Sep 9, 2010

More new CHA Items--and it's just the beginning!!

Please CLICK HERE and check out the link to this interactive catalog which shows many of the new products from CHA that I can get for you. (FYI-this link was updated on Sept 19th, so if you've saved a previous version, please save this newer version) . This is a great way to get your "Wish List" going!!

If you are interested in any of these items, please send an email to me at with the list of items and whose product line the items belong to (i.e. Tim Holtz, Spellbinders, etc,).  Please also be sure to put the words: "CHA Product Catalog Info" in your email subject line.

This catalog does NOT show everything from the last CHA, but it is a good start. (Remember, there is always a list on the right sidebar of this site showing the product lines I have access to as well!!)

I also wanted to make sure that all of you were aware that I am now able to get single versions of individual Copic markers for you (because before this, I was forced to order a minimum quantity of 3 of each color), plus I can also order most of the collections/sets of Copics for you.  Just let me know what you want, and I promise my prices will be amazing!

I am also placing yet another order for more of the newer JustRite stamps, so if there's anything you want from them, please let me know ASAP so I include your quantities in my order.

And of course, I am ordering more Spellbinders (again), so if you want any of those, please email me so I can make sure I order enough for everyone!

As always, for any other questions or for specific pricing, please email me at !!!

P.S. If you are still thinking about joining the Cricut Circle, please let me know and I will have an invitation and all the details of the program emailed to you so that you can make an informed decision.  Please CLICK HERE to see my full article about the deadlines and cutoff dates that are quickly approaching, also for the details of Cricut Cartridge give-away I've added (if enough people sign up under my sponsorship!), and why this program has been fabulous for me (and hopefully would be for you as well!!). This is urgent as far as timing goes, since the cutoff to sign up (after receiving an invitation/sponsorship) is 9/13, which is just a few days away, so don't delay if you want the information and/or want to take advantage of all the amazing discounts & offers that are ONLY offered to Circle Members, including the upcoming special for the Cricut Imagine for Circle Members.

P.P.S. I think all my regular customers will breathe a sigh of relief right along with me when I tell you that I am ALL CAUGHT up on ALL back-orders for the Pink ATG tape dispenser and the i-rock tool!!!!!  Wow, it was quite a journey, but thank goodness, now everyone that had been waiting should have their products in their hands (or on the way to them!).  Even better news is that lots of folks are still currently ordering the Pink ATG from me, so we are continuing to help put money into that fund from 3M to donate to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  And in the end, that was all I ever wanted when I started with Pink ATGs, so I am very happy about that!!  Thanks to everyone who has already bought one (or two or three of them--seems like a lot of gals are pooling their orders together to save on shipping--very smart!!!)--and thanks in advance to everyone else who will order one in the future (and yes, I DO still have them IN STOCK!!).  I hope going forward I can find more products like this so that all of us can help "give back" while also helping ourselves get the latest and greatest crafting tools!

Sep 2, 2010

Who Wants to join the Cricut Circle?? Who wants to receive the special for the launch of the Cricut Imagine?

If you've been teetering on the fence about whether or not to sign up for Provo Craft's Cricut Circle special program, this might be the information you're looking for to push you over the edge.

There is a special offer for Cricut Circle Members in conjunction with the HSN Release of the new Cricut Imagine. This special will give Cricut Circle Members access to another Imagine cartridge (in addition to the regular bundle that will be revealed on HSN).

To receive the additional Imagine cartridge you must do the following:

• You must have been signed up to be a member of the Cricut Circle by Sept. 13th. (Please email me at if you want to sign up--I would love to have you come in as my guest!!)
• Buy the Cricut Imagine on Sept 14th during the HSN launch.
• Send in proof of purchase with the UPC from the Cricut Imagine along with your Cricut Circle number and email address. (Specific details to come)
• If you meet all these criteria, you will receive a free Imagine cartridge (details of the Imagine cartridge to follow, once you are a Circle Member--I can't disclose the name of the cartridge yet) to start your Cricut Imagine library off right.

