May 27, 2009

Spellbinders (Nesties), Zutter (BIA), Ranger (Distress Inks & more) & Crafter's Companion (Rock-a-Blocks, UCC)--OH MY!!!!

Do you want Nestabilities? Or a Bind-It-All? What about the amazing Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC) or the nothing short of genius Rock-A-Blocks (RAB)?? What about the huge & diverse assortment of Ranger products? Or many other fun items??? And all at GREAT prices?
Look no further!!!

See all the details, prices and of course, how to contact me in my May 12th post by CLICKING HERE . And of course, as always, for either the Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC) or the Rock-A-Blocks (RAB), just click the "BUY NOW" Buttons right here, at the very top of my blog on the right side!!!!! I have fabulous pricing on these & they're all inclusive, meaning, what you see is what you pay, including Priority Shipping!!! Please go check them all out!!

Many products are now in stock, more are en route & if by chance I don't have what you want in stock, I can certainly order your items for you, so don't hesitate to ask.

May 17, 2009

HOLY SMOKES--Bad Earthquake--EEK!!!

Wow, just a little bit ago there was a bad earthquake here & a bunch of stuff fell off the shelves in my craft room!!! And even though I'm still shaking, what did I instinctively do?? I reached for the camera of course, just like last time. This time however, the batteries were dead on my video camera, so I grabbed my little still camera. So here's what one corner of my craft room looks like, after the earthquake. I have no idea how strong it was, but what I can tell you is that it wasn't just a strong one, but it was a loooonnnnggg one as well--I just kept wondering when it would stop, as stuff was falling all around me!!!

Just in case you're interested, the 2 videos from the last earthquake I caught on camera in July 2008 are at the end of this post (and of course I'm still wishing my video camera would have been charged tonight!!!)!! When I play these videos even now, I can still hear the terror in my voice--and tonight, I was even MORE terrified and my hands are STILL shaking!!! I grew up around tornadoes and in all honesty, everyone who knows me knows I'm terrified of them (with good reason!!), but at least with a tornado you NORMALLY get some sort of warning--not always, but usually. I think more than anything, I hate the suddenness of these earthquakes. Tonight I was just sitting here minding my own business, putting together all the new orders people have placed with me through my blog over the last couple days & all of a sudden---BAM--all hell broke loose. I sat here for a second, waiting for it to stop, but it didn't & the rumble & shaking just got worse & as soon as stuff starting falling off my craft room shelves, I ran like heck, yelled for my DH to get downstairs (who was already in bed, nursing a cold!!), grabbed my little dog, Gucci & ran outside. And I haven't stopped shaking yet.
So I guess I'd better go pull myself together & get back to work, so I can get the rest of your orders done!!! (And I promise, I will!!!)
***(For more information about the orders & the great prices & all the new great & fun stuff going on here on my blog, check out both the May 12th post here & the earlier post from today, May 17th!!) ***
Here's the videos from last summer!!

WOW--WOW!! Placing Yet ANOTHER Nestabilities (and more) Order, Due to POPULAR Demand!!!

What can I say about all of you??? Once again, you have totally humbled & surprised me!! I knew a lot of you had been asking me to make other products available to you here, using the same type of price structure & deep discounting that I've offered since I began selling on my blog, but WOW---your response truly knocked my socks off!!!! I had no idea what the response to my latest offerings (see May 12th post here) would be, but I certainly had no expectation of the volume that you ended up honoring me with! For all of you who placed your orders with me this past week, the words, "Thank You" just don't seem adequate, but I'm saying them anyway, because I never want you to doubt how deeply grateful I am for the trust you put in me by spending your very hard-earned dollars here with me. It is something I NEVER take for granted & always take very seriously!!

And I have news---after the first order was closed & finalized with the wholesaler, I had several of you email to ask me if I could add-on more items to your initial orders, plus I had many others who still wanted to place their initial orders & just hadn't gotten around to it before the first order was closed. Well, the wholesaler does NOT allow any additions or changes once the order is finalized with them, so I can't add to THAT particular order, but I certainly CAN place ANOTHER order with them and that is EXACTLY what I'm going to do!!! I AM going to place yet ANOTHER order this coming week, probably Tues. or Wed.!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE---get your orders to me ASAP, so I can include them on this next order for you. Please email me at: with your lists & please put "ORDER for______" in the subject line (fill in the blank with whatever product makes up the majority of your order; i.e. Nesties or Spellbinders, Ranger...).

