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SPECIAL Limited Time Sale Price Adjustment for Crafter's Companion products

Well, I've gotten several emails alerting me to a special sale, so in order to try to price match as closely as possible for the Event sale today on one of the major networks for the UCC (Ultimate Crafter's Companion) I'm offering the UCC at a limited time price of $52.50 TOTAL--which includes Priority shipping w/tracking (within the USA). Also, for this limited event, I've dropped the price (again!!)on the Rock-A-Blocks(RAB) to $20.99 TOTAL--which includes Priority shipping w/tracking (within the USA). To take advantage of this, please click on the "BUY NOW" Button--Now MOVED to the very TOP RIGHT column of my blog--please, only use those because they're the ONLY ones with the special event sale pricing. Thank you VERY much for your business!!

BLOG CANDY Give-Away--made easier!! Plus, if you're a "FOLLOWER" of my blog- new & exciting info in this thread (hint: your votes=more entries!)

(This blog thread is to summarize and hopefully, make it easier for all of you to enter here to win my BLOG CANDY Give-Away.) Ohhhh, thank GOODNESS--now, finally: BACK TO CRAFTING!!! I've been soooo busy with all the orders for the Crafter's Companion products ( thank you!!! ) over the past week, I haven't been able to craft ANYTHING worthwhile. But I've been musing & thinking about what type of tutorials/projects I wanted to start with here on my blog (BESIDES the obvious, which are the Ultimate Crafter's Companion and the Rock-A-Blocks!!!), & of course, because I am the original "Gadget Queen" , who loves ALL gadgets & tools, most the things that popped into my mind were about different crafting "tools". Several of the ones ones that came to mind were those I think many of us bought with great enthusiasm when they were first released, but now, may not be getting as much use as they could be, or they may actually be gathering dust!!

BLOG CANDY Give away--BUT--You HAVE to vote to be entered!!!

OK, I've heard from a couple friends that they're not quite sure how to vote in order to be entered in my BLOG CANDY give away, so let me clarify---all you have to do is go into the previous post (from Feb 19th), scroll down thru that article about halfway or so ( BELOW where the "BUY NOW" buttons are!), read the rest of the article, then go & VOTE by posting a comment under COMMENTS (located at the very bottom/underneath the article/thread/post )!!! That's it!!! Or, if it's easier for you, you may also vote by posting a comment at the end of this thread!!! And remember, if there's something you want to see, or get help with that is NOT showing in my list, please--feel free to substitute the subject you want instead!!! Please don't forget to rank the TOP 3 in the order of importance to you!!!! So, come on, get voting!!!!!

Orders are STILL coming in-Now added the "BUY NOW" buttons to simplify the process!!! Also, PLEASE Vote on your Tutorial requests-For BLOG CANDY!!!

Well, once again, first I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU , because the orders are STILL coming in for both the Ultimate Crafter's Companion & the Rock-A-Blocks!!! I am truly humbled!!! I've placed yet ANOTHER re-order with the manufacturer & am waiting for my re-orders to arrive!!! In the meantime, in order to simplify the process for EVERYONE, I've added some "BUY NOW Buttons" from PayPal, which will simplify the process for ALL of us!!! To recap, I absolutely fell in LOVE with these 2 products when I saw them at CHA, & because I really believed in them, decided to place orders for both of them. That original quantity was all I ever intended to deal with. Well, the quantity I originally ordered from the manufacturer were just blown out the doors from the moment I offered them on my blog. Then, because soooo many people still wanted them, I went ahead & placed re-orders for both products & am now waiting for my shipments to arrive

And I'm STILL taking orders!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!

