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More delivery news about Pink ATGs, their refills and the i-rock Tool!!! YIPPPEE!!!1

OK, here we go again--are you ready??

Let's begin with the latest news about the Pink ATGs and their refills:

Great news about the remainder of my 2nd shipment of Pink ATGs--they should be here by the end of the week.  I did manage to round up some more of them today from another vendor & they already shipped them out to me today.  Unfortunately, they ended up costing me quite a bit more than what I would have paid if I'd have just waitied until the next shipment showed up from overseas, because this vendor charges for freight (and this many ATG units in this many cartons did cost me a big chunk of change to have shipped!!).  But, I decided to bite the bullet and have them shipped right away because I know how many of you have been waiting for a very long time for these and I absolutely don't blame you for being impatient about it.  I ALWAYS try to look at things as if I were the customer how would I feel and what would I want the Seller to do for me, and I know by now I'd be impatient as well!!  (And since I am a "customer" to the manufacturer who ordered and has been very impatiently waiting for hundreds of these to arrive for a long time now, I TOTALLY "get it", because honestly, no one has been more impatient than me!!)  Anyway, it is GOOD NEWS about the Pink ATGs because I should have the rest of them in my hands by the end of this week---WHEW!!!!

HOWEVER, now I'm having a little delay with all the Refills fror the Pink ATG that I ordered.  They did NOT ship me all the refills when they sent out my first shipment of the ATGs, but they have since shipped some more of them, and most of the remaining ones should be here sometime this Wednesday,Aug.25th and then the remainder should arrive either by the end of this week, or more likely, sometime next Monday, Aug. 30th.  Which leads me to this:  I had hoped to get every single one of the orders shipped out by Wednesday at the latest for the first shipment of ATGs that I already received, HOWEVER, I am going to be short on the number of REfILLS needed and since most of the those Refills are due to arrive here on Wednesday, Aug. 25th (and unfortunatly, where we are located on the route of  our very nice UPS man means that our UPS deliveries arrive very late in the day, usually after 5PM), which means I probably won't get everything out until Thursday from the first group.  Now, many of them have already gone out, more will go out tomorrow and Wednesday, but this Refill shortage does mean that some will not go out until Thursday.  And I know that in the grand scheme of things, waiting just one more day isn't really that much longer, but for those of you who have been waiting for such a long time to receive your Pink ATGs, even one more day probably doesn't make you feel too good about the whole thing. 

Which is why I have some good news for you  and I hope this good news will make your wait a bit more bearable:
---I have decided to dig even deeper in my pockets and  include yet ANOTHER roll of the refill tape in your order for the Pink ATG for everyone who pre-ordered theirs from me and who has been waiting for them to arrive--whether you are in the first shipment of ATGs (the ones I already received) or the second shipment (the ones I should receive by the end of this week);  if you have been waiting to receive your Pink ATG order, then be sure to look inside your box and you should see another single roll of refill tape (in addition to the 2 refill rolls the Pink ATG is already packaged with!).  What that means is I am GIVING you another 36 YARDS of refill tape!!!  I really, really hope this helps take some of the "sting" out of the long wait we've ALL had for these Pink ATGs!!!

Next, onto the i-rock TOOL:

More good news continues to pour in!!!  My back-ordered i-rock Tools are ALSO arriving this week, in 2 separate shipments (don't ask me why in 2 shipments, because frankly, I don't know why they wouldn't just send them altogether!?!?), but regardless, they will all be here by the end of THIS WEEK!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!  I will get all those back-orders / re-orders for the i-rock Tools out to you ASAP.  And before you start pouting, or feeling left-out or jealous about those folks getting an extra roll of tape for their back-ordered Pink ATGs, quit it!!!  Because I hope you know me well enough by now to know I would NOT leave you out!!  There will also be some sort of little gift included in your package with your back-ordered i-rock Tool as well!! So now there's even MORE good news!!!!!!!  YIIIIPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

SOOOOOO MUCH GOOD NEWS TODAY, I can hardly stand it!!!!!  It's a good thing I have all these great endorphines pouring out of me from all this good news, since I still haven't managed to get any sleep (was up packing shipments all night again!!!).  So I'm not exactly sure if I'm running on happy endorphines, or if I'm just plain old "loopy" from sleep deprivation, LOL!!!  But whatever it is, at least it's helping to keep my eyes open right now, because I have a feeling that when I finally crash, I will likely crash hard!!  Which will probably entail me falling asleep with my head on the keyboard of my laptop, LOL--and somehow, someway, I really need to figure out how to get a picture of that sometime when it happens again (oh yes, it HAS happened before!!), because I already have the absolutely perfect scrapbook layout planned out for that photo!! Thank goodness all of my Subscribers and Followers are paper-crafters, because otherwise that last statement would appear a little bit nutty to others (non paper-people!!!), but I KNOW that all of you completely "get it"!!! Wink wink!!

OK I'm off to get back to packing up your shipments!!!!!!!!


  1. Glenda, I hope everyone appreciates all you are doing... AND realized that you are losing money on this. But that is the kind of person you are... I am proud to call you my friend. hugs

  2. Thank you Glenda for keeping us all so up to date! I hate that this has been such a headache for you! I am super excited about getting my gun but am totally fine with waiting a few more days as I am sure most of your other customers are as well! You are so sweet for taking all this time and effort! Please don't let it stress you out too much we are patient :) Thank you again!

  3. Wow. I am so sorry that you have been through so much to get these pink ATGs. Snaps to you for all you have done to make it right. I can't wait to get mine...and a few extra days will be fine. I have lived this long, another day will be a-OK.

  4. Wow, thank you Glenda! I bet you will be glad to have this over with. What a fiasco they put you through. You are really a kind person, it's not your fault the shipment was delayed so for you to give us an extra roll speaks volumes about you. This was my first order on your site so I wasn't sure what to expect. I will be back. Thank you!


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