Jun 21, 2010

Pink ATG Gun- Pre Order: $21.50 with 2 free rolls of tape!! Now here's something we can do to help with the Breast Cancer cause!

Well, isn't this timely?  Just after hearing the news about our fellow crafter, Monique being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I got a notification that there is now a new ATG tape gun being offered by 3M that is PINK and the best part is that 3M will donate a portion of the proceeds of the sale of THIS item to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  When I read that, I knew I had to place a pre-order for these so I could allow myself and my customers to help out with this cause.  Ever since we've all heard about Monique, the most common thing I've read is how each of us wished there was something we could do to help.  Well, I have to say, I believe there are no coincidences in life--which makes the timing of the email I received about this product introduction simply amazing.

For those of you who are not familiar with what an ATG is, it is simply a double sided adhesive applicator.

Here's a description from from 3M: The Scotch® ATG Applicators quickly and neatly apply Scotch® and 3M™ branded adhesive transfer tapes. A touch of the finger on the trigger of the unit releases the adhesive and liner for quick, controlled application of tape. No mess or clean-up. Saves time and effort. Applies adhesive transfer tape while simultaneously removing and rewinding the liner. The liner is captured on a secondary spool, leaving only the adhesive on the surface.

This is the same size as the ATG 714 model (the red one) and it will hold all .25" tape designed for ATG use, so if you already have any of the tape that fits the ATG 714, that tape will also fit this new Pink unit. WooHoo!!

But again, for me, the best part is that 3M will donate a portion of the proceeds from this unit to the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation!!!

NOTE:***International Customers, please skip to the last paragraph on how you can order, because the Shopping Cart Buttons are NOT set up for International Shipping at this time!!  Thanks.***

3M ADVANCED TAPE GLIDER - Pink: Suggested Retail: $26.99, my price: $21.50. 
Includes the Pink ATG gun and 2 rolls of .25" tape. (BTW, this is a GREAT price!!) ***3M will donate a portion of the proceeds from this Pink ATG to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation!!!

3M ADVANCED TAPE GLIDER-  REFILL 2/Rolls - #085RAF: Suggested Retail:$9.99, my Price:$7.99 .25"X36yd - Acid-Free refills for the Pink ATG

To place your orders for the Pink ATG (and refills!) with me, please use the PayPal "ADD TO CART" Buttons above (exception--INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS!!). If however, you also want to add additional products to ship at the same time as the Pink ATG, or, if you are an International customer (including Canada!!--because the Shopping Cart Buttons are NOT set up for ANY International Shipping yet!!!), please email me at mailto:address. Please include your zip code, along with your Cricut or Split Coast message board name (or from any other crafting message board, if you have one--just so I can recognize you!!), and please put the words "PINK "ATG": in the email subject line.  Also, if your PayPal account is attached to a different email address than the one you normally use to communicate with me, please include that as well, so that I send your PayPal invoice to the proper address.
You've asked how you can help with this cause, so let's grab this opportunity that has literally been dropped in our laps!

Jun 19, 2010

Fun with i-rock and i-top Tools!!

OK, these are my latest tool "obsessions" (and you all know, I have many, LOL!!)

i-rock Tool: I've now received a few re-orders of this product & I am still really enjoying it. I am now waiting for even more items to arrive, especially for the actual i-rock tool itself, which at this time, the manufacturer is completely out of & had to have more manufactured!!  So for now, this item is a re-order item.  We expect (hope) the manufacturer to ship our back-orders for the i-rock Tool to us by mid August (or earlier!). We are still allowing you to order it so that you can reserve it & get your "place in line".  All orders will be shipped out based on the date they were paid (unless you had an early order with special invoicing from me).

This is another really COOL tool by Imaginisce.  First off,  let me just say, I think it was brilliant to make it CORDLESS, because the older crystal setting tool I've owned for several years has a cord and it seemed to always be in the way--in fact, I've almost melted it before!! So I am THRILLED about this tool being cordless--thank you Imaginisce!!

