Jul 6, 2011

I lost my darling dog, Gucci tonight

I just came home from grueling day & night.  The absolute love of my life, my little Brussels Griffon doggie, Gucci got sick & was throwing up last night, I was up all night with her, took her to vet today, where she was put on IV fluids, then at closing time at the regular vet, they had me take Gucci to an all night ER Animal Hospital where all hell broke loose & she went into cardiac arrest. They valiantly tried & tried to bring her back for several hours, but they couldn't. I just held the love of my life for the last time & I literally felt my heart break in a million pieces, or so it feels. I will be taking a couple days off while I try to anesthetize myself with large doses of Ambien. Maybe I'll wake up & this will have all been a nightmare. I am broken & devastated beyond words. Please understand that I will be AWOL for a few days, probably until the beginning of next week.. 

I know the timing is bad with the brand new Spellbinders being shown on the blog, but just know that (as always) you can send me your orders in email  & I will take care of getting them for you.  Please email me with your orders at glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com , 

Thank you for your understanding,  I'm going to now crawl under the covers with Gucci's blankie & stay there for a very long time I think. 

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