Nov 28, 2010

Black Friday=laptop problems galore!! BUT-ALL sales are being honored!

This is being posted  from another computer by a friend. Been having lots of PC problems all weekend--worse today--continually keeps starting and restarting in a loop. Can't stay on long enough to get anything done or respond to your emails or orders-- BUT--want you to know I am honoring ALL orders & sale prices from this past weekend!! I DO have your emails and orders--I just can't get them answered yet.

Giving up tonight after fighting with this for 2-1/2 days. Going to attempt to do a System Restore before I go to bed (if it will stay on long enough!) to see if perhaps by chance, some crazy driver or something got installed somehow that shouldn't have. Hopefully when I get up in the morning, it will have been corrected by the System Restore.  If not, at least it will be normal business hours when I call HP for help, since warranty just expired on the laptop! (Of COURSE it did!!!)

I will be going thru all your emails and orders from the weekend sale just as soon as the laptop allows me to do so. All sale prices will be honored!! So, so sorry about the delay!!

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