Aug 27, 2010

Pink ATGs and i-rock Tools--I'm still at it: I'm packing and taping and printing and labeling and shipping--and again-- I'm packing and taping and printing and labeling and shipping, and again...

I want everyone to know the rest of the products are showing up and I have been at it non-stop, trying to get everything out to everyone as soon as I possibly can (in fact, I've been up again all night again!!).  Yes, thanks to the power company, who decided this is the ideal time to replace some transformers in our neighborhood,  they've actually got a "planned outage" for most of today.  In other words, we'll have no electricity here most of the day--again--yikes!!  Now it's not bad enough that because of this lack of electricity, I won't have access to my computer, printer, fax, phones (yes, all my phones here are cordless and therefore run on electricity!) and we won't even have a working fan in here (remember that I live by the beach, so we have no air conditioning!!), but on top of that, just to add insult to injury, no electricity means NO COFFEE ---urrrrggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!  Talk about torture!!!!!! Especially after staying up all night again!!! But I really had no choice because I wanted to get as much done and printed out before the #$#$%  power goes out (which should be ANY time now!!).

So before my computer goes dark for the day, let me bring you up to speed.  The other shipment of Pink ATGs I've been waiting for should be here late today (Friday), along with the rest of the Pink ATG refills and the remainder of the i-rock Tools.  As I said, I've been packing and shipping almost non-stop since the first shipment arrived.  I was delayed a bit waiting on the rest of the products to arrive. but in addition, the entire process is taking a little longer than I thought it would.  I'm cranking these things out of here as fast as I can, but I think I might have underestimated the amount of time it takes for me to get through each and every order, from start to finish.  I'm just hoping that once the rest of the products arrive here this evening, I can get everything finished up and out of here over the weekend.  I'm certainly doing the very best I can to make it happen!!

With that said, I better sign off before everything goes dark here.  Wish me luck that the power comes back on much sooner than what they've estimated our down-time to be!!

Aug 23, 2010

More delivery news about Pink ATGs, their refills and the i-rock Tool!!! YIPPPEE!!!1

OK, here we go again--are you ready??

Let's begin with the latest news about the Pink ATGs and their refills:

Great news about the remainder of my 2nd shipment of Pink ATGs--they should be here by the end of the week.  I did manage to round up some more of them today from another vendor & they already shipped them out to me today.  Unfortunately, they ended up costing me quite a bit more than what I would have paid if I'd have just waitied until the next shipment showed up from overseas, because this vendor charges for freight (and this many ATG units in this many cartons did cost me a big chunk of change to have shipped!!).  But, I decided to bite the bullet and have them shipped right away because I know how many of you have been waiting for a very long time for these and I absolutely don't blame you for being impatient about it.  I ALWAYS try to look at things as if I were the customer how would I feel and what would I want the Seller to do for me, and I know by now I'd be impatient as well!!  (And since I am a "customer" to the manufacturer who ordered and has been very impatiently waiting for hundreds of these to arrive for a long time now, I TOTALLY "get it", because honestly, no one has been more impatient than me!!)  Anyway, it is GOOD NEWS about the Pink ATGs because I should have the rest of them in my hands by the end of this week---WHEW!!!!

HOWEVER, now I'm having a little delay with all the Refills fror the Pink ATG that I ordered.  They did NOT ship me all the refills when they sent out my first shipment of the ATGs, but they have since shipped some more of them, and most of the remaining ones should be here sometime this Wednesday,Aug.25th and then the remainder should arrive either by the end of this week, or more likely, sometime next Monday, Aug. 30th.  Which leads me to this:  I had hoped to get every single one of the orders shipped out by Wednesday at the latest for the first shipment of ATGs that I already received, HOWEVER, I am going to be short on the number of REfILLS needed and since most of the those Refills are due to arrive here on Wednesday, Aug. 25th (and unfortunatly, where we are located on the route of  our very nice UPS man means that our UPS deliveries arrive very late in the day, usually after 5PM), which means I probably won't get everything out until Thursday from the first group.  Now, many of them have already gone out, more will go out tomorrow and Wednesday, but this Refill shortage does mean that some will not go out until Thursday.  And I know that in the grand scheme of things, waiting just one more day isn't really that much longer, but for those of you who have been waiting for such a long time to receive your Pink ATGs, even one more day probably doesn't make you feel too good about the whole thing. 

