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Pink ATG Gun- Pre Order: $21.50 with 2 free rolls of tape!! Now here's something we can do to help with the Breast Cancer cause!

Well, isn't this timely?  Just after hearing the news about our fellow crafter , Monique being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I got a notification that there is now a new ATG tape gun being offered by 3M that is PINK and the best part is that 3M will donate a portion of the proceeds of the sale of THIS item to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  When I read that, I knew I had to place a pre -order for these so I could allow myself and my customers to help out with this cause.  Ever since we've all heard about Monique, the most common thing I've read is how each of us wished there was something we could do to help.  Well, I have to say, I believe there are no coincidences in life --which makes the timing of the email I received about this product introduction simply amazing. For those of you who are not familiar with what an ATG is, it is simply a double sided adhesive applicator. Here's a description from f rom 3M: The Scotch® ATG Applicators quickly a

Fun with i-rock and i-top Tools!!

OK, these are my latest tool "obsessions" (and you all know, I have many, LOL !!) i-rock Tool: I've now received a few re-orders of this product & I am still really enjoying it. I am now waiting for even more items to arrive, especially for the actual i-rock tool itself, which at this time, the manufacturer is completely out of & had to have more manufactured!!  So for now, this item is a re-order item.  We expect (hope) the manufacturer to ship our back-orders for the i-rock Tool to us by mid August (or earlier!). We are still allowing you to order it so that you can reserve it & get your "place in line".  All orders will be shipped out based on the date they were paid (unless you had an early order with special invoicing from me). This is another really COOL tool by Imaginisce .  First off,  let me just say, I think it was brilliant to make it CORDLESS, because the older crystal setting tool I've owned for several years has a cord and it s

One of our own Cricut Family needs our prayers-please show your support for Monique G.

Hi All.  This is not a blog post I wanted to write, but I want to ask all of my followers to please show support for one of our well-know Cricut Family Members, Monique Griffith.  Unfortunately, Monique has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Many of you probably know her already from the Cricut Message Board,  or from her wonderful blog, Monique Griffith Designs  , from her work with Stampin' Up, or from some of the other blogs where she has been featured as a guest designer (such as EveryDay Cricut ).  Monique has helped so many Cricut users over the years--let's take a minute and please offer up a little prayer for her and then go sign her Guestbook over at Caring Bridge as she blogs about this very serious journey she is just beginning.  She is absolutely reading all the messages she's been receiving & the support seems to have really touched her. If you have ever been helped out by another crafter who was willing to give you their own precious time to a

New JustRite Stamps-Taking orders!! And wait until you see what they've done now!

Oh WOW!!! Here we go again--this is really exciting! JustRite Stampers is releasing a brand new line of stamps with unique nesting capabilities. There are new Nested Frames, Sentiments and Verse Sets that are all interchangeable. These new sets are shown using what I think is the most exciting new addition to their product line, which is the new CLEAR (yes, I said CLEAR !!! ) Horizontal Stampers!! With the new Clear Horizontal Stamper Set, we will now be able to do things with our JustRite Stamps we've just been dreaming about. Some of the advantages of the new, CLEAR Stampers are: PIN POINT ACCURACY - exact placement of your image or font. MULTIPLE IMAGE ALIGNMENT - precision alignment of font, borders and centers in a single impression. TWO-COLORED IMPRESSIONS - new see-through clear stampers allows you to stamp in two colors and align the centers and borders to look like a single impression!!!! EASE OF USE - clear interlocking grid system guarantees precision pla