Apr 17, 2009

Second Video in New Series-Glenda's Hints & How-Tos (GHHT)

Here we go with the next video in my new video series. This new series (GHHT) consists of short little hints from me; they're things that have helped me along the way grow as a crafter. No matter how small and sometimes maybe even insignificant they might seem on the surface, when you add them all together, they make up a whole lot of practical help.

This newest video is about sorting & keeping track of ALL your paper stacks. This applies to stacks of any size & from any manufacturer. In my case, I buy a LOT of stacks from Die Cuts With A View (DCWV). What I've learned is that because their colors can and do vary from season to season and year to year within their stacks, those colors may NOT work perfectly if you try to pair them from stacks from different seasons. Therefore I needed a way to be able to know which year each stack was from (not JUST the season!!). I also needed to be able to tell with just a very quick glance exactly WHAT type of papers were inside each stack.

See for yourselves below & then please-feel free to comment & let me know if any of these hints are something you think you might try out. Or comment if you have another idea along these lines--we're all here to learn & share. I absolutely LOVE hearing from my readers!!!


  1. I am with you on being addicted to paper... I just got the green stack and the glitter stack yesterday.. I so love the paper.. great tip Glenda... thanks so much for doing the videos

  2. So very smart, girl!

    I noticed the not matching colors but never thought to date them. If I can find my labeler I am going to make labels for my stacks...or then again maybe just write them like you! LOL


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