Which is why I have some good news for you  and I hope this good news will make your wait a bit more bearable:
---I have decided to dig even deeper in my pockets and  include yet ANOTHER roll of the refill tape in your order for the Pink ATG for everyone who pre-ordered theirs from me and who has been waiting for them to arrive--whether you are in the first shipment of ATGs (the ones I already received) or the second shipment (the ones I should receive by the end of this week);  if you have been waiting to receive your Pink ATG order, then be sure to look inside your box and you should see another single roll of refill tape (in addition to the 2 refill rolls the Pink ATG is already packaged with!).  What that means is I am GIVING you another 36 YARDS of refill tape!!!  I really, really hope this helps take some of the "sting" out of the long wait we've ALL had for these Pink ATGs!!!

Next, onto the i-rock TOOL:

More good news continues to pour in!!!  My back-ordered i-rock Tools are ALSO arriving this week, in 2 separate shipments (don't ask me why in 2 shipments, because frankly, I don't know why they wouldn't just send them altogether!?!?), but regardless, they will all be here by the end of THIS WEEK!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!  I will get all those back-orders / re-orders for the i-rock Tools out to you ASAP.  And before you start pouting, or feeling left-out or jealous about those folks getting an extra roll of tape for their back-ordered Pink ATGs, quit it!!!  Because I hope you know me well enough by now to know I would NOT leave you out!!  There will also be some sort of little gift included in your package with your back-ordered i-rock Tool as well!! So now there's even MORE good news!!!!!!!  YIIIIPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

SOOOOOO MUCH GOOD NEWS TODAY, I can hardly stand it!!!!!  It's a good thing I have all these great endorphines pouring out of me from all this good news, since I still haven't managed to get any sleep (was up packing shipments all night again!!!).  So I'm not exactly sure if I'm running on happy endorphines, or if I'm just plain old "loopy" from sleep deprivation, LOL!!!  But whatever it is, at least it's helping to keep my eyes open right now, because I have a feeling that when I finally crash, I will likely crash hard!!  Which will probably entail me falling asleep with my head on the keyboard of my laptop, LOL--and somehow, someway, I really need to figure out how to get a picture of that sometime when it happens again (oh yes, it HAS happened before!!), because I already have the absolutely perfect scrapbook layout planned out for that photo!! Thank goodness all of my Subscribers and Followers are paper-crafters, because otherwise that last statement would appear a little bit nutty to others (non paper-people!!!), but I KNOW that all of you completely "get it"!!! Wink wink!!

OK I'm off to get back to packing up your shipments!!!!!!!!

Aug 21, 2010

First shipment of Pink ATG have arrived!! It's Wall to Wall in here right now!!

The first shipment of the Pink ATG Tape Dispensers arrived here last night (Friday, around 6:45 PM!!) and it is wall to wall PINK in here right now!  I've been going at it almost non-stop since they got here and I just realized, in all my hurry to get everything ready to go out, that I had forgotten to post and confirm that the Pink ATGs actually did arrive (although I know most of you already know that they did, since I'd already posted previously that I DID have a confirmed delivery date from UPS for yesterday!!!).

I've also been tracking down alternate resources to try to get the remainder of my orders (the ones that they still have NOT shipped yet) delivered here a little earlier than what was projected (which was sometime soon after Aug.30th, which is when there's another big shipment expected to arrive from overseas).  Anyway, I'm hoping to hear back early Monday morning from a couple different 3rd party resale vendors to see if any of them have enough of the Pink ATGs in stock to fill the remainder of my order, and it looks hopeful!!  If that does happen, then there's a good chance the rest of my order could be here by the end of next week, rather than the time frame I was given the other day, which was after Aug.30th.  In other words, I STILL haven't stopped in my quest to get every single person's Pink ATGs out to them ASAP!!!