See the May 12th post here for some of the main manufacturer's links, so you can get a good idea of what I can order for you (and to use as your shopping lists, LOL!!! ---just remember that my prices will be lower than what you're seeing on these manufacturer's sites!!).

Besides the various Spellbinder's products, I can also order the Zutter products ( such as the Bind-It-All, the O-Wires for it, etc.), also, many products within the Ranger lines (such as the Tim Holtz products including his Distress & Idea-Ology lines among others), JustRite Stamps, some Heidi Swapp, Teresa Collins, ColorBox, Marvy Uchida & the Tsukineko product lines (mostly different ink pads), 7 Gypsies, Judikins (including another favorite of mine, Diamond Glaze), and several others…

I just ask that you please get your lists to me ASAP, because I want to place this new order on Tues. or at the very latest, Wed. of this coming week.

Thanks again for all your orders that you've already placed with me & thank you very much for the ones yet to come. I sooooo appreciate every one of them and I appreciate even more this chance given to me by all of you to grow my business & your trust!
Thank you! ((((( )))))

May 12, 2009

Did You Say You Wanted Nestabilities at a Great Price??

***** Nestabilities, Other Spellbinders Dies & More*****

OK, I’ve heard you—thank you for your many requests & because of all your interest, I’m FINALLY taking the plunge & I’m going to be placing a large order for the Spellbinder’s Nestabilities (& other Spellbinders dies upon request).
My prices will be low, in keeping with what I’ve done so far on my site: & the philosophy we adhere to within our other family business.
I just need to hear from you to let me know which Spellbinders dies (Nesties & others) & the quantities of each that you want me to order for you. See the manufacturer's links towards the bottom of this post. Click on the manufacturer's links, so you can see all the products & make your lists (just remember that my prices will be considerably less than what you see on the manufacturer's websites!!!) Please email me at: with your lists & please put "ORDER for______" in the subject line (fill in the blank with whatever product makes up the majority of your order; i.e. Nesties or Spellbinders, Ranger...)

. Nestabilities: $17.50 each (single packs).
. Nestabilities : $53.50 each (4 Packs aka “Nests”)
. Frameabilities: $17.50 each
. Shapeabilities: $15.00 each
. Pierceabilities: $15.00 each
. Borderabilities (Petite): $15.00 each
. Borderabilities (Grand/12"): $17.50 each
. Edgabilities, Frames (Mega): $17.50 each

All Nesties & other Spellbinder’s dies will be shipped out first class U.S. Mail, & the shipping will average between $1.75 to $2.50 (depending on the weight). Of course, if there are multiples being shipped together, I will get as many as possible into one bubble envelope & shipping will again be charged by weight through first Class U.S. Mail.

ZUTTER: Bind-It-All, DreamKuts, Round-It-All Corner Tool & O-Wires

I’m also ordering some Bind-it-Alls (v2.0 aka “the pink BIA!!!). I can also order the DreamKuts (everyone knows I am a HUGE fan of the DreamKuts!!), the Round-It-All corner rounder tool & the O-Wires for your BIA, as well as the majority of the different BIA covers & their inner pages.

. Bind-It-All (v2.0 Pink): $56.50
. Space Bar for v2.0: $ 3.00
. DreamKuts: $66.00
. Round-It-All corner rounder: $17.50

O-Wires (6-packs):
. 1 1/4”: $9.50
. 1”: $5.50
. 3/4”: $4.50
. 1/2”: $3.50
. 3/8”: $3.00
Shipping is not included in the above prices for the Zutter products, but rest assured, I will use the best & least expensive shipping method possible for each item and/or full order & I’m in the process of figuring those out right now.

I’m also ordering products in the Ranger Inc. family, including some of these:

. Tim Holtz – Idea-Ology line
. Tim Holtz - Distress product line - (Distress Inks, embossing powders, Crackle Paints…)
. Tim Holtz – Adirondack Alcohol Inks
. Tim Holtz - Stampers Anonymous
. Adirondack Acrylic Paint Daubers
. Ranger Big & Juicy Ink Pads
. Ranger Stickles
. Ranger Perfect Pearls
. Ranger Perfect Medium
. Ranger Inkssentials Products, such as Glossy Accents (love this!!), Non-Stick Craft Sheets (which I can NOT live without!!) & other.

