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Cancer Scares and testing--Please put out good thoughts for me

Please excuse me, but this is not a craft post today, it is instead a very personal post.  I hope all of you don't mind.   For anyone wondering why I've been mostly absent from my sites (blog, Facebook. Cricut Message Board...),  it's because for the last month or so, I've been undergoing a ton of testing to see if I have Multiple Myeloma, a blood plasma cancer.  After having what I thought was a routine MRI, I was told they found several things on the MRI, listed here in order of least to most serious:    First, they found a Synovial Cyst on my L2-3 disc, which is the disc above the L4-5, (which is the disc where I've had all the failed back surgery), and this does help explain why I've been having serious and ever-growing pain radiating up above the normal pain zone where all the surgery has been.  Apparently, this type of cyst is fluid-filled and simply will continue to contribute to my ever-growing pain level, and no one will