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It’s a Cricut Extravaganza here right now & I’m loving it!!!

Hi All!! Oh, I wish all of you could all see what is going on here.  I am on “vacation” again this week, finishing up a very special project.  In order to get everything done in time (because there was an “industrial accident” here last week that destroyed weeks worth of work I’d already done—can’t talk about that right now or I might seriously start weeping, LOL!!),  I literally have every Cricut machine that I own working away for me, all at the same time. I have my Expression 2 (which I am now soooo LOVING—thank you soooo much for this machine Provo Craft!!!!), next to my regular Expression, along with my original Cricut (aka Baby Bug) all three working in my craft room.  Then in the family room, I have my Cricut Imagine machine cutting away as well. I have my laptop permanently logged into the Cricut Craft Room design program and I am just moving the USB cord from one machine to the other in my craft room—when one machine finishes, I start up the other one (so as to not overwor

FYI-On Vacation for “Top Secret Special Assignment” all this week!!

Hi Everybody!!!  Hope everyone is starting to get in the holiday spirit!!!  Wow, the Christmas decorations are already up everywhere it seems!!!  Matches well with the chilly and wet southern CA weekend we’re having here!!! This is just an informational post to let all of you know that I am going to be taking VACATION time all this week , starting Sunday, November 6th, and I will be returning on Monday, November 14th.  I am going to be on a “special assignment/special project” that I can’t chat about yet (Top Secret—shhhhhh!!!), but I will tell you just as soon as I’m allowed to do so.  But I will say it’s VERY EXCITING and quite an honor!!!  I decided to take vacation time because in order to do the very best job possible on this special assignment, I really need to concentrate ONLY on this one project exclusively, up until the time that I hear the words, “It’s a wrap!!” . However, as always, if you happen to have a very serious crafting emergency (LOL!!!), and you absolutely must

Updates on cancer scares and more

I know I’m really late getting this information updated (based on all the emails and phone calls I’ve received from so many of you!!), and for that, I apologize.  Frankly, I have no excuse except that I have just been worn out thinking and talking about it and frankly, couldn’t bear to talk about it for a short time while just trying to absorb it all and what it might all mean.  It seemed to overshadow my life for the last couple months.  But I know I owe it to all my friends, customers and followers to get this information to you, so here we go.  I will try to make this as short as possible (LOL!!!). Regarding the Multiple Myeloma cancer: The news is the results are "inconclusive at this time". One of the main things they look for is an elevated protein in the urine, and mine is elevated, but not much--so this is good news. The not so good news is in reading all the bone scans, skeletal bone survey, etc., they found more black spots, this time on my femoral shaft (which is