Jul 29, 2009

Already Placed 2nd Order for new CHA Spellbinder's Releases-- PLUS--My Inventory Clearance Sale Continues!!!

Well, I made it thru Day One of CHA & I've already placed Order #2 for the new Spellbinders CHA releases!!! So, if you still haven't placed your order for all these new, incredibly beautiful products, send me an email at glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com with your "list". See my 7/25 post for all my pricing for these by CLICKING HERE . You can see all the images for the CHA Releases on the Spellbinder's website here (Scroll down to where you see Labels 8, which is where the images for all the new ones start) : http://spellbinderspaperarts.com/new

And please remember that my "Inventory/Storage Space Sale" is still in effect. I have sold out of several things, but I do still have a good amount of many of the Spellbinders Pendants/Medallions dies left in stock, as well as some of the matching Borderabilities--and they are priced to sell:
- In Stock PENDANTS: On sale for $15.25!!
- In Stock BORDERABILITIES: On sale for $13.50!!
If you've been wanting any of those gorgeous Pendants (and some Borderabilities), please don't miss this opportunity!!! To see the Pendants and Borderabilities inages, see the Spellbinders site here: http://spellbinderspaperarts.com/new

Jul 27, 2009

HELP Me Clean out Storage to make Room for New CHA Items!!

Well, I must admit I have a problem and I really need your help!! My problem is that I'm out of storage space for any more inventory. So, I need your help to clear out some of my inventory ASAP, in order to make room for all the new CHA products I'll be purchasing this week. (And I could also use anything I make from this Inventory Clearance Sale to buy even MORE great CHA products for all of you!)

So, come on now--help me clear out this inventory please!!! Everyone who places an order & pays my invoice during this week: 7/25 thru 8/2, will be entered into a contest for a full set of the new Cuttlebug Folders.

This also applies to pre-orders--everyone who has already placed their pre-orders for the new CHA Spellbinder's products--they will also be entered to win a set of the new Cuttlebug folders. Plus, I'll have a couple other 2nd & 3rd place prizes to give-away as well!!! If you haven't placed your orders for all the brand new CHA releases, see my 7/25th post for the prices & how to contact me to place your orders CLICKING HERE!!

In an effort to reduce my inventory, here are the sale items. Please email me with your list of products that you want at glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com & please put "ORDERS" in the Subject line of the email!!!

. New Pendant Dies: Normally $16.50, on sale for $15.25 (I have all styles in stock).
. New Borderabilities Dies: Normally: 14.00, on sale for $13.50 (I have all styles in stock except for the Fleur de Lis & the Lattice Borderabilities.
***UPDATE: Labels are now SOLD OUT--Thank you!!
. SOLD OUT! Labels One, Labels Two, Labels Three, Labels Four, also have Labels-(small) and Labels-(large): All Labels are normally $17.50, all are on sale for $15.75 (and BTW, I only have a few of each of these, so grab them quickly--they're hard to keep in stock because of their constant popularity!!!).
. SOLD OUT! Mega Curved Rectangles: Normally $17.50, on sale for $15.75.
. Nest-02 is SOLD OUT! Classic Squares.
. Nest-04 Standard/Petite Circles: Normally $53.50, on sale for $50.00.

. Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC) 10 in 1, Award Winning Craft Tool: Normally $51.85 (which includes Priority shipping!!), on sale for $48.85, which also includes Priority Shipping.
. Rock-A-Blocks (RAB1=original set of 4 & RAB2=new add-on companion set of 2 larger sizes: These are normally $21.80 each, which includes Priority shipping, on sale for $19.80, which ALSO includes Priority shipping.

ZUTTER (Bind It ALL...):
. SOLD OUT!! Pink Bind-It-All (BIA), version2: Normally $56.50, on sale for $51.50.
. O-Wires:
- 1 1/4" size contains 6~O-Wires: Normally $9.50, on sale for $8.00. (Black & Silver)
- 1" size contains 6~O-Wires: Normally $5.50, on sale for $4.75. (Black, White, Antique Brass)
- 3/4"size contains 6~O-Wires: Normally $4.50, on sale for $4.00. (Black, White, Antique Brass)

Idea-ology Line: (I only have a couple of these items left!)
. SOLD OUT! Swivel Clasps: (12 clasps-TH92677): Normally $2.99, on sale for $1.50
. SOLD OUT! Metal Foliage: (12 flowers, 6 leaves & fasteners-TH927880) Normally $5.75, on sale for $5.25.
. Game Spinners:(24 spinners/8 each of Brass, copper & Nickel) Normally: $3.99, on sale for $3.25.