And in that quest, I am going to try to save ALL of us some time by explaining right here how you'll know when your package is shipped:  As soon as I go into PayPal and create your shipping label, you should receive an email with your package information on it, including your tracking number.  When I create that shipping label, that means your package will be going out within the next business day (within the next 24 BUSINESS hours).

Regarding the i-rock Tool, it SHOULD be here late next week.  They still haven't given me the Delivery date or a tracking # yet, but I know they have been absolutely slammed, so their order system has been working overtime.  Good news is when I look at the order online, where the i-rock order is sitting in their system DOES indicate the product has been pulled already and is ready to be shipped.  So let's cross our fingers and hope that's true.  And while we're crossing our fingers about the i-rock Tool, let's cross our toes as well in hopes that the rest of the Pink ATGs make it here ASAP!!

Alrighty then, I'm off to get back to it!  It's doubtful that I will make it back upstairs to get any sleep tonight, so I'm sure I'll be getting a little "punchy" by the time Sunday & Monday roll around.  Since I am sooo focused on getting these out to you, I'm hardly going to be in my email at all this weekend, so if you don't hear right back from me, that's why !! OK, back to land of PINK I go...!!!!!!!

Aug 19, 2010

More Info about Pink ATGs & i-rock Tool

OK, here we go again.

Let's start with the Pink ATG:
I just found out today that the vendor did NOT ship me every single Pink ATG that I ordered, even though I was told otherwise earlier in the week.  Apparently, once again, they are parceling them out to the rest of the retailers, so that they can fill yet ANOTHER order from the largest craft store chain in the country. GRRRRR!!  Yes, I KNOW I ordered a LOT of them, especially for a smaller retailer, but I really did expect to get ALL of them that I pre-ordered sooo long ago, but when I saw the final invoice for them today, it reflected most of them, but not all of them.  In addition, I've actually placed a few more orders for more Pink ATGs within the last couple weeks (including another one yesterday) because I've suddenly had another large amount or orders that have just come into me within the last week or two. Unfortunately, none of those additional orders that I placed will ship out to me until the vendor receives THEIR NEXT shipment from overseas, which they say they will receive by the end of this month (they say they should receive it by Aug.30th).  So, please know if you are placing orders now, or maybe even within the last couple weeks, there's a good chance that your order will not be shipped to you until I receive my next shipment from the vendor (after Aug. 30th).  All throughout this entire process, I have been as up-front as possible and have been sharing any and all information from the vendor/manufacturer as soon as I receive it.  I want to make sure that all of you know exactly what is happening with your orders. Please know that the moment I get these in my hands, they are going to start shipping out.  Any back-orders/pre-orders/re-orders are absolutely my #1 priority right now!!

Now, onto the i-rock Tool:

The majority of my back-orders for the i-rock Tool shipped out to me today. YIPPEE!!!!!  However, somehow part of my back-orders for the i-rock Tool got canceled & no one can tell me why or how that happened (Grrrrrrr!!), but I went ahead ordered that same amount of them again today, so hopefully those other ones will ship out to me tomorrow.  The good news is that even without the the ones that mysteriously got canceled, I still should have enough to fill all the back-orders out of the shipment that went out to me today.  But any new orders will be filled from the shipment that should go out tomorrow, (so it will be 1 or 2 more business days difference from all the rest of the i-rock orders).

This seems as good a time as any to also reiterate my philosophy about refunds for pre-orders/re-orders/back-orders.  Let me say it again LOUD and CLEAR, if there is a delay for products being delivered to me because of the manufacturer's inability to fulfill the orders, I would NEVER hang onto someone's hard-earned money if they needed to cancel.  I don't care if it's over 45 days, or 60 days or anything else (which are time frames that are guidelines within PayPal)--under these circumstances, I will cancel and refund a customer's order--no matter how long ago the transaction occurred.  And FYI, I am the ONLY one who will financially get hurt if it goes past a certain amount of days within PayPal and I end up issuing a refund, because when that happens (after a certain amount of time goes past the original transaction date) and I issue that refund in PayPal, I do NOT get a refund for the fees that are taken out of my Merchant account for that transaction.  But the customer will get refunded the full amount they paid on that transaction. 

