Feb 20, 2009

BLOG CANDY Give away--BUT--You HAVE to vote to be entered!!!

OK, I've heard from a couple friends that they're not quite sure how to vote in order to be entered in my BLOG CANDY give away, so let me clarify---all you have to do is go into the previous post (from Feb 19th), scroll down thru that article about halfway or so (BELOW where the "BUY NOW" buttons are!), read the rest of the article, then go & VOTE by posting a comment under COMMENTS (located at the very bottom/underneath the article/thread/post)!!! That's it!!!

Or, if it's easier for you, you may also vote by posting a comment at the end of this thread!!! And remember, if there's something you want to see, or get help with that is NOT showing in my list, please--feel free to substitute the subject you want instead!!! Please don't forget to rank the TOP 3 in the order of importance to you!!!!

So, come on, get voting!!!!!


  1. Glenda, thanks so much for the video, and making it easy for me to order the Ultimate Crafter's companion. Can't wait to get it.


  2. Glenda thanks for your site. I did have trouble findong where too vote! I will look again.

  3. OK! I figured it all out! YEAH for "ME!" I want them all! Glenda your blog is the best I have seen. I want and want! :)


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