May 10, 2009

Making EnveloBoxes (3-D Envelopes) with Your Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC). Don't forget to use Glenda's "Rock & Roll" Technique!!

Hi all!! Wowee, this has really been a hectic week, so I'm a bit behind in my posting here--sorry! But the good news is that I have a TWO-PART Video Tutorial for you (which I finally managed to get edited--yeah!!!) that shows one of my personal, very favorite features & techniques using the UCC (Ultimate Crafter's Companion), which is the EnveloBox (3-D Envelopes). These are the great 3-D envelopes that actually allow you to have enough room within them to enclose your beautiful, multi-layered cards without having the dreaded "envelope squish factor"!! (EEEEKKKKK---noooo, anything but that!!!)

In other words, your beautiful cards will have plenty of wiggle room inside these amazing EnveloBoxes, so all that work you put into them, all those Cricut images or Cuttlebug die cuts or embossed pieces, Nestabilities, your Primas (or other flowers!!), ribbons, Skittles and all that other great stuff you love to put on your cards will still be intact AND still be dimensional when the recipient opens your loving work of art!!! And for you scrapbookers, don't think you can't use these marvelous EnveloBoxes as well!!! Oh contraire'!!! I use them on LOs (layouts) all the time. They are perfect because of their depth to store precious memorabilia (again--without the dreaded "squish factor"!!), or maybe some private journaling, or how about a bunch of cute tags sticking out of them...?? There's a whole lot of uses for these in all different forms of paper crafting!

So without further ado, here's both of the videos (Part 1 & 2) showing how to make your 3-D EnveloBoxes using your Ultimate Crafter's Companion (UCC). And remember, I still have some UCCs in stock with the original pricing, which was the pricing before the manufacturer increased their wholesale prices to me!! Boo hoo:-(
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As always, please, please post any questions or remarks, & especially, any links to projects you do with any of these techniques (I want to see, I want to see...!!!! ) here in the COMMENTS sections directly below this post (which will be below the videos!!!)!

UCC EnveloBox Tutorial-PART 1 of 2:

UCC EnveloBox Tutorial-PART 2 of 2:


  1. Thanks for sharing! You are really cute with your videos and messages. =)

  2. Thanks--I just love doing this & I hope that shines through!

  3. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my UCC so I can try this out. I received your email saying the printing label was created so I should have my package soon! I was wondering, if I post a comment after an archived blog entry do you see it? Or should comments only be posted after the most recent blog entry? This is all new to me! ~Sheila

  4. Sheila,
    You can post a comment anywhere you want. However, if you happen to post on a really old post though I may not be looking at those,so I might not see it,(but you can always email me & tell me to check the comments under such & such a post/article!!). But I do check comments especially in the last 3 to 4 posts I've done here. Enjoy!


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