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We Have OUR WINNERS--for my Blog Candy Give-Away Contest!!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but, let me tell you, I have been a very BUSY gal.

First, let me tell you that my Blog Candy Give-Away spreadsheet has finally been completed & after a LOT of research, a lot of generous help from sooooo many people out there & a LOT of sleepless nights, it is working exactly how I’d hoped it would for this first Blog Candy contest of mine.

All your entries & the information you gave me have been checked, double checked, triple checked & then checked again over & over to make sure everything was entered correctly. And BTW, it was checked not only by me, but also by my new friend & amazing Excel goddess, Stacy S., aka StackyScraps from the Cricut MB, who used to be an auditor, so you KNOW she checked it all very thoroughly, which is exactly what I wanted her to do!!! FYI, Stacy is also the person who deserves the credit for finally fixing up my spreadsheet, for figuring out the correct formulas & almost everything else necessary to make it work correctly, as well as make sure it was totally fair (which was HUGELY important to me!!!), so thank you Stacy, from the bottom of my heart!!!

The reason I decided to put all the entries into a spreadsheet & to have a formula programmed into that spreadsheet that would randomly pick the winners was simply because there was such a large number of votes involved (490), which was absolutely amazing & humbling, but which also presented some difficulties, because with that many votes, it wasn’t going to be as simple as I’d first had thought it would be to just throw some names in a hat & draw out the winners. Add to that the other caveats of my contest, such as the fact that if you were (or signed up to be) a FOLLOWER of my blog, then each single vote that you cast actually counted as 5 votes (instead of just 1!!!), plus you were allowed to vote as many times as you wanted to… Well, with all those different variables and ALL those numbers, as a gal who absolutely LOVES technology (as well as tools & gadgets of course!!!), but who really doesn’t enjoy math, I really wanted to have technology step in & help me manage it all, which is why I decided to use an Excel spreadsheet (from Microsoft Office).

Just to let you know a little bit about how the winners were picked, here’s a small explanation & example: On my spreadsheet there are several columns, but the main ones used in picking the winners were of course, their names, whether or not they were a FOLLOWER of my blog, how many separate times they went in & voted, which then calculated how many total votes they had & then assigned them the correct amount of numbers that they then owned out of the total number of eligible votes (which was 490). After ALL this data (plus more!!!) was input into the spreadsheet, what I did (and what you’ll see on both of the Blog Candy Give-Away Pat 1 & Part 2 videos) is: I typed a formula into Excel that told the spreadsheet to pick a random number between 1 and 490 (because 490 is the total number of votes entered in the contest) and when it generated that random number, I then went to the correct column to check & see who owned that number & the owner of that number is the winner. Fictitious example: Suzy Cricuteer is a blog FOLLOWER of mine & she voted 2 separate times. So, the spreadsheet took her 2 separate votes & multiplied them by 5 (because each of her separate entries now counts as 5 entries because she’s a FOLLOWER), so: 2 separate votes x 5= 10 total votes. Then the spreadsheet assigned her the numbers 101 thru 110. Next, I went to the Winning Numbers section (which was blank to start with!!), I entered the formula that told Excel to pick a random winner between 1 and 490, & it picked the number 107, which I saw belongs to Suzy Cricuteer, so she is the winner!!!! I hope that explains it well enough, but just so you know, on both of the videos (Part 1 & Part 2) you’ll see more detailed information about all this, plus you’ll see the winners being picked LIVE (well, as “live” as you can get when you’re videoing yourself, LOL!!!)!!! You’ll also see the wonderful prizes I have for the winners (there are TWO Cricut cartridges, as well as other goodies!!!).

And finally, I’m announcing my new contest, which will be ongoing, once a month for my blog FOLLOWERS!!! For more details on all of that please see the information a few paragraphs down from here, plus, there are also more details on both of the videos below!!!

But now, without further ado, I want to announce the 3 Winners of my Blog Candy Give-Away who were randomly selected out of all your entries!!!!! And again, just to reiterate, because I was sooooo completely committed to this contest being absolutely fair to all of you who took your time & effort to enter, (which I appreciated soooo very much!!!) I actually FILMED all three of the winners being selected in real time & those videos will appear below in this thread!!

· The 1st Place winner is: GCAT510 (Kats) (she owned the 1st Place winning #: 229)
· The 2nd Place Winner is: Jeannette (JAnthos) (she owned the 2nd Place winning #: 303)
· The 3rd Place Winner is: Mary Jean (she owned the 3rd Place winning #: 141)


All three of my winners need to contact me ASAP thru email ( & provide me with your full name, shipping information & your Google or Open Id you used to sign in to enter my contest (just for verification). My 1st Place winner, GCAT510 (Kats) also needs to tell me which Cricut Cartridge (out of the two cartridges I offered as prizes—see the videos below for details) is the one she’s picked for herself as her winning prize, which will also determine which of those two cartridges my 2nd Place winner will win!!

