Apr 28, 2009

Almost Time for Blog FOLLOWER Give-Away!! Plus,Hurry to Order UCC & RAB to Beat Price Increase!

Ohhhh, I'm so excited!!! It's getting close to the end of the month, which means that all my Blog Followers (who were signed up as my Blog Followers in the month of April or before) will be automatically entered in my monthly Blog Follower contest Give-Away!!! I just LOVE give-aways, don't you?? For those of you who might not be familiar, starting in April, I'm holding a monthly give-away among just my Blog Followers. They don't have to do a darn thing except be signed up as a Follower, in which case, they are automatically entered each & every month. Pretty cool, huh?? And you just never ever know what the prizes might be--one month could be a really big give-away, another month might be a bit more low key, but, just know that there will ALWAYS be a give-away!!! And in this economy, every little bit helps, right??? Sooooo, if you're NOT signed up as a Blog Follower of mine, hurry up & do so!!!! To sign up, scroll down the right side of my blog until you see all those gorgeous, smiling faces & that's the "FOLLOWER" section. Click in there & follow the prompts!! (PLEASE, once again I'm asking you, do NOT sign up as "ANONYMOUS", because I won't know who you are if you win!!!)

I've had a LOT of questions over the last month about what kind of IDs are needed to sign up as anyone's blog follower, as well as what IDs to use to be able to post comments on anyone's blog & how the heck to get one of these IDs. So I've decided to put an end to the "mystery". Earlier today, I posted an article on how to do all these things, as well as how to find out just which (and how many!!) "internet IDs" you may already own!! Go to this POST for lots more information!!

And once again, I'm begging you, if you've been thinking that you want to get either a set of the Rock-A-Blocks (RAB), or an Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC), --run, --don't walk & press the "BUY NOW" Buttons at the top right side of my blog & grab them at these discounted prices. I have one more new order of products that were still ordered at the previous price, but my next order was done with the almost 15% price increase from the manufacturer that I told you about in a previous post here, which is sadly & certainly going to cause me to increase my prices (which I sooooo don't want to do, but am being forced to!!!). The prices I have up there right now are what I believe are the best prices out there and they are all-inclusive, meaning what-you-see-is-what-you-get!!! The shipping is ALREADY included in those prices, which is NOT the case on other seller's websites out there. (Plus, I use Priority Shipping, which is an amazingly fast 2 to 3 day shipping time!!!) There are NO additional fees tacked onto my transactions at the end!!! Plus, I always include really nice, extra "goodies" in all my buyer's packages, which is also not the "norm" out there with other sellers. Another thing you get from me, as my buyers will attest, is really good customer service. You can't get that from those 2nd tier sites that buy their products from other re-sellers--those folks don't even have any relationship with the manufacturer. Plus there are rumors running rampant that at least one of these big discount sites is going to or has already has filed for bankruptcy!!! I assure you, I am here & I am solvent, LOL!!!

I KNOW there are many of you who want one or both of these products & who have been just waiting, for whatever reason. Please, don't wait any longer!!! I would hate to see you have to pay more, when you could have gotten the products at these current discounted prices.

If you have any questions about any of this, don't hesitate to contact me here via a comment or thru my email at: glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com. But whatever you do, if you've been wanting either of these products, please do NOT wait any longer!!!


  1. Hey Glenda, I am looking forward to following your blog. I love the videos that you did at CHA


  2. Oh Glenda even without Blog Candy I would still visit as I so enjoy reading your posts :-) OK I don't always post a comment due to time issues but will try to do better :-)

  3. I just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of the two sets of RABs I ordered from you. I ordered a set one week, played with them a little and liked them so much that I had to get a set for my sister. The mailman tried to sabotage safe delivery of the 2nd set by cramming them into my mail box but your good wrapping ensured their safe delivery. Thanks for the extras, too.


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