Jan 17, 2012

I'm Pre-Ordering all the new Spellbinders Releases – please get your orders into me ASAP please!

BlogFrenzy Jan Badge (2)    Hi to all!!!  Thanks for visiting my blog!  Happy 2012!!  I'm officially back to work full-time, after spending the majority of the past month spending time with and enjoying my 82 year old Dad's month-long visit.  He went home to the Midwest yesterday, after being spoiled to our 80+ degree beach days that we had for the majority of his visit here!! 

So now I am catching up on a LOT, including blogging about the latest & greatest new releases as we wind our way down to the opening of Winter CHA 2012 in Anaheim.

I have been and continue to pre-order all the newest Spellbinders releases as they're being posted on their blog. Please go to their blog by clicking here: http://spellbinderspaperarts.com/Community/Blog.aspx .  As of this moment, they have so far debuted Days 1 through 6, so when you go to the Spellbinders site, be sure to look at each of those 6 separate days of posts, plus continue to follow and watch for the remaining days of releases in order to see ALL of the new releases!!!

Once again, Spellbinders has outdone themselves with these amazing new releases, so I expect the demand to be HUGE!!  Because of that, it is important to get your orders emailed to me ASAP, so I can make sure I have pre-ordered enough quantities of each new set within the new releases.  Otherwise, I expect orders that aren't put in ASAP, will be waiting for the second or third round of manufacturing to be done overseas and then shipped to the USA.  As always, my prices will be an average of 20% to 35% off of the MSRP (aka: the "Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price").  FYI--these are my every day low prices--you do not need a coupon or to wait for a sale--this is how I price my products all the time, to make it easy and cost-effective for my customers to get what they want!!

To place your orders with me, please email me at gcporders@yahoo.com - please put the word "ORDER" in your email's subject line, and include the Product name & the Product code of everything that you want, along with your your PayPal email address, and your shipping zip code (or if you're an International customer, please include your full shipping address within your country). Please try to get your orders into me ASAP so that I make sure I have pre-ordered enough quantities for all of you. This is an amazing set of new products and I expect the demand to be huge. Anything that doesn't get ordered early enough will most likely have to wait until a second/third shipment gets re-manufactured & sent here to USA, so please don't wait if you want to get yours early!
If you have any questions, please either email me or call me during my home office hours of between 10AM to 6PM PACIFIC time. My home office # is (714) 964-0656. Thanks!

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