when you realized that you were pretty good at this???  Let's promise ourselves to get back to that feeling this summer by working on projects that DO allow us to see the end and allow us to finish/complete a project.  What that means for each of us is certainly an individual thing, but how about we try to make a small collection of some generic, every-day use greeting cards, or how about a small book ( 5x7, or 6x6 for example) of one event, and use only 4x6 photos (no cropping!!)??  Take an event (and BTW, it doesn't have to be a BIG event--just take some photos of your family swimming or at the park or just playing in the yard---keep it simple!!), and use those in a small book.  What I love about a small book is that using the tools available to us, we can make an entire book, from start to finish in a matter of one to two hours. (And BTW, this is also a great way to keep the kiddos occupied while they're out of school and to start them on a love of crafting themselves!!!)  The same holds true for making a small collection of cards--pick a theme (color scheme, papers, etc.), decide what greetings or sentiments you want to use and you should be able to make 5 to 7 nice cards in an hour or two.  And when you DO finish a project from beginning to end, please remember that wonderful feeling of accomplishment. The reason you feel that way is because you got it DONE!!!  You FINISHED it!!! 

I think paper-crafters, especially scrapbookers often feel as if there IS no end in sight, because they are constantly working on filling up these albums--especially if you are trying to scrap chronologically.  That's how I was--and for quite a while, that feeling of NEVER being done actually sucked the joy out of my scrapping.  I have now stopped scrapping chronologically, because I realized that unless I scrapped 24/7, for years to come, I would NEVER catch up with the years of photos stashed in the shoe boxes under our beds---there was NO END in sight & that made me feel as if no matter what I did, it wasn't good enough, because I'd never get finished. So, if you are still scrapping chronologically, I beg you to consider trying to scrap whatever suits your fancy over these coming summer months.  Use smaller books and do them based on some small events you want to remember.  You won't believe the feeling of freedom it gives you once you realize you don't have to scrapbook everything "in order"!!

The same thing applies to other projects such as stamping or home decor'.  You can whip up something darling for your house, or for a gift (especially for all those weddings we have coming up--yikes!!!) in a matter of just a couple hours.  This again allows you to accomplish a project that has an end--a "finish".  I promise you if you try to do it this way over the summer, it will re-invigorate your crafting Mojo!!!!

So, let's make a promise to each other this summer to make ourselves re-discover the joy in crafting by allowing ourselves to see the finish line on the projects we take on.  And if you need any of the tools that will help you get them done faster and easier, just let me know!  I am here to help you and in return, I hope you will also help me stay motivated to get some projects completed for myself over the next few months.

May 21, 2010

New Cuttlebug folders? Who wants me to order these for them??

OK, OK, I finally am going to do it, after all your requests. I am going to order all the newest Cuttlebug folders (have already ordered some). (FYI--when I say the newer Cuttlebug folders, I mean any that were introduced at Winter CHA and all of them introduced since that time, including the newest Companion folders that match up to specific Cricut cartridges.) Now I just need to know how many of you want to order them from me. I also am very interested in what you think is a fair price for them, including all the different types of Cuttlebug folders. Those of you who are my regular customers, already know that I am always committed to having the fairest prices I can possibly manage on ALL my items!!!

So, here's your chance to let me know what you want (meaning which folders) and what you want to pay for them. How often do you get to have this type of influence on a Seller??  So, please leave me a comment here on this post and tell me absolutely everything you want and what you're willing to pay for those items. If you're shy about doing so in a public forum, you can also email me--please put this in the Subject line of your email: "Setting prices for the new Cuttlebug Folders" and email to . (BTW, if you post a comment and it shows up as ANONYMOUS, please keep in mind that I won't know who you are, so if you want me to follow up with you, please send me an email as well!!  Thanks!)

OK, so, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!  Scroll down to the Comments and let me hear you.  Thank you sooooo very much in advance for all your help and for your great advice to come!!!

May 11, 2010

Tim Holtz Embossing Folders are HERE and Ready to order!

Hi all!  I'm editing this post from the original post, because all the Tim Holtz Embossing Folders are finally now in stock, after having their ship dates changed several times!

To place an order, please use the PayPal "ADD TO CART" Buttons that are located inbetween the Name of the Folder and the image of the Folder.  You may add as many folders as you like!  If however, you want to add some other products that do NOT have any PayPal buttons associated with them (yet), or if you're an International customer, please email me at . List all the items you want, along with your ZIP CODE (or for International, your country and city codes), and please put the words "ORDER for Tim Holtz Folders..."  (or whatever else you're ordering) in your email's subject line!!  And-- if your PayPal account is under a different email than what you use to contact me, be sure to include that as well.  I will then send you an invoice through PayPal.)

So, if you haven't seen these fabulous, much sought-after and long-awaited embossing folders yet, please take a look.  They're different than the embossing folders most of us are already used to, in that the designs actually have a "fade" to them, so the design is more pronounced in some places than others, which results in some amazing effects.  In other words, they are totally cool  in the typical Tim Holtz way!!  They will be a fabulous addition to your cards, scrapbook layouts, journals or even home decor' items.

Here they are, MSRP: $10.99, Glenda's Price: $8.79 per set (each set contains 2 folders!!):  ***For those of you who place an order for ALL 8 sets of embossing folders on the same transaction, I will give you FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA!!!*** (To give free shipping, I will need to refund what PayPal charged on the transaction to your PayPal after the transaction is completed!)

Bingo and Patchwork:


Bricked and Woodgrain:


Burlap and Swirls:


Checkerboard and Cracked:

Collage and Notebook:

Damask and Regal Flourishes:

Dot Matrix and Gridlock:

Rays and Retro Circles:

So, there they are!!  How cool are they????  WooHoo!!  Be sure to use the PayPal "ADD TO CART" Buttons to buy these, or if you need additional help, please email me at .   Thanks!

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