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SHIPPING UPDATES for the Pink ATG and the i-rock TOOL

First, let me please apologize that my "out of town" technology has not been working very well and certainly not with any consistency while I've been on my trip to the Midwest(to CHA and then a swing over to Nebraska to visit the folks and take my first vacation in 2-1/2 years!!). It has been an exercise in frustration to say the least. I've even resorted to trying to at least update my Facebook, but there's nowhere on my mobile application to send or receive emails there--so PLEASE don't send me emails thru Facebook, since apparently I can't get them!! If you need to email me, please use my regular email address, . But please, please use this post to get the information about the shipping dates if possible, rather than just emailing me for it. My email is absolutely back-logged right now because of all the issues I've had with my technology while out of town.

OK, on with the product and shipping updates. Let me first stress that in ALL cases, once I receive any pre-orders, back-orders or re-orders, I will ALWAYS ship them out ASAP. Not only do I know that my customers are anxiously waiting for their orders, but on a personal level, I just don't have the extra storage space to hang onto anything extra (and I have NO desire to do so!!).

In addition, if you happened to pick up the delayed pre-ordered product at the large national craft store while the rest of us (retailers) were waiting to receive their shipments from the manufacturer, please don't worry about getting a refund from me, whether it's over 30 days or not. I will always do what's fair for my customers. Please just know that I have placed all these orders with the manufacturers and have paid for them upfront, so all I ask is that you be fair with me as well.


The latest update is this: There was a quality problem with the one large shipment that shipped from overseas early (to a large national craft retailer). That quality issue caused the manufacturer (3M) to have everything else pulled back and corrected, which has caused major delays all across the board for everyone else. (Although after hearing about the quality problems that have been found in that first early shipment, this is one time I'm thinking that maybe it's a GOOD thing NOT to have gotten the product early on!!)

I've been in contact with the manufacturer constantly, on the phone and in their booth while I was at CHA. They changed the expected arrival date range now to sometime during the 2nd week in August (and again, this IS an estimate from them, they won't guarantee any exact date!!).

I have absolutely NO control over 3M and their manufacturing process--grrrrrrr!!!! I am held hostage to them fixing their quality problem and sending all the products I ordered to me. I can't even BEGIN to explain how INCREDIBLY frustrating this has been for me, and how helpless it has made me feel, despite my multiple calls and contacts with the manufacturer.

I can't WAIT to receive these and get them shipped out to everyone who ordered one. There is NO worry about getting a refund if you happened to pick one up locally at the large national craft retailer who received that early shipment (but please, be sure to check EVERYTHING included in your box to make sure it's all working correctly if you did get one, since there have been those quality issues reported within that shipment, which are what caused the delays for everyone else since!!). I would NEVER hold anyone's hard-earned cash hostage like that (even though I've paid for my orders upfront!).

i-rock TOOL:

This is a case of the manufacturer, Imaginisce, under-estimating the immense popularity of this fabulous little tool. Unfortunately, they are actually completely out of stock right now of the i-rock tool itself. They absolutely underestimated the overwhelming demand for this great product & had to have more manufactured. They have ZERO in stock right now to sell to any retailers. I have several large orders in with them & they will fill the retailer's orders in the sequence in which they received them, so for me, my orders should be close to the front of that line (which is a good thing!!). But right now, we are all waiting for them to get the tool shipped from overseas. Their current estimate is that it should arrive around mid-August (a couple more weeks). I also checked with them every day in the booth at CHA (and tried to see if they would even sell me the demo units they had in their booth, but that was a big "no"!!).

As soon as I receive these, I will send them out ASAP.


Any pre-orders, back-orders and re-orders are always dependant on the manufacturer sending me the products I order from them. I am ALWAYS at their mercy as to when they ship their products. I have noticed this year that more than ever, the manufacturers just don't seem to be meeting their projected ship dates for new releases. I don't know if that corresponds with more and more manufacturing being sent to be done overseas, but it certainly seems to. Going forward, I have now started adding at least 2 weeks onto any new release date that I'm being given by any manufacturer who is sending their work overseas. I prefer to err on the side of caution, than to put out any dates that I believe will probably not be met by the manufacturer.


  1. Thanks for the update Glenda! Has there been any word about the Scor-buddys? Sorry it's all causing you so much stress :0)

  2. Glenda, I didn't pre-order anything but just wanted to leave you a comment....this is why i LOVE you!!! You are always more than fair &'s b/c you truly care about your customers & it's why I always try to order from THANK YOU!

  3. Thanks for the update!! I will wait for yours to come in. Whats a litte extra time.. Thanks for posting this..

    Have a blessed day!

    Lisa W

  4. Thanks for the update. I totally understand your frustration. I'll keep waiting for the shipment. I would rather receice it in good working order. I', actually glad that 3M did what they did instead of continuing to send inferior products.

  5. Just checking to see if there has been any updates on the shipping time for the Pink ATG since the August 2nd post here?


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