Well, another day, another update on the products that I've been offering here on my blog under this post . The orders are still coming in (thank you very much!!!), so if you're still interested, I have placed "re-orders" with the manufacturer for both products. All orders, including the originals, are being filled & processed in the chronological order that they were received in my email at , (and then of course upon receipt of your payment from PayPal ). **** NEW INFO*** : I've now included the BUY NOW Buttons in the post below , so this is NOW the correct way to order these products from me--please, going forward, do NOT send your orders to my email!**** Even after placing my re-orders, there is still a limited amount of product available , so be sure to let me know ASAP if you want to order & reserve either the Ultimate Crafter's Companion or the amazing Rock-A-Blocks. (See my earlier post & videos fo
WOW, WOW, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! I want to update the status of the products I have in stock. I've been jam-packed with order requests for both the Rock-A-Blocks(RAB) plus the Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC). The orders are coming from here on my BLOG , plus from the Cricut MB, as well as folks who have just found me thru my videos on You Tube. (Please see the article here below to see the videos as well as all the pricing & ordering information!!) So, obviously my original quantities of both products are long gone, however, I've re-ordered both, so, if anyone else is interested, PLEASE click the BUY NOW Buttons below in this post . Upon receipt of your PayPal payment, your pruduct will be reserved for you (as many of you have already found out, these products keep selling out everywhere they've been featured!!) If you need to send me an email for any other reason, please send to to: my email at . (But you do NOT need

More CHA Videos, plus more

Hi all!!! Hoping all of you had a lovely Valentine's Day weekend!! I thought I'd come in here & add some more CHA videos I finally got uploaded. Plus, I went into my last post from Feb 13th to edit it in order to add one more video I'd done the day B-4 from the Crafter's Companion folks. In that video, a couple of my other Cricut Message Boards friends (Nilda & TerriKrafts) were introduced to these products & one of the greatest advertisements for the Rock-A-Block product occurred out of a simple stamper's mishap (oh yaaaaa, we've ALL had THAT happen!!)!! BUT , what should have ended in disaster ends instead in a perfectly stamped image. Go & see what I'm talking about in my last post !!! (Where you can also find all the details about how to order these products!!!) So what I'm uploading today are: 1) A video tour of the amazing Basic Grey booth (which was requested by Okie, who is yet another Cricut Message Board member & friend)-

I just LOVE these products!!! (See below for info on how to get your hands on them!!)

Wow!! Do you stamp, or do you want to? Do you want to be a faster card-maker, or bump up the appearance of your cards a notch or two?? Well, no matter if you're a seasoned stamper or card-maker, or someone who really wants to try it, but might be fearful because they're worried if anything goes wrong, it will mess up their project. Are you an experienced card-maker or maybe you want to learn how to start making cards, or just somewhere in between?? Well, I've found the answer to help you with both of these issues. So, let's talk about stamping first. Over-inking (which means getting the ink on the surface of your block, NOT just on your stamp!!) is the main cause for messing up any stamping. Anyone who has ever stamped anything has had this unfortunate occurrence, where you end up w/ink blotches on your good paper--and it's HEART-BREAKING!!! FINALLY, someone has come up with a solution for this. The company is Crafter's Companion and the product is their Rock-A

Finally-Here's all the Cricut News from CHA!! New 2009 cartridges, Design studio, Rewards Program, etc.

First let me say I’m sorry I’m late getting this posted for you. To make a very long story short, my car was involved in a fire while it was in the mechanic’s shop (minding its own business getting a tune-up!!) on Jan 20th & I’ve had to take on a full time job fighting with a lot of incompetent insurance folks ever since, just to determine the fate of my car (which was stuck up on the mechanic’s lift with no wheels when the fire started on the ground below). Because the fire was raging & had plenty of fuel around it, the firemen had to shut off the electricity to the building while fighting the fire, so my car’s been stuck up there on the lift until late last Fri, Jan 3oth, when it was finally towed late in the day to my insurance’s mechanic/body shop). So, because I’ve been just trying to get people to actually do the jobs they should have been doing, I’ve been tied up, not to mention stressed out, which is making me truthfully physically sick!!! And since Jan 20th, I’ve been