I am always more than fair to all my customers; that is how I choose to run my business and it is the ONLY way I would ever want to do so.  The only thing I ever ask in return is for my customers to also be fair with me. 

This whole delay mess with the Pink ATGs as well as the i-rock Tool are NOT the first manufacturer's delays we've ever had and sadly, they will not be the last.  In fact, I fully expect that this is going to be more the "norm" going forward, especially since almost everything in our industry is now being manufactured overseas (mostly in China).  When a company/manufacturer sends their work to be done overseas, that means that in exchange for receiving less expensive costs to get that product manufactured, they are giving up the day to day "hands on" ability to shepard their products through the manufacturing process, which means they giving up control of that process to the manufacturing facility overseas.  So in effect, they no longer have complete control over what's going on with the manufacturing process of their product, so they may have had the best intentions when they gave us a deliver-by date, but then they end up as surprised as we are when the product is not completed or shipped by that date!!  And it's not as if they can just walk out on the floor of the plant and get things moving along, because that manufacturing facility is thousands and thousands of miles away in a country that operates on their own laws (not ours!), and their own processes.

It's really too bad for all of us, but it's the price we all pay for having the products we want having lower price points on them now than in the past.  It's what we, the buying public demand and what we now expect, so with that, we must understand that along with those lower prices also comes other costs, which are the delays and the unmet commitments that are now the norm for the manufacturing process of those products.

Which is why when you see new products posted here going forward, you will usually see me tacking on at least 2 more weeks as the expected shipping date over and above what the manufacturer tells us, so you might see other sites showing earlier expected delivery dates from mine.  I would much rather error on the side of caution and not have my customers be disapointed!!  And if things show up earlier or actually show up on time, I will ALWAYS ship them out as soon as they arrive here!!!!

Aug 17, 2010

Pink ATGs have shipped TO me!!! And i-rock Tool is also coming really soon!! YIPPPPEEEE!!

It is 100% verified and confirmed. The majority of the Pink ATGs that I ordered shipped out FROM the vendor TO me yesterday, Monday, Aug.16th!!  And I actually have tracking #s for all of them and guess what else---wait for it-----yep---a DELIVERY DATE!!!! They are scheduled to arrive by UPS very late afternoon/early evening this Friday, Aug.20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means after I check them in & make sure everything is there that was supposed to be sent to me, I will start shipping them out!!!!!

With the huge amount of them that I have to ship out, I expect it will probably take me 2 to 3 business days to get all of them shipped out, because getting each and every single order ready to ship out actually does entail a lot of steps. I'm not sure if all of you are interested in knowing what all those steps are, but I have had many people ask me in the past what the process was, so this seems as good of a time as any to share the steps I go through for those who would like to know.

HOWEVER, before I do that, let me also update you on the i-rock Tool: It looks as if it should be shipping to me THIS WEEK, probably in the next couple days, so again, I say WOOHOOOO!!! I don't have the delivery date or a tracking # for the i-rock Tool yet, but I should have it very soon!!! It sounds as if FINALLY--all pre-orders, back-orders & re-orders for the Pink ATG and the i-rock Tool will FINALLY, FINALLY be completed!!! Then next, we'll be onto all the brand new products from CHA, which I haven't even had a chance to input yet!!!