If any of my subscribers and followers want to join the Cricut Circle program, please email me at  and please put "CRICUT CIRCLE INVITATION" in the email subject line. I would love to be the person who refers you to join our Cricut Circle. FYI--Cricut Circle enrollment will be CLOSED after Sept. 13th, so this is the last chance to get in on not only this special, but all the others to come, including the special free cartridges only available to Cricut Circle Members and the special Rewards items that are only available to the Circle Members.

***And let me tell you that in IMHO, the special machines and Cricut cartridges (even very current and highly sought-after cartridges!!) that have been added to the Rewards site for Cricut Circle Members only is the most amazing perk of all---I just grabbed some FABULOUS cartridges in there this week, using some of my thousands and thousands of Rewards points that had just been sitting around, gathering dust!! And of course, they were free, because I redeemed them using some of those Rewards points--woohoo!!! This thrills me as much or even more than the 4 new Exclusive Cricut cartridges that we receive as part of our membership.
Here is more information about the Cricut Circle Program:

What Exactly is the Cricut Circle?

The CRICUT CIRCLE™ by Provo Craft is a select community of Cricut® enthusiasts. Cricut owners are the most creative, passionate, social, and fun-loving people on the planet. The Cricut Circle is our way to celebrate your enthusiasm (and ours!) for Cricut! The shape of the circle signifies inclusion, unity, kinship (think King Arthur and the round table). The goal of The Cricut Circle from Provo Craft is designed to bring this community of amazing people together to learn, share, and grow The Circle love!

What does life look like inside the Cricut Circle?

• Four exclusive cartridges a year, one each quarter, (starting with French Manor) ONLY available to The Cricut Circle members.

• Special buying privileges like rebates, monthly coupons, and opportunities to buy other exclusive products for your Cricut, from friends and partners of Provo Craft.

• Extra reward points and special discounts.

• A members-only bracelet with an exclusive Cricut Circle charm (get ready to be the envy of your friends).

• A special Cricut Circle Community will come together through an exclusive Cricut Circle forum on

• Inspiration and education from exclusive Cricut Circle webinars, swarms, meet-ups, and events.

• A fun Cricut Circle blog and a monthly project-inspired online magazine to fill your mind with ideas galore.

• Charter members will have access to information and opportunities to become a part of the decision making process of future Cricut products by participating on research panels.

Q: Will there be a separate rewards site for Cricut Circle members?

A:YES! There will be special items on the Cricut Rewards program ONLY available to Cricut Circle members. (As I mentioned up above, I just ordered some current & really fabulous cartridges using my Rewards points--and these particular cartridges were ONLY available on the Rewards site to Cricut Circle Members. This is the BEST use of the thousands and thousands of Rewards points I have had just sitting there!!!)

Q: What is the cost of the Cricut Circle Membership:
A; There are 2 types of memberships, if you email me and are interested in joining, an invitation will be sent to you from Provo Craft and will detail all information and costs.

Once again, to recap, enrollment for the Cricut Circle Membership program will be closed after Sept. 13th. If you have ANY interest in this program, including being able to receive the very special offer for the extra Imagine cartridge with your purchase of the Cricut Imagine during the HSN release of Sept. 14th, please email me and I will have an invitation sent to you via your email. There is no commitment needed to receive the invitation and to learn about all the benefits of the program--once you review all the information, then YOU make the decision to either join or not.

For me, so far, it has been a pure winning program all the way around. I received the first of my 4 free exclusive cartridges and the second one is getting ready to be released very soon. I've grabbed some amazing cartridges (that were ON my wish list!!) in the special Rewards section for the Cricut Circle members--and since I redeemed them with my Rewards points, I paid nothing for those either!!! And I was able to attend 2 amazing events at Summer CHA, both of which were first class and a whole lot of fun!!

So if you think any of these membership perks might help you, please email me at  and I'll make sure you get all the information necessary to make an informed decision. Thanks!

P.S. IF at least 10 people sign up to join the Circle with me as your sponsor, I will put the names of all of my new Circle Members (under my sponsorship) in a drawing for a Cricut cartridge--and that cartridge is the soooo darling 3 Birds on Parade cartridge.  OR--if the person who wins the drawing already owns this cartridge, I will substitute it for Sweet Treats, or a $50.00 gift certificate for anything I sell & have in stock on my site!!!  So, talk to your friends & make sure they contact me as well for the invitation!  Thanks!

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