Jul 25, 2009

Spellbinders-Pre-Orders / PRICING/ New Products for CHA -- Tell Me What to Order For You!!!

Are you ready?? Here we go again. I'm still taking your pre-orders in readiness for placing my order with Spellbinders for all the newest products they just rolled out/revealed for their debut at CHA. The soonest we can place orders is 9AM Eastern time on Tuesday, Jul 28th, which is when the CHA Convention Floor opens. Since I opted not to go to Orlando, I'll be here, ready to transmit my order electronically. I am still taking your pre-orders over this weekend, but please, send them to me ASAP. After the last big product release (of the Pendants & the Borderabilities), it was absolutely crazy & the demand for those dies was so high that Spellbinders actually had to order thousands & thousands more to be manufactured, just to try to meet the demand. I was lucky, because I had placed multiple orders (initial & re-orders) right away, so except for a handful that were missing, for the most part, I received the dies that I ordered. But many others were NOT so lucky, once Spellbinders sold out of them!! In my opinion, this time around, it's going to be even MORE crazy & frenzied, simply because of CHA. But this time, I think it's more difficult to try to figure out which of the new dies will run out the door & quickly sell out. But it's especially important with the new Holiday dies to order correctly, because they ARE SEASONAL. So, once a particular Holiday die sells out, there's a good chance that Spellbinders will NOT get any more. In other words, if there are ANY of the newest dies that you think you're going to want, ESPECIALLY any of the new Holiday dies, please, please email me ASAP: glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com --and be sure to put "ORDERS FOR NEW SPELLBINDERS DIES" in the email subject line, to help me sort those out as Priority #1!! Without any further ado, here are my initial "Roll-out/CHA Special" Prices for all the newest products: (FYI--all the images of the new products are on the Spellbinder's Blog: www.spellbinderspaperarts.com/blog )

New NESTABILITIES: $16.50 each
All New LABELS: $16.50 each - this includes:
Labels Five (S4-229)
Labels Six (S4-230)
Labels Seven (S4-231)
Labels Eight (S4-019)
Labels Nine (S4-233)
Blossom Two (S4-232): $16.50
Pumpkins (S4-227): $16.50
Nested Poinsettias (S4-219): $15.00
Nested Pine Trees (S4-220): $15.00
Nested Maple Leafs (S4-228): $15.00
SHAPEABILITIES: $15.00 each:
Create A Flake-1 (S4-222): $15.00
Create A Flake-2 (S4-223): $15.00
Holiday Cheer (S4-225): $15.00
Ribbon Tag Trio-2 (S4-234): $15.00
Fancy Tags (S4-235): $15.00
FRAMEABILITIES: $16.50 each:
Snowflake Frame (S5-017): $16.50
Poinsettia Frame (S5-018): $16.50
Regular/Petite Size (A2): $15.00 each
Grand / 12" Size: $16.50 each
Poinsettia and Stars Border (S4-221): $15.00
Snowflake Border (S4-224): $15.00
Harvest Border (S4-226): $15.00
Grand 12" Holiday Lights Border (S7-015): $16.50
Grand 12" Poinsettia Border (S7-016): $16.50
Grand 12" On the Vine Border (S7-017): $16.50
Grand Cut Mat Kit--for the WIZARD machine (W-026): $16.50

Circles (I2-1005): $4.99
Floral and Stone (I2-1006): $4.99
Diamond and Stars (I2-1007): $4.99
Tulips (I2-1008): $4.99
Flourish (I2-1009): $4.99
Pebbles (I2-1010): $4.99
Tan Embossing Mats-Enlarged set of 2 (W-023): $6.50
12x12" Tan Polymer Embossing Pad (W-005): $13.50
Grand Cut Mat Kit--for the WIZARD machine (W-026): $16.50
Spellbinders Die Templates Carry Case-Rasberry (W-027): $35.00
Page Inserts for the Spellbinders Die Template Carry Case: $4.50

OK, there you have it--there are the new Spellbinders products for CHA release. PLEASE, PLEASE email your pre-orders to me now--you don't have to pay anything right now, but I really do need to get a true picture of WHICH of these new products I should be ordering, and in what quantities (because I don't have unlimited funds, nor storage!!) Of course, all my regular prices for my Spellbinder's, Crafter's Companion, Ranger, Zutter, etc, products still apply (see sidebar of my Blog). And be sure to check out the "BUY NOW" Buttons on the top, right side of my site for several specials!! Now, type out your "Wish List" of new products & email it to me ASAP!! Thanks for your business and your loyalty!!


  1. Glenda, I know this is an old post, but can you tell me if you have anymore of the Page Inserts for the Spellbinders Die Template Carry Case: $4.50 for sale?

  2. Hi Jeri, I;m so sorry but I don't have any of those in stock. They are not currently orderable on the Retailer's ordering pages of the Spellbinders website, nor are they listed anywhere on my current order sheets from Spellbinders. But I went ahead & left a message for Spellbinder's customer service to check & see if they happen to just have any of the page inserts still lingering somewhere in their warehouse, and if so, what would be the procedure to get them ordered.

    I will let you know what they say after they return my call. I wish I had your email address so I could make sure you receive this information!!!

  3. Hi Jeri, I just spoke with my Spellbinder's customer service rep & she informed me that although they no longer have the actual carrying case in stock, they do still have some of the page inserts for that case in stock (but there are not a whole lot of them, so if I were you, I would not wait too long to order them!!).
    She said you can find them by going to their main site at www.spellbinderspaperarts.com, then select ONLINE STORE from the top navigational bar, then on the far left, there's a list & at the bottom of that list is a category of ACCESSORIES and BOOKS. Select that & then click STORAGE & MORE, then click PAGE INSERTS, & you can order them from right there. Here's the direct link,(but I wanted to also share in detail how to get there, just in case they move any of those links around on the website): http://spellbinderspaperarts.com/products/p-335-page-inserts-for-die-carry-case.aspx

    So, go ahead & place your order right there on the Spellbinders website while they still have some of those page inserts in stock!!

    I soooooo hope this helped you!!!! GLENDA

    1. OOPS, I forgot to give you the product code for the Page Inserts. It's W-030!! HTH!!!!!!


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