So for those of you who would like to know all the steps I go through to get each individual order out the door from start to finish, here's an example of the process to get your order out to you: (if you don't care to know, but want to know how my little dog, Gucci is doing after being so sick (thanks for all the emails wishing her well!!), skip down to the next paragraph of this post):

First, I get notified in email from PayPal that I have received an order. I log into PayPal, look up that order and I print out a hard copy on my printer. I also double-check to make sure that the customer also received a notification that I've received their order. Once I verify that everything on that order is in stock and ready to ship, I check (and double-check) the order and then I go and pull every single product item the customer ordered from inventory, then I weigh the total order, then re-check how I want to ship that order (double-checking to make sure I'm using the best & most economical method for the individual package size and weight). Once I have all that information, I pack/box up each order, then I tape it all very securely (and every one of my regular customers knows I am a chronic "over-taper" (better safe than sorry I always say, LOL!!!). Next, I'm back to the computer and logged into my shipping program, where I input the correct information for that individual order (dimensions and weight of the package, shipping method being used, etc.), then the program takes all that information I just input and previews a virtual shipping label for that package, which appears on my computer screen. Once I check (and double-check) it to make sure all the information on the shipping label is correct, I tell it to print out that shipping label, as well as the receipt for the label. After it's all printed out, I take a paper trimmer & separate the actual label from its receipt, I trim down the label to make it fit more easily and correctly on the front of the package, then I roll some glue from my big tape runner all over the back of the shipping label, attach it to the package and then I tape the entire label on with packing tape, all around on all four sides of the label (yes--even MORE tape--remember what I said about "better safe than sorry"?? I really am overly cautious about the safety part of each transaction!!). Now, I'm ALMOST done, but there's still a couple steps left (and I don't think most people do these next couple steps, but as you've already probably figured out, I am a detail gal, so I always want to double check that everything reflects correctly what I've done so far for that individual order!!).The last steps are these: I go back into the customer's order in PayPal and verify that it now shows this order as being shipped and that it has the tracking number included on the Transaction Details page of the customer's order in PayPal. I click on the tracking number and make sure it takes me to the shipper's website tracking page (USPS or UPS). Once I know that's all working correctly, I then print out that Transaction Details page in PayPal with the shipping and tracking information showing on it, I take it, along with the printed receipt for the shipping label, and staple them both to the paper copy of the order (which I already printed out as soon as I received it). I write across the paper copy of the order the day that the order was completed and the ship date (if different) and any other miscellaneous notes I might want to remember about this order if I'd ever need to look at it in the future, then I go into MY CONTACTS files (on my computer) and I type those same notes into the customer's file, so I have them in two places (I told you I was a detail gal!!). The very last steps are I file the paper copies of the completed order in chronological date order for that month and then I put the package at the door, ready for Carrier pickup. WHEW!! Then, onto the next order and the next and the next... My DH thinks I should buy stock in a packing tape company, along with stock in HP because I use up so much printer paper and printer ink on my poor old over-worked HP printer and he's probably right. I know I make extra work for myself by adding in the extra steps that I do to make sure that I know everything is 100% ready to go with all the information documented, and I know that many online retailers don't do most of these extra steps and extra printing, etc., but I do it for my own peace of mind so that I know I've done everything possible to make sure that each of my customer's orders get to them safe and sound, the way I feel as a customer myself, they deserve to be. So yes, maybe I'm a little overly detailed (nutty??). But so far, it has allowed me to take of people in the same way that I would want to be taken care of if I were the customer!

