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I just LOVE these products!!! (See below for info on how to get your hands on them!!)

Wow!! Do you stamp, or do you want to? Do you want to be a faster card-maker, or bump up the appearance of your cards a notch or two?? Well, no matter if you're a seasoned stamper or card-maker, or someone who really wants to try it, but might be fearful because they're worried if anything goes wrong, it will mess up their project. Are you an experienced card-maker or maybe you want to learn how to start making cards, or just somewhere in between?? Well, I've found the answer to help you with both of these issues.

So, let's talk about stamping first. Over-inking (which means getting the ink on the surface of your block, NOT just on your stamp!!) is the main cause for messing up any stamping. Anyone who has ever stamped anything has had this unfortunate occurrence, where you end up w/ink blotches on your good paper--and it's HEART-BREAKING!!! FINALLY, someone has come up with a solution for this. The company is Crafter's Companion and the product is their Rock-A-Blocks. The secret is in the design of the actual blocks & they make stamping just sooooo easy & mess-free, it's amazing. I personally am a "heavy handed" stamper, so I have to be VERY careful that I never have any ink anywhere on my blocks, (except for where it belongs, which is on my stamps!). But now that I have the Rock-A-Blocks, this is no longer a concern for me. They come in a set of 4 blocks. The sizes listed on the packaging are: 6 x 4", 6 x 1 1/4", 4 x 3", 1 1/2 x 1".

I wanted to mention a couple other things about the Rock-A-Blocks. They're going to help people who have trouble getting clear and consistent stamped images. They'll be very helpful for stampers who have trouble stamping larger images. Some stampers also find that holding flat acrylic blocks firmly enough to stamp a regular image can be difficult - particularly stampers with weak hands. The manufacturer, Crafter's Companion, recommends this product for people with dexterity problems. (Oh, I just can't say enough good things about these products, I am so enamored with them.)

Next up, the same company has another amazing product called the Ultimate Crafter's Companion. It's a self-contained, all-in-one, compact carry-case, which allows you to score, measure, trim, embellish & create boxes, shaped card blanks, envelopes & so much more... The unit encompasses all these different surfaces for scoring, embossing, it helps you make complicated cards & other projects in minutes, when they'd normally take hours to create. Are you ready??
Here's some of the functions of this unit:
- Card maker
- Envelope maker/scorer
- Box maker/folder
- Envelobox creator
- Decorative lines & corners
- Pop out & K-card creator
- Bow maker
- Built-in paper trimmer
- Storage compartments
***--PLUS, it includes the 2 1/2 hour DVD, which walks you thru using each portion of the unit, plus it's packed with step by step projects. And when I say step by step, I really mean it, because in her project tutorials, the instructor walks you thru the entire creation of the project, every step of the way. I appreciate that, because I see far too many tutorials that perhaps "assume" that the end user has more knowledge than what they may in fact have. I really like that in this DVD, they show the completed projects from beginning to end, with nothing skipped in the process.

People who don't even know HOW to make a card, can be up & running, making cards in just minutes. And for those who already know how to make a card, it just allows you to accomplish things so much faster, because it basically takes the step of having to measure most things out of your hands, so put away your rulers!!!

This tool is surprisingly lighter than it appeared to be at first & is a nice compact size. I like that everything is all self-contained within it---in other words, everything has a place/a nest that it fits into within the unit. Which is great, so you don't end up losing or misplacing parts of it here & there. It's compact enough to slip under your desk & is made to be able to take with you to crops or other crafting events.

I liked both of these tools so much when I saw them at CHA, I decided to stock a small amount of both, to make it easier for my MB folks and followers of my blog to get their hands on them at a fair price (see below the video for pricing & ordering information).

I want to thank one of my Cricut Message Board friends, ScrappinKitty for helping me out with this video (you can hear her in the video itself!!).

Editing here to add the other video I have from the day B-4 of these same products. Two of my other Cricut Message Board friends are observed in this new video trying out the product!! And what I love the most is the unscripted accident that occurs which actually results in a perfect end, all because of how this product, the Rock-A-Blocks actually perform!! Take a look at it please. (And thanks to Nilda & TerriKrafts for allowing me to film them there!!!)

Here's the pricing:

- The Ultimate Crafter's Companion: Total price, includes USA shipping with tracking: $56.05

- Rock-A-Blocks (set of 4 blocks--see sizes listed above): Total price, includes USA shipping with tracking: $21.27

So, if you want to place an order, please click the BUY NOW Buttons above. If you need to email me for ANY OTHER reason, send to me at: my email at (If you can't get the clickable email to work, try, but the link should now be fixed!!)
It will be first come, first serve. Upon receipt of your PayPal payment & delivery of my next shipment from the manufacturer (which have already been shipped out to me!!), I'll mail out your cool new tools ASAP!!! Your PayPal payment reserves your product for you, because as many of you have already discovered, these keep selling out EVERYWHERE they're featured!!!

P.S. If any of you are wondering why I've put the "Property of.." info/disclaimer at the beginning of this video, it's because people have been hijacking my previous videos, putting them on their own blogs/websites/other message boards with NO MENTION that they're the work of someone else, they've given me NO credit as the author, nor have they even put a link to my blog, showing where the videos came from. I was a bit shocked & hurt to find all this out, after I'd done all this work to try to put together all this information for my fellow Message Board folks & my blog followers. I've taken a great deal of my personal time to seek out these interviews, film them, edit them, do a written summary of them, upload them to You Tube & my blog, etc. I guess it wouldn't bother me quite so much if they would at LEAST credit me as the author (plus put a link back to the original post), but I can't stand that some folks are making it look like they're the ones who found out all this info!!!