What the i-rock Tool does is permanently affix rhinestones, jewels, pearls, or mirrors to paper, fabric, or even furniture to create a dazzling masterpiece! (Home decor', here I come!!!) And BTW, yes, I said PEARLS!!!!  They make their own Pearls to work with their tool and I can't WAIT to get busy with those, to help satisfy my ongoing pearl obsession!!!

My prices for the i-rock Tool and accessories are as follows:

  • i-rock Tool: Retail: $12.99, my price is $9.75

  • i-rock "Hot Rocks Compacts" - 800, (either Crystal, Multi-Colored or Jewel): Retail: $12.99, my price is $9.75
  • ***You MUST Select which COLOR of Crystals you want:

  • i-rock "Glam Rocks "- 300, (either Pearl (my fav!!), Metallic Pearl, Rhinestuds, Color Fusion or Mirror): Retail: $3.99, my price is $2.99
  • ***You MUST Select which COLOR of Glam Rocks you want:***

  • i-rock Stencil Kits-include stencil, bling and flowers (either Swirls, Frames or Flowers): Retail: $4.99, my price is $3.75
  • ***You MUST Select which STENCIL Kit you want:***

  • i-rock Jewel Setter Stix (helps w/exact placement of bling!): Retail: $3.99, my price is $2.99
To place an order for any of the i-rock products, please use the PayPal "ADD TO CART" Buttons above.  Please be advised, this product line has been a challenge (to say the least!!) to keep in stock, so I might have to re-order some of the manufacturer's items, which would cause a delay in shipping your package to you.

i-top Tool:  I honestly don't know what took me so long to get on the i-top bandwagon, but I am REALLY on it now!! This tool by Imaginisce is used to help you create your own custom accents by allowing you to make your own personalized BRADS, BUTTONS, BADGES and MAGNETS in three different sizes: SMALL-16mm, MEDIUM-22mm, and LARGE-28mm!! When I say "create", I really do mean create--you can put your own photos, papers (or whatever else your imagination can come up with!!) into the "toppers" and make your own embellishments!!! Over the past couple weeks, I've been making brads out of anything around me that isn't nailed down!!  One very important thing to note is that in order to create any of the LARGE (28mm) sized embellishments, you MUST also purchase the Large Die Carriage attachment (but it's really inexpensive!!)  Here's what the i-top tool looks like.  The Large Die Carriage attachment is shown directly below the tool.
I have several different "package" possibilities for the i-top and the accessories, depending on what you are most interested in (because besides all the different items you can "top" (brads, buttons, magnets and badges), they also have punches and templates to make everything as easy as possible!).  The best thing is to email me your wish list for this product line and I will put together a package for you based on your wishes.  Please remember if you want to make ANY of the LARGE sizes (28mm) of any of the "toppers", you must also purchase the Large Die Carriage attachment!

If you are interested in the i-top tool, please email me at glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com  and include the list of which i-top products you want, along with your zip code and I will get the information back to you.  Here's a link to the manufacturer's site, which will show you all the items (and their product codes!!) within this i-top product line that are available with the i-top Tool (please make sure you notice there is more than one page, so be to page all the way through!!):  http://www.imaginisce.com/Products.aspx?col=37

WARNING--WARNING--WARNING:  These tools are seriously ADDICTIVE!!!  Proceed at your own risk, LOL!!!

Jun 14, 2010

One of our own Cricut Family needs our prayers-please show your support for Monique G.

Hi All.  This is not a blog post I wanted to write, but I want to ask all of my followers to please show support for one of our well-know Cricut Family Members, Monique Griffith.  Unfortunately, Monique has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Many of you probably know her already from the Cricut Message Board,  or from her wonderful blog, Monique Griffith Designs , from her work with Stampin' Up, or from some of the other blogs where she has been featured as a guest designer (such as EveryDay Cricut ). 

Monique has helped so many Cricut users over the years--let's take a minute and please offer up a little prayer for her and then go sign her Guestbook over at Caring Bridge as she blogs about this very serious journey she is just beginning.  She is absolutely reading all the messages she's been receiving & the support seems to have really touched her.

If you have ever been helped out by another crafter who was willing to give you their own precious time to assist you, please take a few minutes of your time now to help one of our own & to let her know we are all with her.  To go to Monique's Guestbook: CLICK HERE.