Last things for today are an update on my poor little sickly dog, Gucci and then after, more travel adventures (NOT!!). Regarding Gucci, we spent most of the day yesterday at the vet's office, where she was administered I.V. fluids again (second day in a row!), was also given an antibiotic shot along with some other meds to try to stop her "stomach problems". She was finally able to keep some food down late last night and again, this morning (so far!!), so it appears she is on the mend. None of us are sure what happened to make her so violently sick, but the vet thinks it might have been some kind of bacterial thing. (In other words, she's not sure either!!) I can tell you that when we traveled home from Omaha, it was the HOTTEST day they'd had all year and it was MISERABLE and I do mean MISERABLE. I felt sick myself all day when we were rushing around, getting ready to go, because the air conditioner at my Mom's house just couldn't keep up, so it was hot even inside the house, and it was SOOOOOO stinkin' HUMID, it was like walking into a steam room every time you walked outside. Thankfully, Gucci travels in the cabin with me in her little carrier, under the seat in front of me (where I would normally be able to put my feet, but when she's with me, I'm a bit cramped up in the airline seats, which seem to continue to get smaller and smaller every year, don't they?).  I can't imagine how she could have ever survived if she had to go under the plane as luggage--or how ANY dog or cat could have survived that awful heat that must be ever present in the luggage area at this time of year Thank goodness, Gucci will never be under there, since the airlines will not allow any flat-faced dogs, (such as her breed, Brussels Griffon, or bulldogs, shitzus, etc.) to ever travel under the plane, because they can't handle the air pressure and temperature changes. But even though she was in the cabin with me, we were both really hot and not feeling well by the time we arrived at the airport, and inside the terminals it wasn't really very cool either, so I know that I felt hot and icky all day, so I can only imagine she did as well (even though I had her carrier opened up during the entire flights and while waiting to get on the planes--but I did have to zip it up to get on and off the plane and when traveling within the terminals when going to the gates).  I don't know if she got sick from all the heat, or if she somehow picked up some strange bacteria somewhere along the line, but all that matters right now is that she is getting better. She's still pretty lethargic, but I would be as well, if I'd been as sick as she's been.

Speaking of travel, one last word about our trip home. I think many of you know that I've had several failed back surgeries (the first surgeon REALLY messed it up and I've had several subsequent surgeries to try to help alleviate the ongoing and consistent pain from it all).  I manage the pain and I get along OK most of the time; I just know what I can and what I cannot do. And traveling carrying my laptop and carry-on, along with dragging Gucci's little carrier (which is thankfully also on wheels!) is hard enough, not to mention being cramped up in those little airline seats (with nowhere to put my feet because of Gucci's carrier). So, just to add to my fun level on the trip home, just before we started to descend to land in Denver (where we changed planes to come home to southern CA), I decided I'd better make a quick run to the restroom before they turned on the Fasten Seatbelt sign. So I did and just as I was starting to stand back up to pull things back up into place (if you know what I mean), all of a sudden the Fasten Seatbelt sign came on, the captain started talking about turbulence and within a split second, we took a big drop and I was tossed hard into the door and then thrown back onto the back of the toilet. Whatever happened to me and my poor back in those few seconds, let's just say that I could hardly straighten all the way back up--I just could not stand up all the way straight. But I somehow managed to finally pull myself together and started limping back to my seat, where the stewardess continued to rant at me all the way down the aisle, because of course, they'd turned on the Fasten Seatbelt sign while I was already in the restroom (which I tried several times to explain to her!). To make a long story short, I had all these big plans for this weekend, after I returned home, to get all caught up on everything and be ready to dive back into work, headfirst, bright and early Monday morning. Well, needless to say, between laying on ice packs for two days because of my crazy back situation, thanks to the airline not turning on the Fasten Seatbelt sign soon enough, and then running after Gucci, cleaning after her stomach problems nonstop, my well-laid plans went awry and I did NOT get all caught up with everything like I'd wanted to. I don't know why these kind of things always seem to happen to me, but I really, really think I've had my share of bad luck lately (especially this last year!!) and now it SHOULD be time for some good luck to come my way!!!

And, I do NOT plan to travel anywhere for the next couple months at least, so hopefully, staying on the ground on Terra Firma will help keep me safe and sound as well!!

So that was my excerpt from my own version of "Trains, Planes and Automobiles", except mine would be titled "Planes, Turbulence in the Restroom, and My Little Sick Doggie", LOL!!!

Aug 16, 2010

Pink ATG-UPDATED news about shipping!!

