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More CHA Videos, plus more

Hi all!!! Hoping all of you had a lovely Valentine's Day weekend!!

I thought I'd come in here & add some more CHA videos I finally got uploaded. Plus, I went into my last post from Feb 13th to edit it in order to add one more video I'd done the day B-4 from the Crafter's Companion folks. In that video, a couple of my other Cricut Message Boards friends (Nilda & TerriKrafts) were introduced to these products & one of the greatest advertisements for the Rock-A-Block product occurred out of a simple stamper's mishap (oh yaaaaa, we've ALL had THAT happen!!)!! BUT, what should have ended in disaster ends instead in a perfectly stamped image. Go & see what I'm talking about in my last post!!! (Where you can also find all the details about how to order these products!!!)

So what I'm uploading today are:

1) A video tour of the amazing Basic Grey booth (which was requested by Okie, who is yet another Cricut Message Board member & friend)--I still can't believe some of these projects were crafted out of scrapbook paper!!! Some of them will just BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!

2) Some brand new Cricut storage that's being released mid-March (or so). I honestly ran into this booth at CHA by complete accident. I was wandering past & I saw some Cricut cartridges inside these storage containers, so I went in to investigate. I was in shock & I asked the gentleman in the booth, what are you doing with these Cricut cartridges??? He proceeded to explain it all to me & I was SOOOOO excited. I'd heard a lot about this company, named ScrapOnizer, from CHA last year (2008)--there was a LOT of buzz then about their new organizing products (in fact, they won 2 awards at that show!!), & since then , I'd seen ads for their products in different trade publications & crafting magazines. But this was the first time I'd really seen their products in person. And I certainly had NO IDEA they were going to launch some more organizing components that would house the Cricut cartridges, handbooks & overlays. And what's great is that these components fit into the existing storage units the company already has out there, so anyone who might already own this organizing system, these Cricut components will just fit right in with what they already have!! I was like a kid in a candy store. Then ScrappinKitty (from the Cricut Message Board) caught up up with me when I was in their booth & I tell you what, I wish with all my heart that I'd had my video camera turned on when she walked in & saw that Cricut storage sitting there because her reaction was absolutely PRICELESS!!! She was so excited (just like I'd been when I first walked in!!!). In fact I was so busy talking about the future of the product with the gentleman in the booth, I almost completely forgot to even do a video of it!! But then I regained my sanity (momentarily of course!!!), so here's the video of the new Cricut storage:

And once again, if you're interested in any of the Crafter's Companion products, I have them for sale, so here's the information again:

Here's the pricing:

- The Ultimate Crafter's Companion: Total price, includes USA shipping with tracking: $56.05

- Rock-A-Blocks (set of 4 blocks--see sizes listed above): Total price includes USA shipping with tracking: $21.27

So, if you want to place an order, please click the BUY NOW Buttons above. If you need to send me an email for any other reason, sendto me at: my email at (If you can't get the clickable email to work, try, but the link should now be fixed!!) It will be first come, first serve. Upon receipt of your PayPal payment, and the re-orders being delivered to me (and they've ALREADY been shipped!!), I'll mail out your cool new tools ASAP!!!

For more detailed information about these products, please see my last post.


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