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Blog Candy Give-Away is coming--I SWEAR!!!! And now there will be TWO WINNERS, instead of just one!!

Hi All!!
First, right off the bat, let me profusely apologize for being late with my Blog Candy Give-Away (which from now on, will be abbreviated to: BCGA) & I want to say that it is TOTALLY my own fault!!! It's due to the fact that I really thought I remembered much more about Excel spreadsheets (especially the part that involves formulas!!! EEEKKKK!!!) than it turned out that I actually did!!! After not having to use Excel for about eleven years, I guess I hadn't quite retained the knowledge I thought I would have. Let me explain: As you were all voting for my BCGA & many were signing up to be Followers in order to get the multiple votes (thank you soooo much!!!), I was trying to keep up by entering every one's info into an Excel spreadsheet. The reason I was using a spreadsheet is because I wanted Excel to do all the math for me (especially after it turned out there were so many more entries than I'd ever dared to hope for, which is a complete JOY to me!!!). I wanted Excel to automatically know if a person's entry showed they were a Blog Follower of mine, it would count their 1 vote as 5 votes, & then I wanted it to take it one step further & if the person went in & voted more than once (separate entries/votes) I wanted Excel to tally how many times they voted, so their total votes would be counted as follows in this example: Suzy Cricuteer is a Follower of my blog & each time she went in & voted, she put the word "FOLLOWER" somewhere in her COMMENT entry, so right there we know each of her separate votes will be counted as 5 votes, then because she went in & voted 3 separate times, Excel now calculates each of her "Follower" 5 votes & multiplies those by the 3 separate times she voted (5 votes x 3 entries=15), which equals 15 votes total for her. Plus, the way I wanted to do it originally was to have Excel automatically populate the total # of rows with her info, based on her total # of votes, so if she had 15 votes, it would automatically fill in the 14 rows below her with her info, for a total of 15 rows. (Are your eyes rolling back in your head yet???!!! YIKES, that's a LOT of math, LOL!!!) Then I was going to print out the spreadsheets & cut apart each little individual row (so she'd have a total of 15 little pieces of paper with her name & info on it go into the hat for the drawing). Well, NO ONE could figure out how to do exactly that (and believe me, I had some amazing Excel Goddesses trying to help me--including the fabulously kind & generous AmkScrap aka Amanda--thank you, thank you, thank you!!!). Then one of our newer MB Baby Bugs, Stacy aka Stackyscraps showed her amazing Excel prowess & her incredible generosity & rode to my rescue (as I was almost ready to give up & start all over again, which would have meant I'd have to manually re-enter all the ones I'd already done, which would NOT have been too good for my aching carpal tunnel!!!). Anyway, Stacy, the Excel genius that she is, had me email a sample of the spreadsheet to her, she then worked her magic mojo & actually figured out how to make the formulas work--but--not only did she make the formulas work, she actually figured out a way to do it where it totals up the total # of votes for each person & shows which row#s they own (ex: Suzy Critcuteer has a total of 15 votes, so she now owns rows 6 thru 20) without having to populate all those extra rows (or the spreadsheet would have been about 40 pages long, LOL!!!!). Well, then believe it or not, she took it even further & made a formula that (when I'm completely finished inputting the rest of the entries) knows the total # of rows that are "owned" for the entire spreadsheet & all the entries & all I have to do is hit a button & it randomly picks a number (let's say when it's all said & done, there's a total of 350 entries, it randomly picks a number between 1 and 350. And every time I push that button, it picks a different random number--so what that means to me is that I don't have to cut up all those entries with my paper trimmer (thank the Lord!!!), because Excel will randomly pick a number & then I just look at the spreadsheet to see who "owns" that row # (let's say the number it picks is 19, then I check & see that Suzy Cricuteer owns rows 6 thru 20, which includes the number 19, so she is the WINNER!!!) ISN'T TECHNOLOGY A GREAT THING???? I guess I'd never gotten deep enough into Excel when I used to use it to even realize it actually COULD do such a thing as a Random drawing, but I tell you what, I LOVE IT!!!!

So, now that the spreadsheet finally has all the correct formulas in it, I am transferring the data over & then I have to finish up inputting the remainder of the entries, which is still going to take me another couple days, but because I made all of you wait, I've decided that I'm actually going to have 2--yes, TWO- Winners, so 2 people will win a Cricut Cartridge, not just one!!!! There will be:
a 1st Place Winner & a 2nd PlaceWinner, & both of them will get a Cricut cartridge!!!

