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New Series of Videos Coming!!!

Hi all!!! Yeaaaahh--NEW videos are being uploaded--finally!!!

Ohhhh, wow, have I been a busy gal. So, I've gotten behind on my (self-imposed!) video schedules. But, I'm finally getting some of the videos I actually made more than a month ago edited and uploaded for you. Most of these are part of a new series of videos that I'm doing called: "Glenda's Hints & How-Tos" (aka GHHT). These will be videos of a much SHORTER duration than most of my more detailed tutorials. These videos are simply little snippets, little nuggets of information that I've learned and found out along the way that have helped me get my craft projects done more easily & quickly. My hope is that these new GHHT videos will contain some information that will also be helpful to you. If so, please let me know by posting your comments here & also by rating the videos within the site itself. For those of you that want to be sure to be notified of any new posts & information from me, be sure to sign up as a Blog FOLLOWER of mine here (scroll down on the right, until you see all those beautiful faces of my Followers!!). You may also subscribe to my videos on Channel ID is under Gkguccigirl1 (with NO spaces in between any of these letters or the number at the end!!).

Other news & reminders:

. Remember, those of you who are signed up as Blog FOLLOWERS of mine will be automatically entered every single month into my monthly Blog Candy Give-Away contest (this contest is ONLY for my Blog FOLLOWERS!!!). So be sure to sign up if you haven't done so already!!

. I'm in the process of placing orders for some of these products, and would LOVE your feedback as to which of these you'd be most interested in, and under the manufacturer, which specific products you'd most like to see added to this site:

1) ScrapOnizer (see their site for products, but if you want to order, please let me know, as I have MUCH better pricing!!! ). ** Pay SPECIAL attention to their new HOT HOT product, the "Cartridge Storage Solution", which was made to fit into the 8.5 x 11" Storage Set, or of course, can stand up on its own, or be stacked vertically or horizontally. And obviously, it was made specifically FOR YOUR CRICUT CARTRIDGES!!! Finally--an integrated & flexible storage system for our cartridges!!! It's about time!!!

2) Ranger Inc Products: Including many products from the Tim Holtz & the Idea-ology Lines, some inks (i.e. Distress, alcohol inks, etc.), as well as several other Ranger products.

3) Spellbinders products, including Nestabilities and other Spellbinder's dies, as well as special orders for the Wizard machine itself.

4) Zutter Products: Mainly focused on the Bind-It-All, some of the Teresa Collins line, special orders of O Wires and more.

- ****And of course, please don't forget that I still offer what I believe are the best prices around (because my prices are ALL inclusive--they ALREADY include your Priority shipping charges, which those other sites don't!!!) for the Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC), as well as the Rock-A-Blocks (RAB), which are BOTH tools I use daily and are tools that I absolutely ADORE!!!

Everyone knows I'm ALL about doing things the EASIEST & QUICKEST way possible and both of these tools have each helped change my crafting life sooooo much--they've helped me over & over again to get things done in minutes, when those same things used to take hours!!! You can order them on the very top right side of my Blog--just click on the "BUY NOW" Buttons!!! (And again, as a reminder, try to include in your "Instructions to the Seller" section, the fact that you ARE a message of a major crafting Message Board, such as the Cricut MB, SplitCoast Stampers, TwoPeasinabucket, etc. & include your MB name--I LOVE to send extra "goodies: out with the orders I get from from my Message Board friends!!!

OK, so keep tuned now for new additions to follow of my new video series: "Glenda's Hints & How-Tos" (GHHT)!


  1. Can't wait to see your videos! Thanks! Joy

  2. Glenda, I just found your blog today (5/9) and am enjoying reading all your archived posts. I see you were thinking about Spellbinders products - I LOVE the nestibilities dies from Spellbinders. I just ordered the UCC from you using your buy now button, can't wait to try it out. Happy Mother's Day! ~Sheila

  3. I was very happy to bring joy to you


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