Jun 14, 2010

One of our own Cricut Family needs our prayers-please show your support for Monique G.

Hi All.  This is not a blog post I wanted to write, but I want to ask all of my followers to please show support for one of our well-know Cricut Family Members, Monique Griffith.  Unfortunately, Monique has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Many of you probably know her already from the Cricut Message Board,  or from her wonderful blog, Monique Griffith Designs , from her work with Stampin' Up, or from some of the other blogs where she has been featured as a guest designer (such as EveryDay Cricut ). 

Monique has helped so many Cricut users over the years--let's take a minute and please offer up a little prayer for her and then go sign her Guestbook over at Caring Bridge as she blogs about this very serious journey she is just beginning.  She is absolutely reading all the messages she's been receiving & the support seems to have really touched her.

If you have ever been helped out by another crafter who was willing to give you their own precious time to assist you, please take a few minutes of your time now to help one of our own & to let her know we are all with her.  To go to Monique's Guestbook: CLICK HERE.


  1. Glenda how sweet for you do this (wish I had thought of it. :-(
    You are so sweet.

  2. Sandy, I just wish I knew what else I could do. After having my own scare with this within this last year, I know how terrified I was for those few days when I thought I was going to get the breast cancer diagnosis. I absolutely can't imagine the strength it takes to actually hear those words as a definite diagnosis & then go through the very difficult journey she has ahead of her. I know how helpless I felt when I thought it was me. When I remember how I felt, I can't think of what I can do to help her that would be enough. I just hope my wonderful followers did what I asked & sent her a message!


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