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I want to update the status of the products I have in stock. I've been jam-packed with order requests for both the Rock-A-Blocks(RAB) plus the Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC). The orders are coming from here on my BLOG, plus from the Cricut MB, as well as folks who have just found me thru my videos on You Tube. (Please see the article here below to see the videos as well as all the pricing & ordering information!!)

So, obviously my original quantities of both products are long gone, however, I've re-ordered both, so, if anyone else is interested, PLEASE click the BUY NOW Buttons below in this post. Upon receipt of your PayPal payment, your pruduct will be reserved for you (as many of you have already found out, these products keep selling out everywhere they've been featured!!) If you need to send me an email for any other reason, please send to to: my email at . (But you do NOT need to send me an email to place an order-the BUY NOW Buttons are now doing that for us both now in the earlier post!!)

As far as the pricing I have for them, my prices are actually right in line with what HSN had them offered for B-4 they sold out, & believe me, with the discounts they get for the quantities of the products that they order at HSN, plus the massive discounts I'm sure they get on their shipping (compared to a little person like me!!!), I already discounted BOTH of these a LOT to keep them in line with their posted prices----I'm definitely not listing them for what their MSRP is. I just want to make sure all you know that I'm very serious about this & therefore I made sure my prices were totally fair compared to what else is out there.

(BTW, the shipping charges I listed were for within the USA only, if you're in Canada, you will need to email me, so I can check out the shipping prices to Canada--please include your FULL shipping address!!!)

I really appreciate your support in this, my first online sales venture. I'm dipping my toe in the water to test it out & hopefully it will be supported by the folks I'm started doing all this for. It seems the next natural progression. Many of you know that we've owned a store here (for about eleven years now!!!) which is a family business, & I've also been researching ways to bring parts of that online as well, so based on how this part (the crafting part!!) of it goes, I'd love to be able to do them both at about the same time. I just have to make sure it's going to be cost effective to do so.

So, I just want to make sure everyone knows how much I appreciate the orders you've placed (and are STILL placing!!). Thanks again & hoping for more success for all of us going forward. I've heard sooooo many kind things from so many of you out there who've appreciated what I've tried to do here (so far!!!). I'm really hoping that I haven't even scratched the surface yet & that this blog will evolve into something that helps us all become much better crafters. I also hope it will help us become not just BETTER, but also, more efficient & therefore more proficient crafters!!!!!

So thanks again so much for all your support & don't forget to click the BUY NOW Buttons in the post below.


  1. Howdy! Super video! Thanks for sharing this great info. Is the Ultimate Crafters Companion featured at CHA 2009 the same as the Ultimate Crafters Companion PRO that is on the UK Crafters Companion Web site? Or the Ultimate Crafters Companion that is on the USA site? This is so confusing!
    Thanks Agian!


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