May 11, 2010

Tim Holtz Embossing Folders are HERE and Ready to order!

Hi all!  I'm editing this post from the original post, because all the Tim Holtz Embossing Folders are finally now in stock, after having their ship dates changed several times!

To place an order, please use the PayPal "ADD TO CART" Buttons that are located inbetween the Name of the Folder and the image of the Folder.  You may add as many folders as you like!  If however, you want to add some other products that do NOT have any PayPal buttons associated with them (yet), or if you're an International customer, please email me at . List all the items you want, along with your ZIP CODE (or for International, your country and city codes), and please put the words "ORDER for Tim Holtz Folders..."  (or whatever else you're ordering) in your email's subject line!!  And-- if your PayPal account is under a different email than what you use to contact me, be sure to include that as well.  I will then send you an invoice through PayPal.)

So, if you haven't seen these fabulous, much sought-after and long-awaited embossing folders yet, please take a look.  They're different than the embossing folders most of us are already used to, in that the designs actually have a "fade" to them, so the design is more pronounced in some places than others, which results in some amazing effects.  In other words, they are totally cool  in the typical Tim Holtz way!!  They will be a fabulous addition to your cards, scrapbook layouts, journals or even home decor' items.

Here they are, MSRP: $10.99, Glenda's Price: $8.79 per set (each set contains 2 folders!!):  ***For those of you who place an order for ALL 8 sets of embossing folders on the same transaction, I will give you FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA!!!*** (To give free shipping, I will need to refund what PayPal charged on the transaction to your PayPal after the transaction is completed!)

Bingo and Patchwork:


Bricked and Woodgrain:


Burlap and Swirls:


Checkerboard and Cracked:

Collage and Notebook:

Damask and Regal Flourishes:

Dot Matrix and Gridlock:

Rays and Retro Circles:

So, there they are!!  How cool are they????  WooHoo!!  Be sure to use the PayPal "ADD TO CART" Buttons to buy these, or if you need additional help, please email me at .   Thanks!


  1. If anyone is looking at this website thinking "some product pictures are missing...too much trouble", stop right there! Glenda provided the best internet shopping experience I have ever had. Talk about your very own "personal shopper" with the very best prices! I was new to some products and she made sure I had ordered everything I needed to use my stuff when it arrived. I just can't say enough good things. Thanks so much Glenda!


  2. Thanks so much to my long-lost sister (well, we have the same first name at least!!), the other Glenda in Canada! I really appreciate your comments & I hope you know how much I enjoy doing whatever needs to be done to help you & all the rest of my customers. But it is really nice to hear it once in a while! Hope all is well up there in Canada & that Spring has finally arrived for you!


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