Nov 28, 2010

*Black Friday sale CONTINUED thru SUNDAY!!- re:Black Friday /Saturday at

Hi All!!  Hope everyone has had an absolutely fabulous shopping weekend! Good news--I have extended my sale thru midnight (Pacific Time) tonight (Sunday, Nov. 28th) because I have had sooooo much computer trouble with my laptop this weekend, I haven't been able to answer all the emails I've received. (Laptop keeps freezing up for hours at a time--grrrr!).

So rest assured, if you have emailed me over the weekend (anytime since Friday), I WILL take care of you!!!  And if you were worried you missed out, you still have time right now to get your list to me!! 

Now, just wish me luck keeping this #*@!)*^# laptop running, LOL!!!  Thanks!!


  1. Thanks for the update, Glenda! I was worried you didn't receive my email! Thanks for this great sale. Can't wait to get my goodies!...Kay McConnell

  2. Hi Glenda,
    Tryinbg to place an order for Spellbinders lacey circles, Ranger Pearls in Opal white and ruby red, and Just Rite Cling Snowman


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