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SPECIAL Limited Time Sale Price Adjustment for Crafter's Companion products

Well, I've gotten several emails alerting me to a special sale, so in order to try to price match as closely as possible for the Event sale today on one of the major networks for the UCC (Ultimate Crafter's Companion) I'm offering the UCC at a limited time price of $52.50 TOTAL--which includes Priority shipping w/tracking (within the USA). Also, for this limited event, I've dropped the price (again!!)on the Rock-A-Blocks(RAB) to $20.99 TOTAL--which includes Priority shipping w/tracking (within the USA).

To take advantage of this, please click on the "BUY NOW" Button--Now MOVED to the very TOP RIGHT column of my blog--please, only use those because they're the ONLY ones with the special event sale pricing.

Thank you VERY much for your business!!


  1. hello glenda..

    can you ship internationally? say the Philippines? :)

  2. Sheene, If you want to send me an email here ( with your complete shipping info, I'll be glad to check with the post office as well as UPS to see what they'd charge--also, let me which product (or if it's both!!)--either the UCC (Ultimate Crafter's Companion), or the RAB (Rock-A-Blocks), as there's a lot of difference in the size and weight of the two. Thanks so much. Glenda

  3. Wow---received my Rock A Blocks today--very fast shipment Thank you for the extra goodies anxious to try them


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