I can also order some products from the following product lines:
. Teresa Collins
. ColorBox, Marvy Uchida & the Tsukineko product lines (mostly different ink pads)
. Heidi Swapp
. 7 Gypsies
. Judikins (including another favorite of mine, Diamond Glaze)
. and several others…

I plan on placing my order ASAP, ESPECIALLY for the Spellbinders products, so please, if you’re serious & want to place an order with me, email me the list of the products that you want to order from me & the quantity of each (and pretty please, make sure you really do want them, so I don’t get stuck sitting here with a lot of extra product, as I do have to pay for them up front!! Thanks!) (( )) ****Please put the words: "Order for_____" in the subject line of your email (fill in the blank with the product name that makes up the majority of your order, either Nesties, Zutter, Ranger or Other).

Please refer to this website for Spellbinders to reference the correct names (and codes if possible) of the products you want (but please understand, the prices you see there are NOT the prices I will charging--mine are less!!):

As for the Zutter products, for the BIA, DK & other tools, please see their website here (BTW, the same thing about the prices apply, meaning their prices aren't the same as what I'll charge you---mine will be less):
And for the O-Wires, see their site here:

For Ranger products, see their website:
For the other products I mentioned (plus more!), email me at

And as always, for any questions, please contact me through my email -- (PLEASE—do NOT PM me through the Message Boards, as I can NOT keep those very limited in-boxes cleaned out & I wouldn’t want your message to get rejected because my PM box was full!!!)

I look forward to helping you!!
P.S. All shipping mentioned is for within the continental USA-- others outside of the USA, I will be happy to check on shipping prices for you.

May 10, 2009

Making EnveloBoxes (3-D Envelopes) with Your Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC). Don't forget to use Glenda's "Rock & Roll" Technique!!

Hi all!! Wowee, this has really been a hectic week, so I'm a bit behind in my posting here--sorry! But the good news is that I have a TWO-PART Video Tutorial for you (which I finally managed to get edited--yeah!!!) that shows one of my personal, very favorite features & techniques using the UCC (Ultimate Crafter's Companion), which is the EnveloBox (3-D Envelopes). These are the great 3-D envelopes that actually allow you to have enough room within them to enclose your beautiful, multi-layered cards without having the dreaded "envelope squish factor"!! (EEEEKKKKK---noooo, anything but that!!!)

In other words, your beautiful cards will have plenty of wiggle room inside these amazing EnveloBoxes, so all that work you put into them, all those Cricut images or Cuttlebug die cuts or embossed pieces, Nestabilities, your Primas (or other flowers!!), ribbons, Skittles and all that other great stuff you love to put on your cards will still be intact AND still be dimensional when the recipient opens your loving work of art!!! And for you scrapbookers, don't think you can't use these marvelous EnveloBoxes as well!!! Oh contraire'!!! I use them on LOs (layouts) all the time. They are perfect because of their depth to store precious memorabilia (again--without the dreaded "squish factor"!!), or maybe some private journaling, or how about a bunch of cute tags sticking out of them...?? There's a whole lot of uses for these in all different forms of paper crafting!

So without further ado, here's both of the videos (Part 1 & 2) showing how to make your 3-D EnveloBoxes using your Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC). And remember, I still have some UCCs in stock with the original pricing, which was the pricing before the manufacturer increased their wholesale prices to me!! Boo hoo:-(
Just click on the "BUY NOW" Buttons at the very top of my blog, on the far right side & follow the instructions there from PayPal.

As always, please, please post any questions or remarks, & especially, any links to projects you do with any of these techniques (I want to see, I want to see...!!!! ) here in the COMMENTS sections directly below this post (which will be below the videos!!!)!

UCC EnveloBox Tutorial-PART 1 of 2:

UCC EnveloBox Tutorial-PART 2 of 2:

May 2, 2009

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!!

I hope everyone's having an absolutely wonderful National Scrapbook Day!!!! I wanted to let everyone know in honor of this holiday of ours, any orders placed on my blog today or tomorrow (Sat. May 2nd or Sun. May 3rd), I will throw in 3 extra sets of "goodies" (in addition to all the ones I already throw in there!!)!!! And they'll be extra special goodies, I promise!!!!

Just use the "BUY NOW" Buttons right here, at the very top of my blog, over on the right side. And so far, those all still have the same sales prices on them as before--I will not even contemplate changing them (increasing them---waaaaahhhh!!) until I completely run out of the inventory that I managed to snag with the better prices & when I have to start selling the inventory that I was charged more for by the manufacturer!!! So again, grab them all while you can still get them at the lower prices!!!!

Have a marvelous & very creative National Scrapbook Day!!! Hugs to all of you!!!!

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