Jan 3, 2011

All New Winter/Spring Releases: Including all of the "Original" Style Stamps, as well as the Spellbinders/JustRite Custom Dies, and all of the new Cling Style Stamps:

You may purchase ANY and ALL JustRite Stamps and Custom dies from me, including any of the newer releases from this Winter and the newest releases for Spring.  This includes all "ORIGINAL" style JustRite Stamps, as well as the FABULOUS JustRite/Spellbinders Custom dies, and of course all of the new Cling style JustRite Stamps.

To see all of the stamps available, please view them all on the JustRite Stampers site at: http://www.justritestampers.com/ .  When you get there, just click on PRODUCTS, then go into all the separate categories for JustRite ORIGINAL, JustRite CUSTOM DIES, and JustRite CLING stamps.  Make your list of everything that you want, then come back to me to order, because my prices will be substantially less than what you see listed as the MSRP/Retail prices on the JustRite website.

To place an order with me, just email your list to me at glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com .  Please be sure to include your ZIP CODE, and your PayPal email address (if it's different than the email you're using to communicate with me).  And it is helpful if you put something in your email subject line such as: "NEED to PLACE ORDER for JUSTRITE...".  You can figure that my prices will be at LEAST 20% to 25% less than what the MSRP/Retail price is on the JustRite website, and on many items, the discount is even greater!!

Another advantage to ordering with me is that you can also order OTHER items from different manufacturers (such as Spellbinders, Ranger, Tim Holtz, Copics, etc.) at the SAME TIME, on the SAME order with your JustRite items, so they will ALL ship together in one package, which will save you $$ on shipping!!!

If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, either by email at glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com , or you may also call me on my business telephone number during my phone hours (please see the CONTACT ME page for all that information).

I look forward to helping you build your collection of JustRite Stamps!!

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  1. Hi Glenda ~ Thanks for your quick email...I DO want to order from you...although I will have to update my PayPal (I have not used Paypal in a while)...Will get back to you soon. Again, thank you for your response to my email...Happy New Year to you and yours!!


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