Feb 17, 2009

And I'm STILL taking orders!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!

Well, another day, another update on the products that I've been offering here on my blog under this post. The orders are still coming in (thank you very much!!!), so if you're still interested, I have placed "re-orders" with the manufacturer for both products. All orders, including the originals, are being filled & processed in the chronological order that they were received in my email at www.glendascreativeplace.blogspot.com, (and then of course upon receipt of your payment from PayPal).

**** NEW INFO***: I've now included the BUY NOW Buttons in the post below, so this is NOW the correct way to order these products from me--please, going forward, do NOT send your orders to my email!****
Even after placing my re-orders, there is still a limited amount of product available, so be sure to let me know ASAP if you want to order & reserve either the Ultimate Crafter's Companion or the amazing Rock-A-Blocks. (See my earlier post & videos for detailed descriptions & information about each!!!)

I've had some questions about what the difference is between the Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC) & the Ultimate Crafter's Companion PRO (UCC PRO), which is sold in the UK. I double checked with the manufacturer & they told me the main difference is just in the name--they added the word "PRO" to the end of the name when the product was re-launched in the UK. And of course the other obvious difference would be that the USA version of the UCC has the measurements geared towards what we use here in the USA (example: US Letter size...), & the UCC PRO has the measurements geared towards those that are used in the UK. Otherwise, everything else in both units are the same, per the manufacturer.

I can't tell you how much I'm loving these Rock-A-Blocks & why I can't believe that some1 hasn't come up w/something to solve this problem B-4 this!!! It's GENIUS!!! I can't wait until they come out w/the REALLY large block, the one that should be able to hold the really huge background stamps, like the ones that Fancy Pants comes out with (you can hear me ask her about it & her response in the the video)!!! I never seem to be able to get the pressure even on those big stamps & that's what these RABs do, is help you get even pressure, as well as prevent ink gunk from ending up all over your paper. The RABs are going to help people who have trouble getting clear and consistent stamped images. They'll be very helpful for stampers who have trouble stamping larger images. Some stampers also find that holding flat acrylic blocks firmly enough to stamp a regular image can be difficult - particularly stampers with weak hands. The manufacturer, Crafter's Companion, recommends this product for people with dexterity problems. As you can see, I am STILL in love with this product, as well as the Ultimate Crafter's Companion. They're both just sooooo helpful!!! So if anyone still needs to order either of these, plz click the BUY NOW Buttons in the post below, which includes all the details, information & pricing by just clicking here to go to the main article about them on my BLOG.

Again, I want to thank all of you for your support & for your product orders. And if you still want to place any orders, please click the BUY NOW Buttons in the earlier post. I've been overwhelmed by your kindness!!! It means a LOT to me!!! Thank you again!!!

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  1. I have posted this on the approiate message boards but I wanted to btt. I just wanted to tell you about the wonderful and really fast service I received from Glenda. I ordered the Rock a Blocks and they came to my door within 3 days. That is really great. Glenda's communication is great and her prices are very competitive. Thanks Glenda.

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