Jun 19, 2010

Fun with i-rock and i-top Tools!!

OK, these are my latest tool "obsessions" (and you all know, I have many, LOL!!)

i-rock Tool: I've now received a few re-orders of this product & I am still really enjoying it. I am now waiting for even more items to arrive, especially for the actual i-rock tool itself, which at this time, the manufacturer is completely out of & had to have more manufactured!!  So for now, this item is a re-order item.  We expect (hope) the manufacturer to ship our back-orders for the i-rock Tool to us by mid August (or earlier!). We are still allowing you to order it so that you can reserve it & get your "place in line".  All orders will be shipped out based on the date they were paid (unless you had an early order with special invoicing from me).

This is another really COOL tool by Imaginisce.  First off,  let me just say, I think it was brilliant to make it CORDLESS, because the older crystal setting tool I've owned for several years has a cord and it seemed to always be in the way--in fact, I've almost melted it before!! So I am THRILLED about this tool being cordless--thank you Imaginisce!!

What the i-rock Tool does is permanently affix rhinestones, jewels, pearls, or mirrors to paper, fabric, or even furniture to create a dazzling masterpiece! (Home decor', here I come!!!) And BTW, yes, I said PEARLS!!!!  They make their own Pearls to work with their tool and I can't WAIT to get busy with those, to help satisfy my ongoing pearl obsession!!!

My prices for the i-rock Tool and accessories are as follows:

  • i-rock Tool: Retail: $12.99, my price is $9.75

  • i-rock "Hot Rocks Compacts" - 800, (either Crystal, Multi-Colored or Jewel): Retail: $12.99, my price is $9.75
  • ***You MUST Select which COLOR of Crystals you want:

  • i-rock "Glam Rocks "- 300, (either Pearl (my fav!!), Metallic Pearl, Rhinestuds, Color Fusion or Mirror): Retail: $3.99, my price is $2.99
  • ***You MUST Select which COLOR of Glam Rocks you want:***

  • i-rock Stencil Kits-include stencil, bling and flowers (either Swirls, Frames or Flowers): Retail: $4.99, my price is $3.75
  • ***You MUST Select which STENCIL Kit you want:***

  • i-rock Jewel Setter Stix (helps w/exact placement of bling!): Retail: $3.99, my price is $2.99
To place an order for any of the i-rock products, please use the PayPal "ADD TO CART" Buttons above.  Please be advised, this product line has been a challenge (to say the least!!) to keep in stock, so I might have to re-order some of the manufacturer's items, which would cause a delay in shipping your package to you.

i-top Tool:  I honestly don't know what took me so long to get on the i-top bandwagon, but I am REALLY on it now!! This tool by Imaginisce is used to help you create your own custom accents by allowing you to make your own personalized BRADS, BUTTONS, BADGES and MAGNETS in three different sizes: SMALL-16mm, MEDIUM-22mm, and LARGE-28mm!! When I say "create", I really do mean create--you can put your own photos, papers (or whatever else your imagination can come up with!!) into the "toppers" and make your own embellishments!!! Over the past couple weeks, I've been making brads out of anything around me that isn't nailed down!!  One very important thing to note is that in order to create any of the LARGE (28mm) sized embellishments, you MUST also purchase the Large Die Carriage attachment (but it's really inexpensive!!)  Here's what the i-top tool looks like.  The Large Die Carriage attachment is shown directly below the tool.
I have several different "package" possibilities for the i-top and the accessories, depending on what you are most interested in (because besides all the different items you can "top" (brads, buttons, magnets and badges), they also have punches and templates to make everything as easy as possible!).  The best thing is to email me your wish list for this product line and I will put together a package for you based on your wishes.  Please remember if you want to make ANY of the LARGE sizes (28mm) of any of the "toppers", you must also purchase the Large Die Carriage attachment!

If you are interested in the i-top tool, please email me at glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com  and include the list of which i-top products you want, along with your zip code and I will get the information back to you.  Here's a link to the manufacturer's site, which will show you all the items (and their product codes!!) within this i-top product line that are available with the i-top Tool (please make sure you notice there is more than one page, so be to page all the way through!!):  http://www.imaginisce.com/Products.aspx?col=37

WARNING--WARNING--WARNING:  These tools are seriously ADDICTIVE!!!  Proceed at your own risk, LOL!!!

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