Now, the other news I want to tell you is that I'm actually going to be "away" starting this next Monday, March 16th & I won't return to work (my internet/blog business) until March 25th. During that time while I'm gone, I (so far) have no way to get my orders filled (if they're placed during that time frame), so if you're thinking about ordering either the Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC) or the Rock-A-Blocks (RAB), please try to place your orders ASAP. I will continue to pack up & get things ready for shipment up to 10PM Pacific Time on Sunday, March 15th & will make sure all those orders placed within that weekend, will ship on Monday, March 16th. And as a reminder, I want you to be sure to use the "BUY NOW" Buttons that are here in the Feb 27th thread ONLY--because those are the ONLY "Buy Now" buttons that have my special sale prices loaded into them. The ones that are further down within older threads do NOT have that special pricing!!! Which brings me to my next request, which is if you want to get those special sale prices from me, I want to let you know that I will not be running this sale indefinitely, so please, if you're still thinking about ordering either the UCC or the RABs, do it soon!!! Obviously I want all of you to take advantage of this special pricing!!!

So here's a short recap/the latest scoop on what's going on with me & my business:
  1. My Blog Candy Give-Away is in its last stages of inputting the rest of the entries, so there will be a drawing this weekend & because I made all of you wait longer (because of my Excel incompetence!!), there will now be 2 WINNERS instead of just 1, & both winners will win a Cricut Cartridge!!! YAHOO!!!
  2. When the spreadsheet is totally finished, I will not only have 2 Winners, but I'll also know which Product Tutorials you voted for the most, so I'll know which video tutorials I will be making, & in what order I will be making them!!!
  3. I'll be away from my business starting Monday March 16th and won't return to work until Wed. March 25th, so if you want to place an order with me for either the Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC) or the Rock-A-Blocks (RABs), please do it ASAP so I can get your order(s) shipped to you before I leave. And be SURE to use the "BUY NOW" buttons within the Feb 27th thread ONLY, because those are the only ones that have the sale prices loaded into them.
  4. If you've been wanting to order either the UCC or the RABs from me, but have been procrastinating for whatever reason, I want to let you know that I will NOT be holding these sale prices on these products indefinitely, so come on now, hurry up & order so you can get the best price, the best service & the best follow up possible!!!

Once again I want to thank everyone for the enormous amount of support & kindness you've shown me personally, as well as for my business. I wish I could put into words exactly what it means to me, but there just don't seem to be words that are sufficient to express my feelings about all of you!!!! Just know you all continue to touch my heart & I will be forever grateful. Thank you!!!


  1. WOW Glenda I am SO HAPPY you found someone to help you out!! YAY! Good thing that you dont have to re input or cut paper up!

  2. Glenda, I never received the replacement CD or the hinges... I hope excel chooses me...

  3. I feel your Xcel pain!!! In my old job (9 years ago) I used to use Scel daily and could whip up some amazing spread some days I am lucky if I can get one to do simple formulas. I guess its true what they say ...if you don't use it you lose it!! Glad you found someone to help you!!

  4. Glenda,
    I received my rab and cc yesterday! I've just come to watch the video to change hinges and saw this post. I'm glad you have found someone to help you and make things easier for you...have a nice vacation!

  5. wow...all that excel stuff made me tired LOLOL...sorry it is such a pain! I am sure I didnt enter enf times...but it only takes one random number just pick mine! ty for all you do...enjoy the week too Cher

  6. oh Excel please I use to work with it at my job but the old saying goes use it or lose it LOL

  7. I am just now seeing your blog, I know your contest is over but would like to see videos of using the bind it all--close up with verbal instructions. Also the atg. I know every one loves them but I just can't get the hang of it, I always end up with the glue stretched out or a lump of it where I end.
    I had a hard time trying to find a place to put a comment. I don't see an obvious place at the top of the blog where you can click on comments. I don't even know if this is the right place to post this. Sorry I'm so dense,

  8. Holy moly girlfriend. That was quite the ordeal. So glad you found an Excel guru to help you with the spreadsheet. It's been years since I dealt with Excel too... that part of my brain has been re-purposed LOL :)

  9. I'm a new FOLLOWER and I would like to see a turtorial for the BIA. I am not sure if I need it or not and I'm sure if I saw what it can do I would have to buy it! Hee Hee Thanks for doing this, Glenda!

    TBug from cricut mb (couldn't get it to use my goodle name??)

  10. Ok, my top three votes....BIA, Basic Grey notch and die tool, and fastenator. I have the fastenator and must be using it wrong. It leaves holes bigger than the bars, very ugly. Would love to see what it should look like! Thanks for a new FOLLOWER!! TBug

  11. Ok, I would also like to see ATG booger-free, coloring with cpic markers and new techniques with alcohol inks and mixatives. Thanks, Glenda! FOLLOWER TBug


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