Anyway, sorry for my rant, but I guess this was a big lesson in Blogging 101 for me. But it still shocks me. What I'm trying to accomplish in this ever-evolving & growing blog is to make it a place where we'll all hopefully learn some things along the way. I want to help ALL of us become better crafters, including myself. I absolutely LOVE to teach and I love to share. I just can't stand to have people take my work & claim it as their own...


  1. I am so sorry that people have hijacked your videos, I am sure it takes a LOT of time to do them (and you do such an excellent job) I have seen your videos on other blogs, but I knew it was yours, because I had first seen it on your blog. How sad people do that. Do you REALLY think the crafters companion is worth that much??? I really want one, but wonder if it's really that good. (do you have any left?) Please e-mail me what you really think. I did finally used the beautiful MS punch you were so gracious to RAK me with, but it turned out REALLY ugly. I will let you know when I do another, I didn't wnat you to see the ugly one.

  2. I forgot to leave my e-mail:
    Thanks so much for taking the time to do the vidoes Glenda, you do an AWESOME job.

  3. It is a shame when dishonest people do such things, isn't it! But your annotations work well, andI suppose you can go back and add annotations to your others too.
    I edit my videos on my PC and always add my website details front and back of each. If you edit yours, just make a quick picture (or even make a card with your details and then photograph it) and insert it at the beginning and end of your video before uploading to YouTube.
    I'm not really a cardmaker, but that Ultimate thingy even looks good to me!

  4. Wowsers girl! That was very nice of that representative to take all that time to do a video interview with you. VERY COOL tools she had. :)

    Sorry some have hijacked your videos. If they were loaded at youtube couldn't you just go in and delete them or put an annotation in like I do with mine? I'm sure that's one f the reasons why they've made it available.

    Hugs Girl... thanks for all you do!

  5. I cannot believe that people do this after all the hard work and all the time you put into getting all this info for us all
    Just wanted to thank you the info you have given to us is just great I love the video and interviews so informative

  6. How rude of someone to steal your video and try to pass it off as theirs. I'm afraid it happens more often then we know. Thank you for showing me what I missed at CHA. It sure looked like you all had fun. I e-mailed you. Thanks again.

  7. Thanks for doing this for us. I really enjoyed it. I wouldn't know about things like this if I didn't have such sweet folks that take their time to help others. Thanks Beverly (GrandmaD)

  8. Love the videos, you've enabled me!

    BTW, if it'll make things easier, there's a way to set up a paypal checkout on your blog so you don't have to deal with people emailing you and then you having to manually email people invoices, it'll cut all that work out for you! If you're interested, I'll walk you through setting it up.

    ~ Amber (Wambrita) from the Cricut Message Boards

  9. Thank you Glenda for taking the time for all of us crafters. Great videos and Blog, your the best!

  10. Oh Glenda:

    Thanks for the videos. I am soooooo sorry there are people who steal your videos, that is terrible. You should post a comment on the blog that you did the work, If I see any, I am going to say you did the work. I am tired of people stealing things, that is why I don't have my Blog.any more.

    I have the enveloper and could not make cards with out it also have the scor- pal, just got it, however, next month I have a refund comming on something I got and didn't like so I will e mail you re the blocks.

    Later on, I just might get the new toy and sell the enveloper and scor pal, but at this moment I am going through tests at the doctor so not feeling up to scrapping for a while.

    Thank you again,so much for all your work, you are a doll.

  11. Oh no!! now I want one of those Crafter's Companions. I just can't right now.

  12. I have had my Crafter's Companion & Blocks for several days now & I am so glad I got them!! Glenda has been great to work with, fast service & always friendly & nice!
    I was a bit disappointed in the hinges on the CC it was constantly falling apart, so I took some nylon strapping tape & after making sure the 3 hinges were clicked together tightly as they should be I put a piece over the joining of all three hinges on both side & what a difference that has made!! I have made cards & boxes & envelopes so far, even the envelobox was easy to make & works great for my bulky cards.
    I hope you all like yours as much as I do mine. Neva

  13. Hello Glenda, I have just found your blog from the Crafters Companion site and was sorry to hear about your problems with hackers, not nice at all, I don't even know yet how to link back to my blog let alone anyone else’s lol.

    Anyway speaking as someone who has the Ultimate board but not the new Pro one, which is the newest one up from mine and the one Sara was demonstrating, I would definitely say go for it, and what you pay for it isn't really all that much compared to how much you would pay for individual items that could do the same job. It is well worth the convenience of it all being in the one 'tool' and is so very versatile and I wouldn't be without mine *grins*

    Sandy ~ go for it, you won't regret it and you will soon wonder how you did without it.

    Again with the Rock a Blocks I am very new to stamping and really didn't do it because I couldn't get the crisp images everyone else seemed to get, then I got the Rock A Blocks and still didn't use it for fear of messing it all up, but I had to use it one particular day, and was overjoyed at how well it came out and that was just the first image LOL, it still continues to be crisp images *grins* now all I need to learn is how to colour them in without spoiling the stamped image LOL, but that is another thing for me to overcome my fear of.

    Happy Crafting to you all
    Nona (UK)

  14. You gave me many nice ideas=) And I liked them alot .. I have bought my a ultimate pro and I really love it :D I use them for my cardmaking and other things :d I am not good on scrapbook if you look on my project can you gave me ideas here is my blog

    BTW if you like scrapbook i have a contest for all scrappers.. look under the June contest

    And Greetings from sweden

  15. hi i am melody from uk an a member of cc the pro is fantsic its reall nice to read all your comments over here an i am sure anyone thats thinking about buying the pro or the blocks will love them as much as we all do here in the uk


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