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Pink ATGs and i-rock Tools--I'm still at it: I'm packing and taping and printing and labeling and shipping--and again-- I'm packing and taping and printing and labeling and shipping, and again...

I want everyone to know the rest of the products are showing up and I have been at it non-stop, trying to get everything out to everyone as soon as I possibly can (in fact, I've been up again all night again!!).  Yes, thanks to the power company, who decided this is the ideal time to replace some transformers in our neighborhood,  they've actually got a "planned outage" for most of today.  In other words, we'll have no electricity here most of the day--again--yikes!!  Now it's not bad enough that because of this lack of electricity, I won't have access to my computer, printer, fax, phones (yes, all my phones here are cordless and therefore run on electricity!) and we won't even have a working fan in here (remember that I live by the beach, so we have no air conditioning!!), but on top of that, just to add insult to injury, no electricity means NO COFFEE ---urrrrggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!  Talk about torture!!!!!! Especially after staying up all night again!!! B

More delivery news about Pink ATGs, their refills and the i-rock Tool!!! YIPPPEE!!!1

OK, here we go again--are you ready?? Let's begin with the latest news about the Pink ATGs and their refills: Great news about the remainder of my 2nd shipment of Pink ATGs--they should be here by the end of the week.  I did manage to round up some more of them today from another vendor & they already shipped them out to me today.  Unfortunately, they ended up costing me quite a bit more than what I would have paid if I'd have just waitied until the next shipment showed up from overseas, because this vendor charges for freight (and this many ATG units in this many cartons did cost me a big chunk of change to have shipped!!).  But, I decided to bite the bullet and have them shipped right away because I know how many of you have been waiting for a very long time for these and I absolutely don't blame you for being impatient about it.  I ALWAYS try to look at things as if I were the customer how would I feel and what would I want the Seller to do for me, and I kn

First shipment of Pink ATG have arrived!! It's Wall to Wall in here right now!!

The first shipment of the Pink ATG Tape Dispensers arrived here last night (Friday, around 6:45 PM!!) and it is wall to wall PINK in here right now!  I've been going at it almost non-stop since they got here and I just realized, in all my hurry to get everything ready to go out, that I had forgotten to post and confirm that the Pink ATGs actually did arrive (although I know most of you already know that they did, since I'd already posted previously that I DID have a confirmed delivery date from UPS for yesterday!!!). I've also been tracking down alternate resources to try to get the remainder of my orders (the ones that they still have NOT shipped yet) delivered here a little earlier than what was projected (which was sometime soon after Aug.30th, which is when there's another big shipment expected to arrive from overseas).  Anyway, I'm hoping to hear back early Monday morning from a couple different 3rd party resale vendors to see if any of them have enough of t

More Info about Pink ATGs & i-rock Tool

OK, here we go again. Let's start with the Pink ATG: I just found out today that the vendor did NOT ship me every single Pink ATG that I ordered, even though I was told otherwise earlier in the week.  Apparently, once again, they are parceling them out to the rest of the retailers, so that they can fill yet ANOTHER order from the largest craft store chain in the country. GRRRRR!!  Yes, I KNOW I ordered a LOT of them, especially for a smaller retailer, but I really did expect to get ALL of them that I pre-ordered sooo long ago, but when I saw the final invoice for them today, it reflected most of them, but not all of them.  In addition, I've actually placed a few more orders for more Pink ATGs within the last couple weeks (including another one yesterday) because I've suddenly had another large amount or orders that have just come into me within the last week or two. Unfortunately, none of those additional orders that I placed will ship out to me until the vendor rece

Pink ATGs have shipped TO me!!! And i-rock Tool is also coming really soon!! YIPPPPEEEE!!

It is 100% verified and confirmed. The majority of the Pink ATGs that I ordered shipped out FROM the vendor TO me yesterday, Monday, Aug.16th!!  And I actually have tracking #s for all of them and guess what else---wait for it-----yep---a DELIVERY DATE!!!! They are scheduled to arrive by UPS very late afternoon/early evening this Friday, Aug.20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means after I check them in & make sure everything is there that was supposed to be sent to me, I will start shipping them out!!!!! With the huge amount of them that I have to ship out, I expect it will probably take me 2 to 3 business days to get all of them shipped out, because getting each and every single order ready to ship out actually does entail a lot of steps. I'm not sure if all of you are interested in knowing what all those steps are, but I have had many people ask me in the past what the process was, so this seems as good of a time as any to share the steps I go through for those who would like to

Pink ATG-UPDATED news about shipping!!

I wanted to post a quick note about the latest information I received this morning about the Pink ATG.  They are FINALLY shipping the majority of mine to me TODAY, Monday Aug.16th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't have the tracking # yet, but the promised that these would ship out today, which means that they should be here by the end of the week!!!!!   This is GREAT NEWS!!!!!!  And on top of that, whatever they're not sending me this time (which is just a tiny handful of them, so it won't really effect anything anyway!!), they said they'd send the rest of those in another shipment that should go out about Aug. 18th-20th time frame.  So I am ONE HAPPY gal!!!!!!! i-rock news: It still looks as if they are on schedule to be ready to be shipped out sometime this week.  As soon as I hear anything definite, I will post it here. Please, please keep tuned to this site right here for any & all updates about products shipping because I absolutely will post here first BEF

Pink ATG News--FINALLY!!!!

OK, here's the news about the Pink ATG tape dispensers I know many of us have been waiting for. I FINALLY got confirmation that the majority of the Pink ATGs I ordered should be shipping out to me either by this Friday, Aug. 13th, or at the latest, by Monday, Aug.16th.  So that means I should have them in my hands sometime next week--WOOHOOOOO!!!! This of course means I will start shipping them out as soon as they arrive and I will be shipping them in the order in which they were received (first in, first out). They "think" they should be able to send me the full amount of the entire quantity that I ordered, but they couldn't (or wouldn't) verify that until they actually ship. But they did say it "looked good", so I am VERY hopeful that everyone who ordered them from me will get yours shipped out after I receive this shipment. I am STILL out of town, supposedly on vacation, although with all the emails I've been receiving because of the Pink A

SHIPPING UPDATES for the Pink ATG and the i-rock TOOL

First, let me please apologize that my "out of town" technology has not been working very well and certainly not with any consistency while I've been on my trip to the Midwest(to CHA and then a swing over to Nebraska to visit the folks and take my first vacation in 2-1/2 years!!). It has been an exercise in frustration to say the least. I've even resorted to trying to at least update my Facebook, but there's nowhere on my mobile application to send or receive emails there--so PLEASE don't send me emails thru Facebook, since apparently I can't get them!! If you need to email me, please use my regular email address, . But please, please use this post to get the information about the shipping dates if possible, rather than just emailing me for it. My email is absolutely back-logged right now because of all the issues I've had with my technology while out of town. OK, on with the product and shipping updates. Let me firs