And don't forget that I'm also taking your pre-orders for all the brand new "Reveals" that were rolled out over the past couple of weeks. See my last post for all the information as to how to send me your pre-orders and all my pricing for the brand new items by CLICKING HERE!! I'll be placing my order very early on Tuesday morning, July 28th, so please, email me your lists of what you want, so no one gets shut-out this time. Pay VERY special attention to all the Holiday items. If you think you want ANY of those Holiday items, we need to get them ordered for you--ASAP. I'm terrified that they're going to sell out very fast, and a little "birdie" at Spellbinders indicated to me that IF/WHEN it happens that they do sell out of any (or all!!) of their Holiday items, because those are considered "SEASONAL", there's a VERY good chance that Spellbinders will NOT go back & ask that thousands more be re-manufactured. Because by the time they would do that and then the time it would take to actually have them re-manufactured and because the plant where they have them made is overseas (I think in China??), there then has to be more time allotted for them to ship back to USA, where after they finally arrive in USA, they'll then have to sit in Customs for usually a couple weeks, so once they finally clear Customs, they'll be shipped to Spellbinders, who will then have to inventory them. And once all that is done & everything is accounted for, then Spellbinder's has to start sorting out & packing the orders & then of course they have to get all those orders shipped out to the retailers, like me. So by the time this whole thing transpired, the Holiday Season would likely be over or very close to it. So there IS a very good & very logical reason that Spellbinder's might not re-order any Holiday dies that sell out. Since there's even any kind of chance about this, I want to be sure that I order enough of all the Holiday products right away. And I need your help to do so. I need you to email me with your pre-orders ASAP!!! See my last post for all the information as to how to send me your pre-orders and all my pricing for the brand new items by CLICKING HERE!!

So, come on now--help me clear out this inventory please!!! Everyone who places an order & pays their invoice from me during this week: 7/25 thru 8/2 will be entered into a contest for a full set of the new Cuttlebug Folders.

This also applies to pre-orders--everyone who has already placed their pre-orders for the new CHA Spellbinder's products--they will also be entered to win a set of the new Cuttlebug folders. Plus, I'll have a couple other 2nd & 3rd place prizes to give-away as well!!!

Jul 25, 2009

Spellbinders-Pre-Orders / PRICING/ New Products for CHA -- Tell Me What to Order For You!!!

Are you ready?? Here we go again. I'm still taking your pre-orders in readiness for placing my order with Spellbinders for all the newest products they just rolled out/revealed for their debut at CHA. The soonest we can place orders is 9AM Eastern time on Tuesday, Jul 28th, which is when the CHA Convention Floor opens. Since I opted not to go to Orlando, I'll be here, ready to transmit my order electronically. I am still taking your pre-orders over this weekend, but please, send them to me ASAP. After the last big product release (of the Pendants & the Borderabilities), it was absolutely crazy & the demand for those dies was so high that Spellbinders actually had to order thousands & thousands more to be manufactured, just to try to meet the demand. I was lucky, because I had placed multiple orders (initial & re-orders) right away, so except for a handful that were missing, for the most part, I received the dies that I ordered. But many others were NOT so lucky, once Spellbinders sold out of them!! In my opinion, this time around, it's going to be even MORE crazy & frenzied, simply because of CHA. But this time, I think it's more difficult to try to figure out which of the new dies will run out the door & quickly sell out. But it's especially important with the new Holiday dies to order correctly, because they ARE SEASONAL. So, once a particular Holiday die sells out, there's a good chance that Spellbinders will NOT get any more. In other words, if there are ANY of the newest dies that you think you're going to want, ESPECIALLY any of the new Holiday dies, please, please email me ASAP: glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com --and be sure to put "ORDERS FOR NEW SPELLBINDERS DIES" in the email subject line, to help me sort those out as Priority #1!! Without any further ado, here are my initial "Roll-out/CHA Special" Prices for all the newest products: (FYI--all the images of the new products are on the Spellbinder's Blog: www.spellbinderspaperarts.com/blog )

New NESTABILITIES: $16.50 each
All New LABELS: $16.50 each - this includes:
Labels Five (S4-229)
Labels Six (S4-230)
Labels Seven (S4-231)
Labels Eight (S4-019)
Labels Nine (S4-233)
Blossom Two (S4-232): $16.50
Pumpkins (S4-227): $16.50
Nested Poinsettias (S4-219): $15.00
Nested Pine Trees (S4-220): $15.00
Nested Maple Leafs (S4-228): $15.00
SHAPEABILITIES: $15.00 each:
Create A Flake-1 (S4-222): $15.00
Create A Flake-2 (S4-223): $15.00
Holiday Cheer (S4-225): $15.00
Ribbon Tag Trio-2 (S4-234): $15.00
Fancy Tags (S4-235): $15.00
FRAMEABILITIES: $16.50 each:
Snowflake Frame (S5-017): $16.50
Poinsettia Frame (S5-018): $16.50
Regular/Petite Size (A2): $15.00 each
Grand / 12" Size: $16.50 each
Poinsettia and Stars Border (S4-221): $15.00
Snowflake Border (S4-224): $15.00
Harvest Border (S4-226): $15.00
Grand 12" Holiday Lights Border (S7-015): $16.50
Grand 12" Poinsettia Border (S7-016): $16.50
Grand 12" On the Vine Border (S7-017): $16.50
Grand Cut Mat Kit--for the WIZARD machine (W-026): $16.50

