Aug 21, 2010

First shipment of Pink ATG have arrived!! It's Wall to Wall in here right now!!

The first shipment of the Pink ATG Tape Dispensers arrived here last night (Friday, around 6:45 PM!!) and it is wall to wall PINK in here right now!  I've been going at it almost non-stop since they got here and I just realized, in all my hurry to get everything ready to go out, that I had forgotten to post and confirm that the Pink ATGs actually did arrive (although I know most of you already know that they did, since I'd already posted previously that I DID have a confirmed delivery date from UPS for yesterday!!!).

I've also been tracking down alternate resources to try to get the remainder of my orders (the ones that they still have NOT shipped yet) delivered here a little earlier than what was projected (which was sometime soon after Aug.30th, which is when there's another big shipment expected to arrive from overseas).  Anyway, I'm hoping to hear back early Monday morning from a couple different 3rd party resale vendors to see if any of them have enough of the Pink ATGs in stock to fill the remainder of my order, and it looks hopeful!!  If that does happen, then there's a good chance the rest of my order could be here by the end of next week, rather than the time frame I was given the other day, which was after Aug.30th.  In other words, I STILL haven't stopped in my quest to get every single person's Pink ATGs out to them ASAP!!!

And in that quest, I am going to try to save ALL of us some time by explaining right here how you'll know when your package is shipped:  As soon as I go into PayPal and create your shipping label, you should receive an email with your package information on it, including your tracking number.  When I create that shipping label, that means your package will be going out within the next business day (within the next 24 BUSINESS hours).

Regarding the i-rock Tool, it SHOULD be here late next week.  They still haven't given me the Delivery date or a tracking # yet, but I know they have been absolutely slammed, so their order system has been working overtime.  Good news is when I look at the order online, where the i-rock order is sitting in their system DOES indicate the product has been pulled already and is ready to be shipped.  So let's cross our fingers and hope that's true.  And while we're crossing our fingers about the i-rock Tool, let's cross our toes as well in hopes that the rest of the Pink ATGs make it here ASAP!!

Alrighty then, I'm off to get back to it!  It's doubtful that I will make it back upstairs to get any sleep tonight, so I'm sure I'll be getting a little "punchy" by the time Sunday & Monday roll around.  Since I am sooo focused on getting these out to you, I'm hardly going to be in my email at all this weekend, so if you don't hear right back from me, that's why !! OK, back to land of PINK I go...!!!!!!!

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