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YuDu Demo--CHA Winter 2009- (demo done by Richard at Provo Craft) & other Provo Craft news

I'm back!!! Sorry I've been remiss & haven't been posting, but it's been quite a busy few weeks. This week, I've been at the CHA Winter 2009 Convention (Craft & Hobby Association) checking out the new products being introduced for all of us crafters.

Of course, the moment the show opened, I ran straight for the Provo Craft booth to see what else might be new & exciting in the Cricut product line, but there was still only the sampling of images (just a few pictures) for each of the new cartridges. Believe it or not, they STILL don't have anything for us to see that would show us all the images on each of the new cartridges. Personally, that was surprising to me, as it seems to me that it would be difficult to get retailers to place pre-orders for cartridges when they don't even know what those cartridges consist of in full!! The sampling of the seven new Cricut cartridges have been all over the internet on many blogs over the past week or so & I assume that means that most of the "serious" Cricut customers have seen those examples, so it would be redundant for me to post them again.

For those of you who asked if there were any new Cuttlebug folders, the answer is sadly, no, there are not!! I don't know about all of you, but that really disappoints me! Waaaaa!! I just LOVE the Cuttlebug embossing folders, especially the large A2 size and I want more, more, more of them--I'm just saying...

So, besides showing the "Your Story" book binding & laminating machine, the "hot" new item Provo Craft is pushing at this show is the YuDu, which is basically a silk screening machine targeted to the consumer market. My feeling (so far) on this machine is that it's:

1) A bit large for the average home user, so you would need to find a spot to store it. (The footprint on this machine is really, really big!)
2) It's a bit messy and "steppy" process.  I think there will be a learning curve, but once you figure it out, I think you will be able to do a lot of interesting things with it.  I hope Provo Craft will put up a forum on the messageboard JUST for the YuDu so we can all learn together.
3) The retail price is $299.00, which is a lot of money, but compared to getting a couple of silk screening jobs done for you (such as for a soccer team, etc), that $299.00 figure isn't that bad.

Here's a demo that I asked to be done for the Cricut users out there, so please, form your own opinions after you watch it & please let me know what you think about the machine by posting a comment! When I was filming this, I was really trying to figure out how the YuDu tied into our Cricut machines & how we'd use our Cricuts in conjunction with the YuDu.  I now know that we can cut out images and letters from black cardstock and use those to "burn" a screen for printing, so it will absolutely be something that we will use our Cricuts with!


  1. Glenda thanks for the video - You just saved me $299.00 !!! I think I will just stick to my computer and T-Shirt transfer paper !!! This may be wonderful if you have or want to start a screen printing business but I don't see it for the "home" user!!!

  2. Thank you for the video. I think I'll get my screen printing done at a business in town. Enjoy the rest of the convention!


  3. Thanks for taking the time to do the video Glenda, I have to agree, I don't think I would be using it that much.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to make the video and sharing it with us. For that price...I really don't think that I will be buying that just to transfer an image. TFS

  5. thanks for the video you did great I am not interested in this but for some it might be good

  6. That does not interest me... Looks like it can get a little messy... and boy!.. were you drilling him on the questions as if we all already had one and no one knew how to use it... He looked frustrated at the questions..

  7. Glenda, you are a great interviewer! Thanks for bringing this to us. Provo should save their money...this might make it to LSS stores, but I don't see the home user having this. I recall doing silk screening when I was an art student, and could make one at home, using my cricut cuts and vinyl without a $300 machine!!! It's exactly like etching, only with a frame, silk and a squeegie. Bring us more Cuttlebug folders! There, I've said my piece! Thanks for sharing a great video...and congrats on your new blog!!

  8. Thanks for the video. I agree with everyone else- I have no interest in tis machine. I think Provo Crafts wants to throw the name cricut in so seems like another accessory. I will not be buying this. But like some else said I would like more cuttlebug folders. Thanks again.


  9. Thanks Glenda for showing.. I am so glad U did.. I know I am not going to be wanting this The guy did not even LOOK like he wanted to do it..HAHAHHAHA
    I sure wish I could go to one of these I KNow I Love the CKS when it comes to Charlotte NC..

  10. Glenda great video. This might not have been the best person to try to sell this machine. He didn't really come over as being confident with the product. My husband will probably want one, because we have a son who is in a band and we can always use something like this to make their t-shirts.

    Thanks for the video

  11. Great Video and interview!! Love your blog too! By the way, YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!! Hop on over to my blog and see what it's all about.
    Hugs, PamInColorado (Pam)

  12. Wow, way too messy for my craftroom. Sometimes I think they forget who their target audience is...not adding this product to my collection, for sure! Sorry PC, not a must have....

  13. Hi Glenda!! **Waves** so nice to see you pop on my blog. Very disappointed in no cuttlebug folders... what are they thinking?? Sadly in the credit crunch and in order for us all to get food a few months ago I sold my cricut, but in all honesty it had been sitting in my shed for almost a year untouched. I really lost my way with provo when it was all disney and they ignored our pleas for David Walker's Cats.


  14. Glenda!!!
    Thanks so much for showing us this new YuDu machine.... I definitely will mark this ProvoCraft product as a YUDON'T!!!
    *Too bad they spent their research time and efforts on this thing that is pretty useless to a home-user, and didn't produce more for us to use on the Cricut or Cuttlebug.
    Maybe next year! Hopefully we will see some good stuff for the CB.

  15. Well, I don't think Richard was doing very well with showing the machine. He had very little enthusiasm and did not explain well at all. This is not something I would want at all. I think ProvoCraft made a mistake at the meeting where they gave this one the go ahead.

  16. Thanks Glenda,Hope your feeling better. No not something I'll be purchasing.

  17. There is more to crafting than scrapbooking. I think textile arts and mixed media artists would enjoy this product. I have generally found that scrapbookers have problems thinking outside the box.

  18. Glenda!!! You ROCK!!!!! You are a no-nonsense, hard hitting reporter!!!! Why don't you work for 20/20????

    I agree.....MESSY!!!! EXPENSIVE!!!! Maybe, maybe, maybe for someone who is starting a business, but how much are the "refill" stuff??? I bet the screens and emulsion sheets are a lot of money. The ink is cheap (and you could use any silk screen ink). I think if you are starting a silk screen business, there are better commercial units for the same price. uuggggg!!!!

    Provo Craft dumps another stinky product on us!!! LOL

  19. you are right, it is HUGE... no room for this in my craft space. thank you for bringing this to us by the way, very helpful. i could see a local craft store buying this and charging per use; i would be interested in using it that way once in a while (family party etc). Did you see new cuttlebug dies/embossing folders at the show? now those i would look forward to in addition to the new cricut cartridges.


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