Jan 12, 2009

I'mmmmm Learning!!!

OK, I just want all of you to know that I've been reading & reading like a manic for the past couple days, trying to understand how to "tweak" my blog to make it pleasantly readable for you, but at the same time, have a cute enough appearance for me. Tonight I finally jumped in & actually downloaded a couple different templates & subsequently tweaked the text colors, etc. The third time seemed to be the charm & it was the one I settled on (well, for now anyway, LOL!!!) from TheCutestBlogOnTheBlock folks. My main concern is that the area where the posts show up not have too much of a distracting design element on it. Sooooo, please tell me how this works for you--your opinions mean everything to me here.

The next project to help get my blog up & running is to get my files/documents, all my photos & my humongous collection of digi scrapping elements all copied over to my new laptop, so I can work on things either at home, or if I'm at our business. Also I'm going from a Windows XP environment on my desktop PC to to a Vista environment on this new laptop, which is another learning experience for me in 2009!!! (If I'm not careful, I'm afraid my brain is really going to explode!!!!) Truthfully I had been delaying getting a new laptop only because I was dreading having to go w/Vista (and now I know why I was dreading it!!!)---I was sooooo comfortable in XP, I could do anything I ever needed to do & now in Vista I'm having problems figuring out how to move around & go up & down in folder & file views... So, although I absolutely adore my new laptop (thanks to my DH, Moe!!!!) I really, really HATE this darn Vista!!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me during this process while I try to make this blog a good place for all of us!!!


  1. Hi Glenda! Welcome to the world of blogging!! Love the look and I don't think your background is too distracting at all! I'm right there with you as far as vista! My computer crashed two days after Chritmas, so I am now trying to learn to maneuver around in Vista. It's very different, isn't it! congrats on your new laptop, and can't wait to see some of your wonderful crafty projects once you get posting!

  2. Good Luck with your blog Brenda, it is looking really cute, I think the background is really nice. I get lost checking out the blogs of all the people I follow and clicking on links, I can spend a whole night on here!!!!

  3. U will do SUPER I bet cha!! I hated my Vista at first too.. I am getting now where I like it.. :O) So dont give up on it yet..When they fixed it to work with Vista 64 U could heard me holler to the MOON! LOLOLOL

  4. Hello Glenda... glad to see you blogging! I don't have Vista, I have XP. DH has it and complaints a lot. Can't wait to see your crations posted... HUGS... SK :)

  5. Hi Glenda, your blog is looking great. I am with you on distracting bits (it's partially an excuse as I am not hot on the computer, but even so, I love 'clean' easy to read blogs, and you are doing a great job with this.

  6. You've been tagged. :o) See my blog for instructions.http://catmillerscreations.blogspot.com/

    I'm just starting blogging, too, so I know what you mean. Your blog is looking great!

  7. I think your choices are pleasing to the eye...very nice!



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