I wanted to post a quick note about the latest information I received this morning about the Pink ATG.  They are FINALLY shipping the majority of mine to me TODAY, Monday Aug.16th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't have the tracking # yet, but the promised that these would ship out today, which means that they should be here by the end of the week!!!!!   This is GREAT NEWS!!!!!!  And on top of that, whatever they're not sending me this time (which is just a tiny handful of them, so it won't really effect anything anyway!!), they said they'd send the rest of those in another shipment that should go out about Aug. 18th-20th time frame.  So I am ONE HAPPY gal!!!!!!!

i-rock news: It still looks as if they are on schedule to be ready to be shipped out sometime this week.  As soon as I hear anything definite, I will post it here.

Please, please keep tuned to this site right here for any & all updates about products shipping because I absolutely will post here first BEFORE I ever return any emails, and that way, we can all avoid the huge log-jam of emails going back and forth--thanks!!

I will update again later, but right now I'm off to the vet (again).  My poor little dog, Gucci has literally been sick as a dog since we returned home--poor thing has had violent stomach problems & am taking her back in to the vet to get her some fluids by I.V. (she had some yesterday as well).  She is looking REALLY weak, & I feel sooooo helpless.  Needless to say, I did not get caught up with everything (work-wise) that I wanted to this weekend after returning home, since I've spent almost all my time following her around & cleaning up after her, poor sick girlie.

I'm off; wish us luck at the vet please!

Aug 11, 2010

Pink ATG News--FINALLY!!!!

OK, here's the news about the Pink ATG tape dispensers I know many of us have been waiting for.

I FINALLY got confirmation that the majority of the Pink ATGs I ordered should be shipping out to me either by this Friday, Aug. 13th, or at the latest, by Monday, Aug.16th.  So that means I should have them in my hands sometime next week--WOOHOOOOO!!!! This of course means I will start shipping them out as soon as they arrive and I will be shipping them in the order in which they were received (first in, first out).

They "think" they should be able to send me the full amount of the entire quantity that I ordered, but they couldn't (or wouldn't) verify that until they actually ship. But they did say it "looked good", so I am VERY hopeful that everyone who ordered them from me will get yours shipped out after I receive this shipment.

I am STILL out of town, supposedly on vacation, although with all the emails I've been receiving because of the Pink ATG being delayed for so long, I have to say that regrettably, it hasn't been much of a vacation. And the saddest thing is that my 80+ year old parents, having not been raised in this electronic age, don't seem to understand why I have to keep spending all this time working, rather than spending quality time visiting with them, so I have a personal message from my parents to 3M: "Thanks a LOT 3M!!!!!!!!!!!!" Anyway, I will be back home and back to work sometime on Friday, Aug. 13th.

Regarding the i-rock Tool back-orders, when I checked on those again today, they were projected to ship out sometime next week. Again, they won't "guarantee" this until they actually ship them to me, but that's the latest information they had for me, so that is sounding hopeful as well.

FYI--I will probably NOT be online at all tomorrow (Thurs. Aug. 12th), so I won't be receiving or answering emails at all, because I will be having some work done on my computer in the morning, and then I'll be out of touch for the rest of the day. But as I said earlier, I will be returning to work sometime on Friday, Aug. 13th (if I can EVEN see the top of my desk when I get back, since it was already buried before I ever left home!!)

Once I get an actual tracking number for the Pink ATGs (or the i-rock Tool) I will post here again with the shipping information; that way everyone can find out the information at the same time without all the emailing back and forth.

I want to thank ALL of you for your patience while waiting for these manufacturers to FINALLY get their products shipped out. Believe me, I absolutely understand how frustrating this wait has been, since what I've been waiting to receive from them has been magnified hundreds of times over, due to the large amount of products that I ordered. Once again I can only apologize for the manufacturer's delays in shipping the products, since I have been totally at their mercy as well. But it appears that finally there's a bright light at the end of the tunnel and the products should be here very soon!!!

