Feb 16, 2011

It's confirmed-I have walking pneumonia! Thanks CHA!!!

I wanted to do a quick post to update my status. Many of you already know that I left CHA early because I had gotten sick while there and was continuing to get sicker. Since then, I've been literally knocked completely off my feet and just haven't been able to get well, despite following doctor's orders and resting for over 23 hours a day!  I finally got confirmation today that I do have walking pneumonia (and I pretty much already knew that's what it was before seeing the doctor today, since I've had it a few times in the past, so I know the symptoms!).  But it does explain a lot, including the utter exhaustion.  Those of you who know me know I typically run at Mach 1,000 most the time, so this has been quite tough to handle, since I have zero energy (not to mention I feel as if I've been run over by a very large truck!).  The doctor says that this started out as the flu (and yes, I have had my flu shot and I get one every year!) and I was likely exposed at CHA since there were so many people there who were sick when they arrived at CHA, so it was like a big petri dish of germs there, with everyone touching all the same products and displays, etc.  Add to that having a lot of stress and pressure on me getting ready for CHA (and even more of it while I was there, which is a whole other story!), mix in a lack of sleep, then add in all those germs floating around the Convention Center and it all added up to an environment that made my natural defenses weak and viola', it set the stage for the perfect storm for getting really sick!

If you've emailed me and I haven't gotten back to you yet, it's because I have been and am still in bed--doctor's orders! This is a one-time post just to update everyone on my status, (which I felt was necessary because people have been calling me to find out why I haven't been posting) and I'm headed right back to my sick bed as soon as I finish this.  But please know that I am receiving your emails and as soon as I'm able to stay upright for a couple hours at a time, I will start responding to them.  In the meantime, if you want to order anything from CHA (or anything else from previous products), or if you've already placed your order with me and need to add to it, please just email me the list of products that you want, because I can still add-on to all the orders I placed at CHA, there's no worries about that.  Please send your emails to glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com and please be sure to put something in the email subject line that lets me know your email is about an ORDER.  Oh, and if you're also looking for shipping information, please be sure to also include your zip code!

One more thing-- if you've already placed an order on my site within the past week for a Pink ATG, I am out of them again (due to some more very large international orders that came in during CHA), but an order has been placed with the vendor for more of them and I am now waiting for that shipment of them to arrive from the vendor. I expect they will be here sometime next week  (probably early in the week).  If you can hold on and wait for them to get shipped out to you next week after they arrive here, I will make sure that my helper throws some extra tape into your package for you, as my way of thanking you for your patience!

Here's hoping that these new antibiotics will finally get me on the road to a full recovery--and I hope it happens really soon!!  As those of you who know me might imagine, to put it mildly, I am NOT a very good patient, LOL!!  In fact, I'm not at all good at just laying around, doing nothing, even as terribly sick as I've been--it makes me really cranky because I like to be BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  I don't think I could ever be a lady of leisure--I would certainly lose my mind from boredom!

If any of you have any wonderful home remedies that might help me build up my strength and get well faster, please email them to me, or you can post them on my personal Facebook page HERE.  After having been sick for so long, I am almost willing to try anything to get back to "regular" !!  TIA! 

I also wanted to say thanks so much for all the well wishes, emails, calls and the beautiful Get Well cards that I've received from so many of you.  It feels great to be part of this very special crafty family and I appreciate you worrying about me!  Thanks again--I will talk to you again when I'm back on the road to recovery.

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