May 17, 2009

HOLY SMOKES--Bad Earthquake--EEK!!!

Wow, just a little bit ago there was a bad earthquake here & a bunch of stuff fell off the shelves in my craft room!!! And even though I'm still shaking, what did I instinctively do?? I reached for the camera of course, just like last time. This time however, the batteries were dead on my video camera, so I grabbed my little still camera. So here's what one corner of my craft room looks like, after the earthquake. I have no idea how strong it was, but what I can tell you is that it wasn't just a strong one, but it was a loooonnnnggg one as well--I just kept wondering when it would stop, as stuff was falling all around me!!!

Just in case you're interested, the 2 videos from the last earthquake I caught on camera in July 2008 are at the end of this post (and of course I'm still wishing my video camera would have been charged tonight!!!)!! When I play these videos even now, I can still hear the terror in my voice--and tonight, I was even MORE terrified and my hands are STILL shaking!!! I grew up around tornadoes and in all honesty, everyone who knows me knows I'm terrified of them (with good reason!!), but at least with a tornado you NORMALLY get some sort of warning--not always, but usually. I think more than anything, I hate the suddenness of these earthquakes. Tonight I was just sitting here minding my own business, putting together all the new orders people have placed with me through my blog over the last couple days & all of a sudden---BAM--all hell broke loose. I sat here for a second, waiting for it to stop, but it didn't & the rumble & shaking just got worse & as soon as stuff starting falling off my craft room shelves, I ran like heck, yelled for my DH to get downstairs (who was already in bed, nursing a cold!!), grabbed my little dog, Gucci & ran outside. And I haven't stopped shaking yet.
So I guess I'd better go pull myself together & get back to work, so I can get the rest of your orders done!!! (And I promise, I will!!!)
***(For more information about the orders & the great prices & all the new great & fun stuff going on here on my blog, check out both the May 12th post here & the earlier post from today, May 17th!!) ***
Here's the videos from last summer!!


  1. I grew up in tornado country too (live there again now) and would take a tornado over an earthquake for same reason (at least the weather gives you some idea). I lived in the South San Fancisco bay for 4 years including through the 7.1 during the World Series. We didn't have damage much where we lived but some places had it bad.

  2. Glenda,
    Are you in California? I went through the 89 quake in SF. It was terrifying! We had several small ones before the big one - you never get used to it. I hope everythings is fine!



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