Jun 1, 2010

New JustRite Stamps-Taking orders!! And wait until you see what they've done now!

Oh WOW!!! Here we go again--this is really exciting! JustRite Stampers is releasing a brand new line of stamps with unique nesting capabilities. There are new Nested Frames, Sentiments and Verse Sets that are all interchangeable. These new sets are shown using what I think is the most exciting new addition to their product line, which is the new CLEAR (yes, I said CLEAR!!!) Horizontal Stampers!! With the new Clear Horizontal Stamper Set, we will now be able to do things with our JustRite Stamps we've just been dreaming about.

Some of the advantages of the new, CLEAR Stampers are:
  • PIN POINT ACCURACY - exact placement of your image or font.
  • MULTIPLE IMAGE ALIGNMENT - precision alignment of font, borders and centers in a single impression.
  • TWO-COLORED IMPRESSIONS - new see-through clear stampers allows you to stamp in two colors and align the centers and borders to look like a single impression!!!!
  • EASE OF USE - clear interlocking grid system guarantees precision placement of custom font phrases.
I am currently taking orders for all the New Releases (June 2010).  Here they are:

JB-09200 - BAROQUE NESTED FRAMES - 3 Border and Center Set
MSRP/Retail Price: $14.95, Glenda's Price: $11.50
. 3 Large Frames
. 3 Small Frames
. 3 Small Phrases  


JB-09205 - VICTORIAN NESTED FRAMES - 3 Border and Center Set
MSRP/Retail Price: $14.95, Glenda's Price: $11.50
. 3 Large Frames
. 3 Small Frames
. 3 Small Phrases  


JB-09215 - CHERISH the MEMORIES - Nested Sentiments and Verses
MSRP/Retail Price: $14.95, Glenda's Price: $11.50
. 3 Large Phrases
. 4 Medium Phrases
. 3 Small Phrases
. Fits Clear Horizontal Stampers 


JB-09210 - ALL OCCASION - Nested Sentiments and Verses
MSRP/Retail Price: $14.95, Glenda's Price: $11.50
. 3 Large Phrases
. 4 Medium Phrases
. 3 Small Phrases
. Fits Clear Horizontal Stampers 


JB-09225 - BIRTHDAY CENTERS - Round, 1-5/8"
MSRP/Retail Price: $14.95, Glenda's Price: $11.50
. 9 Designed Centers
. Fits 1-5/8" or 2" Stampers.
. Use 6 or 15 point letters to create your own custom borders!! (Sold Separately)

MSRP/Retail Price: $23.95, Glenda's Price: $17.95
. See through grid for exact image placement.
. Smaller size is easier to use and perfect for Nested Frames.
. Sizes included: 1-3/8" x 2-1/2",  and 2-3/8" x 4”.

Here's some examples using the new Clear Horizontal Stamper with some of the Nested Frames and the All Occasion Nested Sentiments and Verses:

LT-36474 - JUSTRITE - 2010 IDEA BOOK
MSRP/Retail Price: $6.95, Glenda's Price: $5.25
. Features over 100 Projects, most complete with supply lists!!
. Includes all current products plus release(s) coming through August of 2010.
. Finally--the entire line in one catalog, grouped by category and easy to use.


To order, go ahead and use the "ADD TO CART" buttons above.  If however, you want to add other items not listed here, combine shipping with other items (other than these), or if you're an International customer, please email the list of products you want to: glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com . Please be sure to put the words "JUSTRITE JUNE RELEASES-2010" in the subject line of your email. PLEASE include your ZIP CODE in your email so I can correctly figure your shipping.

I can not WAIT to see what all my immensely talented customers are going to do with the possibilities these new sets and clear stampers open up for you!

FYI, if you want to see more about how the new Nesting Sets and the Clear Horizontal Stampers work, or if you are new to JustRite Stamps, here's a great illustration from the JustRite website of how their unique system works:  JustRite Stamps - The Basics  What I love most is the ability to create your own custom stamps with the many different combinations!!

P.S. In the meantime, remember that you may order any of the JustRite Stamps from me.  I have quite a lot of them in stock right now, so please don't hesitate to ask!

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