Congratulations to all the winners & thanks to all of you once again for taking your time & your effort to enter this contest, for being so very, very patient with me as I was trying to get the spreadsheet all figured out, while I went on vacation (to surprise my Dad on his 80th birthday!!)& while I recoverd from the food poisoning I acquired on my flight back home (ohhhh, it was brutal!!!). I also want to say a very special thanks to all those who have signed up to be FOLLOWERS of my blog!! That means a lot to me!!

And of course, my other BIG ANNOUNCEMENT today is that going forward, each & every month, starting in April, I will have a contest between all of my blog FOLLOWERS!! If you’re a FOLLOWER of my blog, or if you sign up to be one, you will be automatically entered—you don’t have to do a THING except be one of the FOLLOWERS of my blog!!! I’ll be checking for any new sign-ups ongoing & they’ll be added to the contest as they join!!! A random number will be picked to select a winner from among my blog FOLLOWERS (just like my Blog Candy Give-Away spreadsheet did!!!!) & of course, I will verify to make sure that the winner is STILL signed up as a FOLLOWER of my blog & if so, then she/he will win the prize(s) for that month!!!! And you just NEVER know what those prizes might be!!! (But I an known as a pretty generous gal!!)

One more reminder before I finish this thread, is: please don’t forget that I ‘m still selling the two Crafter’s Companion products, the Ultimate Crafter’s Companion (UCC), as well as the Rock-A-Blocks (RAB). I am still absolutely loving both these products & I’m constantly amazed at how they’ve changed my crafting life for the better, by making sooooo many things sooooo darn easy & quick, which is also saving me LOTS & LOTS of time, not to mention frustration!!! I just adore both of these products, which is why I started selling them!!! If you want to place any orders for these products, please check out my “BUY NOW” Buttons up on the top right side of my blog. I would love to have your business if you’re considering either (or both!!) of these products & my prices are VERY good!

I’m also placing my wholesale orders with ScrapOnizer for their new product, which is storage of our Cricut cartridges, along with their overlays & handbooks (or any combination of the above—one of the greatest things about the ScrapOnizer products is that they’re all VERY flexible & customizable!!). The great about this product is that integrates perfectly into all their other 8.5 x 11" storage solutions. ISN'T IT ABOUT TIME THAT SOMEONE CAME OUT WITH A REAL (Cricut) CARTRIDGE SOLUTION??!! I remember when I first saw these at CHA in January, I was so excited, I actually squealed with delight! Then, when ScrappinKitty came into the booth to find me & SHE saw them and she was also soooo happy!!! This was one of the most "missed photo opportunites" ever!!! I can't tell you how much I wish there would have been a camera filming us at the time, because honestly, we looked like 2 little girls jumping up & down in excitement!!! So, right now, I’m trying to figure out the very best shipping options for this new product (and any other ScrapOnizer products that I'll be carrying) & as soon as I get all of that nailed down, those will also be going up on my blog here with “BUY NOW” buttons—and rest assured,I WILL have very good prices on them as well (just like the rest of my products!!). Right now however, I'm struggling a bit to decide which parts of this product line to carry. I'm trying to decide if I'll also be carrying their entire 8.5 x 11" storage product line, as well as the Cricut cartridge solution. If any of you are interested in this product line, including the Cricut cartridge storage solution, PLEASE, let me know & please tell which parts of this 8.5 x 11" line you're interested in & the quantity you'd be looking at if you ordered. Either place a comment below this thread, or email me at

Now, here's a quick look at the ScrapOnizer Cartridge Storage Solution:

Once again I want to say a huge thanks to all of you who participated in my contest & a special thanks to those who signed up to be FOLLOWERS of my blog!!! If you’re not a FOLLOWER of my blog yet, be sure to go & sign up, so you’ll be automatically entered in my contests every month that I’ll be having for my FOLLOWERS only!!! (And they start this month, in April!!)

Below here are the videos (Part 1 & Part 2) about the contests, all the details & explanations, as well as they show the Winners being chosen, what their PRIZES are, etc. Enjoy!!!!

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:


  1. WOOHOO! COngrats to all the winners and I am saving up Glenda to get some RABs!!!

  2. Wow Glenda, what a lot of trouble you went to to set up your spreadsheet... and what great blog candy you gave away, congrats to the winners... I checked and I made sure that you had me on your blog as a follower, you better check your spreadsheet too, I don't want to miss out on your next drawing...So sorry to hear you got food poisoning... glad you are feeling better... Wow.. you have really been a busy lady... Thank you for the chance to win...

  3. Wow!! thank you Glenda! I'm so excited!

  4. OMG!! I can't belive I won first place!!
    I've never won anything before so this is my lucky day!!!
    Thank you so much Glenda for doing this!!
    You rock girl!!!

  5. Glenda! I got my prize in the mail this afternoon! Thank you so much! and your timing was perfect...Last nite I ruined a image 4...yes I said 4 times....before I gave up on a card I was trying to make! I know I'm hopeless...but you have saved me!!

    mary jean

  6. Glenda, how do I go about being a follower of your blog? I don't have a Google account or any of the other stuff so help me out here to be a follower of yours. antmudd/Marilyn Coleman


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