May 21, 2010

New Cuttlebug folders? Who wants me to order these for them??

OK, OK, I finally am going to do it, after all your requests. I am going to order all the newest Cuttlebug folders (have already ordered some). (FYI--when I say the newer Cuttlebug folders, I mean any that were introduced at Winter CHA and all of them introduced since that time, including the newest Companion folders that match up to specific Cricut cartridges.) Now I just need to know how many of you want to order them from me. I also am very interested in what you think is a fair price for them, including all the different types of Cuttlebug folders. Those of you who are my regular customers, already know that I am always committed to having the fairest prices I can possibly manage on ALL my items!!!

So, here's your chance to let me know what you want (meaning which folders) and what you want to pay for them. How often do you get to have this type of influence on a Seller??  So, please leave me a comment here on this post and tell me absolutely everything you want and what you're willing to pay for those items. If you're shy about doing so in a public forum, you can also email me--please put this in the Subject line of your email: "Setting prices for the new Cuttlebug Folders" and email to . (BTW, if you post a comment and it shows up as ANONYMOUS, please keep in mind that I won't know who you are, so if you want me to follow up with you, please send me an email as well!!  Thanks!)

OK, so, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!  Scroll down to the Comments and let me hear you.  Thank you sooooo very much in advance for all your help and for your great advice to come!!!

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