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To Contact me, I prefer that you message me from my business Facebook page:   However, if you decide to instead email me, please do so at  Please put the word:"CONTACT!!" in your email's subject line in all capital letters!!
However, if you have an immediate need for an answer (because I get hundreds of emails every day!!), or if it's just easier for you to do business while talking on the phone to a real person, or if ever just want to say "hi", you may call me (or TEXT ME!!!☎️) during my business hours of 10:00am to 5:30pm Pacific Time, Monday through FridayMy office number is (714) 328-1223.


*****If you want to order any Close to My Heart (CTMH) items, please CLICK HERE to go to my personal CTMH Shopping site!!!**** CTMH items can not be ordered on this website!!! Thanks! 

Please keep current with me on my business Facebook page, at Glenda's Creative Place. This is where I post most videos, etc.  In order to have the best chance of actually seeing my posts there, PLEASE, PLEASE "LIKE" my page, and then also turn on the NOTIFICATIONS!!!  Facebook has changed their algorithm and sadly, they have decided to substitute their judgement for ours, as to what we want to see on Faceboook.  So it's not enough to just "LIKE" a page and hope the posts from there will show up in your Newsfeed anymore.  Your very BEST chance to see things is to both "LIKE" my Page, and then find the Notifications and ask to be Notified when I post or go Live.  That means a LOT to me!!!

You can also find me on:

• YouTube  at GlendasCreativePlace
• Instagram at GlendasCreative

I treat my customers the same way that I want to be treated. This is why I'm always willing to do the "extras" for you, and why you should never hesitate to ask.

I am a TRUE longtime crafter with lots of experience.  If I ever suggest something to you, it's because I believe it will help you accomplish your goals, whatever they might be!

In addition to being the original "Gadget Queen / Queen of Crafting Tools" on the internet, somehow along the way, over the years, I have also become the "Dear Abby" of the craft world, so if you EVER have ANY questions about scrapbooking, stamping,  
memory keeping, card-making—basically ANY type of paper-crafting, as well as ANYTHING to do with Cricut products, or how to just get started on any of those, please don't hesitate to ask. I will always try to help you, or send you to the correct resource.


Your business means EVERYTHING to me!! I couldn't do it without your repeat business.  Your loyalty is of utmost importance to me.  And believe me, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you sooooo much for your business.  I absolutely appreciate it more than I can ever say!!


Once again, I want to thank you again for your business, your referrals (WooHoo!!), your continued LOYALTY and most of all, for your friendship. An unexpected, but very wonderful by-product of this business is that I now have a multitude of amazing, crafty friends in every state in this country, as well as in soooo many other beautiful countries all over this world.  I cherish all of you more than you can ever know!❤️

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