Circles (I2-1005): $4.99
Floral and Stone (I2-1006): $4.99
Diamond and Stars (I2-1007): $4.99
Tulips (I2-1008): $4.99
Flourish (I2-1009): $4.99
Pebbles (I2-1010): $4.99
Tan Embossing Mats-Enlarged set of 2 (W-023): $6.50
12x12" Tan Polymer Embossing Pad (W-005): $13.50
Grand Cut Mat Kit--for the WIZARD machine (W-026): $16.50
Spellbinders Die Templates Carry Case-Rasberry (W-027): $35.00
Page Inserts for the Spellbinders Die Template Carry Case: $4.50

OK, there you have it--there are the new Spellbinders products for CHA release. PLEASE, PLEASE email your pre-orders to me now--you don't have to pay anything right now, but I really do need to get a true picture of WHICH of these new products I should be ordering, and in what quantities (because I don't have unlimited funds, nor storage!!) Of course, all my regular prices for my Spellbinder's, Crafter's Companion, Ranger, Zutter, etc, products still apply (see sidebar of my Blog). And be sure to check out the "BUY NOW" Buttons on the top, right side of my site for several specials!! Now, type out your "Wish List" of new products & email it to me ASAP!! Thanks for your business and your loyalty!!

Jul 13, 2009

More NEW Spellbinders Dies--Here We go Again!! WooHoo!!!

OK, here we go again. Seems I just finished with the initial pre-orders for the first 16 new Spellbinders (aka SPB) dies (the Pendants & Borderabilities) and now I'm starting pre-orders for all the NEWEST SPB dies, being released in yet ANOTHER Blog Frenzy rollout!!! WHEW!! See the SPB Blog for all the details & to follow the "Reveals" of the new dies: http://spellbinderspaperarts.com/blog/

Please email your orders to me ASAP, as I want to be sure I get enough products ordered & stocked, so as to keep up with your orders.

Email your orders to: glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com -- ***PLEASE, PLEASE include in the Email Subject line: “Order for new SPELLBINDERS Dies” ***--that will help me sort out your orders as Priority #1!!! Thanks.

It is MORE IMPORTANT than EVER to pre-order these dies, to avoid being shut out, if Spellbinders sells out this new group too, as they've just done with the initial rollout of the 16 new dies (Pendants & Borderabilities)!!!

I've already re-ordered the first new 16 SPB dies--TWICE!! Thank goodness I ordered early so I luckily received most of my orders, because Spellbinders is actually already SOLD OUT of those dies (the new Pendants & Borderabilities)!!!! They've ordered thousands more to be manufactured & shipped to them from overseas. They're saying they hope to see them hit the USA around the end of July/beginning of August, but then of course, they'll have to still clear Customs..., so they don't expect to have them in their hands until maybe mid to late August--realistically. In the meantime, there are NO orders being filled for those initial 16 new dies--because they have NO product left!!

I am already REALLY low on some--in fact, I have only 1 or 2 dies left in a few of the 16 new Pendants & Borderabilities designs, so IF you've been wanting to order, my advice is: DON'T WAIT!!! Email me right away!!!

And again, DON'T WAIT to PRE-order the 2nd new group rollout--(the newest dies being revealed right now over on the Spellbinders Blog). If the 1st group was ANY indication as to how this 2nd group is going to do, I'd say they're going to BLOW OUT the doors & sell out as well--even faster, because of the thousands of orders that will be placed during CHA. If you love the Spellbinder's dies & you want ANY of the new ones, please place your pre-orders--NOW!!

Also, please don't forget that I have the newest set of Rock-A-Blocks here (RAB2); the "Companion Set", which consist of the LARGER size blocks. These are READY for immediate shipping. Just see the "BUY NOW" Buttons on my Blog, over at the top, on the far right side. (I also have the original Rock-A-Block set-the RAB1 & of course, the amazing Ultimate Crafter's Companion-the UCC. And if want them all, don't miss the Crafter's Companion "Bundle"--all of these have their own "Buy Now Buttons"!!!)

I have been having sooooo much fun with these new large Rock-A-Blocks. I am simply "over the moon" about this newest addition to the RAB family. I can't say enough what an AMAZING product they are

Besides the RABs, I've been crafting like crazy, using the RABs, all the new SPB dies & a whole lot of fabulous Tim Holtz & Teresa Collins stamps (by Stampers Anonymous--which I ALSO carry!!), a lot of Zutter stuff, like my new pink Bind-It-All (BIA) & some really cool Teresa Collins products, that she actually designs to work WITH the BIA & the DK (DreamKuts)--which I also carry!! Now add to that all the great new Cricut cartridges & I swear to you, I don't know what to play with next!!! I'm in "craft heaven overload", LOL!!! What a terrible dilemma to have, right??

OK, that's it for right now. I wanted to make sure that all my fabulous Blog Followers get their new Spellbinders dies, so I wanted to alert you to get your orders & pre-orders sent in to me ASAP!!! I'm off to play!!!! (Oh, I mean, "work"--it IS my work, right???!!!)

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