Apr 17, 2009

Studio G Stamps Give-Away & Another Video from Glenda's Hints & How-Tos (aka GHHT)

OK, here's another day and another short video in my new video series called Glenda's Hints & How-Tos (or for time's sake, let's abbreviate it to GHHT!!)!!!

And just for fun, since I just picked up a bunch of the new Studio G Stamps over at Joann's (Craft Stores), let's give some of them away!!!

Here's the info: Starting right now and lasting until I run out of them (which could take a while!!), anyone who orders products from my blog here will not only receive the regular & generous "goodies"/give-aways that I always include with your orders, but you'll also receive 3 different packages of Studio G stamps for each Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC) ordered, & 2 packages of Studio G stamps for ordering a set of Rock-A-Blocks (RAB). (To clarify, within EACH package of the Studio G Stamps, there are normally somewhere between three to five individual stamps inside.)

Now back to paper!!! Today's edition of GHHT is a hint which is a follow-up to yesterday's hint, so we're still talking about sorting paper. However, this time, we'll be focused on sorting by major holiday or event. Keep in mind that what I'm going to show you will work for ANY collections that you have amassed (or hoarded, LOL!!!)---any of the major holidays, or a subject such as travel, or love & romance, family, baby themes, sports, etc. The real purpose is to get those "collections" separated out from the general population of your paper. It makes it so much easier to put projects together quickly if all the products you have within your collection(s) are sorted out & stored together by themselves.

Once again, I encourage you to PLEASE--leave a comment to let me know if any of these GHHT are helpful to you. Also, please speak up & tell me if YOU have another way of doing it!!! I've said since the very beginning when I first started this blog, I wanted it to be a place where we could all share & learn from one another. So please, don't be shy!!! Let me hear from you!! Your opinion matters! Without further ado, here's the next video:


  1. I am loving you videos Glenda... I am sad that I already ordered the rock a block and the ultimate companion from you and can't get the studio G stamps... what a bummer. That makes me sad. Oh well, keep the videos coming, they are great.

  2. But Sandy, you DID get the much coveted & hard to find MS Valentine Lace Edge punch, right??? You were VERY lucky to get that, I had tons of folks PM'ing me asking me for it!!! Plus, you got "goodies" with your orders also!!! So far, I'd say you've done just fine for yourself, LOL!!!!

  3. I have a cupboard that has all my Christmas stuff in, but need to get some small tubs to keep the smaller stuff altogether in it.

    Nona :-)

  4. Nona--Wish I could find BOTH of us some more of that amazing huge size Snap Ware I showed in this video. It was all alone on an end cap, I even asked staff to help find more, but no one even knew how THAT one ended up there--said they'd never seen it B-4!!! Oh well, maybe next Christmas it will "magically" appear again!!! Here's wishing!!!

  5. thanks for the hint Glenda!
    My problem is that every year they come out with different "new" products for holidays that I don't want to use the "old" stuff! LOL

    One little hint is that at the end of my Christmas scrapbook page making for the year I put all of the leftovers in a zipper pouch I got from Storytellers sbing kits and let my grandchildren create with them.
    I don't feel bad when they use it because I know there will be something new in the future.

  6. Cathie--What a GREAT & GREEN hint!!! Good for the environment since none of it is going to waste & even better for the growing minds of your grandchildren. There's more & more research that shows that children who have lots of access to crafting use their imaginations more, which helps them to think more creatively & use "out of the box" thinking when they're older. Sounds like a win-win to me!!! Thanks so much for the hint!!!


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