Aug 11, 2010

Pink ATG News--FINALLY!!!!

OK, here's the news about the Pink ATG tape dispensers I know many of us have been waiting for.

I FINALLY got confirmation that the majority of the Pink ATGs I ordered should be shipping out to me either by this Friday, Aug. 13th, or at the latest, by Monday, Aug.16th.  So that means I should have them in my hands sometime next week--WOOHOOOOO!!!! This of course means I will start shipping them out as soon as they arrive and I will be shipping them in the order in which they were received (first in, first out).

They "think" they should be able to send me the full amount of the entire quantity that I ordered, but they couldn't (or wouldn't) verify that until they actually ship. But they did say it "looked good", so I am VERY hopeful that everyone who ordered them from me will get yours shipped out after I receive this shipment.

I am STILL out of town, supposedly on vacation, although with all the emails I've been receiving because of the Pink ATG being delayed for so long, I have to say that regrettably, it hasn't been much of a vacation. And the saddest thing is that my 80+ year old parents, having not been raised in this electronic age, don't seem to understand why I have to keep spending all this time working, rather than spending quality time visiting with them, so I have a personal message from my parents to 3M: "Thanks a LOT 3M!!!!!!!!!!!!" Anyway, I will be back home and back to work sometime on Friday, Aug. 13th.

Regarding the i-rock Tool back-orders, when I checked on those again today, they were projected to ship out sometime next week. Again, they won't "guarantee" this until they actually ship them to me, but that's the latest information they had for me, so that is sounding hopeful as well.

FYI--I will probably NOT be online at all tomorrow (Thurs. Aug. 12th), so I won't be receiving or answering emails at all, because I will be having some work done on my computer in the morning, and then I'll be out of touch for the rest of the day. But as I said earlier, I will be returning to work sometime on Friday, Aug. 13th (if I can EVEN see the top of my desk when I get back, since it was already buried before I ever left home!!)

Once I get an actual tracking number for the Pink ATGs (or the i-rock Tool) I will post here again with the shipping information; that way everyone can find out the information at the same time without all the emailing back and forth.

I want to thank ALL of you for your patience while waiting for these manufacturers to FINALLY get their products shipped out. Believe me, I absolutely understand how frustrating this wait has been, since what I've been waiting to receive from them has been magnified hundreds of times over, due to the large amount of products that I ordered. Once again I can only apologize for the manufacturer's delays in shipping the products, since I have been totally at their mercy as well. But it appears that finally there's a bright light at the end of the tunnel and the products should be here very soon!!!

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