Remember, I WILL be posting any new information RIGHT HERE, so if you're not already subscribed to my blog to get email updates when I post anything new, you might want to do that.  To do so, scroll down the right sidebar to where it says:
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Aug 2, 2010

SHIPPING UPDATES for the Pink ATG and the i-rock TOOL

First, let me please apologize that my "out of town" technology has not been working very well and certainly not with any consistency while I've been on my trip to the Midwest(to CHA and then a swing over to Nebraska to visit the folks and take my first vacation in 2-1/2 years!!). It has been an exercise in frustration to say the least. I've even resorted to trying to at least update my Facebook, but there's nowhere on my mobile application to send or receive emails there--so PLEASE don't send me emails thru Facebook, since apparently I can't get them!! If you need to email me, please use my regular email address, . But please, please use this post to get the information about the shipping dates if possible, rather than just emailing me for it. My email is absolutely back-logged right now because of all the issues I've had with my technology while out of town.

OK, on with the product and shipping updates. Let me first stress that in ALL cases, once I receive any pre-orders, back-orders or re-orders, I will ALWAYS ship them out ASAP. Not only do I know that my customers are anxiously waiting for their orders, but on a personal level, I just don't have the extra storage space to hang onto anything extra (and I have NO desire to do so!!).

In addition, if you happened to pick up the delayed pre-ordered product at the large national craft store while the rest of us (retailers) were waiting to receive their shipments from the manufacturer, please don't worry about getting a refund from me, whether it's over 30 days or not. I will always do what's fair for my customers. Please just know that I have placed all these orders with the manufacturers and have paid for them upfront, so all I ask is that you be fair with me as well.


The latest update is this: There was a quality problem with the one large shipment that shipped from overseas early (to a large national craft retailer). That quality issue caused the manufacturer (3M) to have everything else pulled back and corrected, which has caused major delays all across the board for everyone else. (Although after hearing about the quality problems that have been found in that first early shipment, this is one time I'm thinking that maybe it's a GOOD thing NOT to have gotten the product early on!!)

I've been in contact with the manufacturer constantly, on the phone and in their booth while I was at CHA. They changed the expected arrival date range now to sometime during the 2nd week in August (and again, this IS an estimate from them, they won't guarantee any exact date!!).

I have absolutely NO control over 3M and their manufacturing process--grrrrrrr!!!! I am held hostage to them fixing their quality problem and sending all the products I ordered to me. I can't even BEGIN to explain how INCREDIBLY frustrating this has been for me, and how helpless it has made me feel, despite my multiple calls and contacts with the manufacturer.

I can't WAIT to receive these and get them shipped out to everyone who ordered one. There is NO worry about getting a refund if you happened to pick one up locally at the large national craft retailer who received that early shipment (but please, be sure to check EVERYTHING included in your box to make sure it's all working correctly if you did get one, since there have been those quality issues reported within that shipment, which are what caused the delays for everyone else since!!). I would NEVER hold anyone's hard-earned cash hostage like that (even though I've paid for my orders upfront!).

i-rock TOOL:

This is a case of the manufacturer, Imaginisce, under-estimating the immense popularity of this fabulous little tool. Unfortunately, they are actually completely out of stock right now of the i-rock tool itself. They absolutely underestimated the overwhelming demand for this great product & had to have more manufactured. They have ZERO in stock right now to sell to any retailers. I have several large orders in with them & they will fill the retailer's orders in the sequence in which they received them, so for me, my orders should be close to the front of that line (which is a good thing!!). But right now, we are all waiting for them to get the tool shipped from overseas. Their current estimate is that it should arrive around mid-August (a couple more weeks). I also checked with them every day in the booth at CHA (and tried to see if they would even sell me the demo units they had in their booth, but that was a big "no"!!).

As soon as I receive these, I will send them out ASAP.


Any pre-orders, back-orders and re-orders are always dependant on the manufacturer sending me the products I order from them. I am ALWAYS at their mercy as to when they ship their products. I have noticed this year that more than ever, the manufacturers just don't seem to be meeting their projected ship dates for new releases. I don't know if that corresponds with more and more manufacturing being sent to be done overseas, but it certainly seems to. Going forward, I have now started adding at least 2 weeks onto any new release date that I'm being given by any manufacturer who is sending their work overseas. I prefer to err on the side of caution, than to put out any dates that I believe will probably not be met by the manufacturer.

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