Feb 18, 2010

Even more good news about CHA Spellbinders deliveries!!

I got an early morning call from Spellbinders today with some REALLY good news!!  The only dies that were still missing from the original shipment of all the new CHA releases that I received earlier this week (on Monday, 2/15/10), were being packed & loaded for me today in their warehouse in preparation to be shipped, so I should have ALL the new CHA Spellbinders releases in my hands by early to mid next week!!!  WOOHOO!!!  The dies that I'm talking about that were missing are the Easter dies & the Big Scalloped Circles (LG & SM). They were missing because their delivery from overseas had been delayed.

So, if I already shipped you all your Spellbinders CHA new releases except for any of these missing dies, I will mail them out to you as soon as they arrive.  If you've placed an order within the last day or two that includes any of these dies, then I've already make arrangements with you about your entire shipment.

This is REALLY GOOD NEWS, because originally there was talk that none of these dies might not arrive until sometime in March!!!!

Next thing is getting all the new Tim Holtz stuff for those of you that have placed orders for those, and then the new Zutter Distrezz-It-All & then.... Sooooo many new products, soooooo much fun waiting to be had, LOL!!!

If any of you want any of these new, very cool products, please email me at glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com  with the product name & if you have it, the product ID, along with your zip code!!  Please put something in your email subject line like this:  "NEW PRODUCTS--Tim Holtz", or "NEW PRODUCTS--Zutter"...etc., "...Ranger...", just so I know right away which product line you're interested in.

I can't WAIT to find some time to play with all my new toys myself, LOL!!!

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