Jan 20, 2012

Ten New Cricut Cartridges Just Released from Provo Craft–WooHoo!

OMG!!  I was soooo happy when I saw all the new Cricut cartridges that were released this week!!!  Because I’m a proud member of the Cricut Circle, I got to see them a day early on  “Hello Wednesday”, when Provo Craft posts them to the members-only Cricut Circle Blog.  But now that it’s Thursday, they are all listed for public view on the “Hello Thursday” section on the Cricut.com site on the Shopping tab.
  • Of course I was THRILLED to see another new Imagine cartridge (I just wished there would have been more of them for the Imagine in this release!!)!!    It’s the Cricut Imagine®Art Cartridge, “Greeting Cards Inside and Out” and it’s filled with birthday invitations, thank you cards, birth announcements, engagement and wedding announcements, and cards for all sorts of occasions.  Not only is it going to make it quick and super easy-peasy to make all sorts of cards, but I also absolutely LOVE all the new Imagine papers on this cartridge!!  Take a look:
2001290-Greeting-Cards-Inside-Out_3D-binder    2001290-Greeting-Cards-Inside-Out-web-art
(FYI, the little Cricut Circle emblem you see on the following Imagine papers is just their watermark to help protect these images on the internet!!  They are not an actual part of the papers.)
GreetingCardsPapers1c    GreetingCardsPapers2c
GreetingCardsPapers3c    GreetingCardsPapers4c
Aren’t those papers GORGEOUS and FUN??!!

  • Next up is the Cricut® Ole’ Cartridge” , which is packed full of striking images, Spanish phrases, and a bold layered font.  Wowee, is this cartridge ever overdue??!!  So cute, I can’t wait to make some fun invites for Tacos and Margaritas Night, LOL!!  Here it is:
2001252-Ole_3D-binder    2001252_Ole-Overlay
2001252-Ole-web-art-Do you also see those gorgeous scalloped designs—they make this cartridge even more fun!!!

  • Next is the Cricut® “Type Candy”  cartridge. This sweet Font cartridge features three darling fonts with shadows.  Each font includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and special characters. I am soooo thankful to see a full font cartridge again!!!  Take a peek:
2001253-Type-Candy-3D-Binder    2001253_Type-Candy_overlay
2001253-Type-Candy-web-art-  LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Onto the next cartridge, and I fully admit that I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!  Just wait until you see this one, which is the Cricut® “Giant Flowers” Project cartridge !!!  All I can say is YIPPPPPEEEEE---more beautiful flowers—WooHoo!!!  You can use this cartridge to create larger-than-life flowers for a wedding, event, party, birthday, or home décor.  GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
2001194-Giant-Flower_binder    2001194-Giant-Flower_overlay
2001194-Giant-Flowers-web-art- Aren’t they sooooo pretty??  With the larger size of these flowers I’m soooo glad that I ordered the new Petal Roller Tool -Fabric from Imaginisce because it has a much larger slot (wider and longer) where you insert the end of your flower in order to begin rolling it, than all my other rolling and quilling tools!!!  I think that’s going to come in really handy with these!!  I need this cartridge right now!!

  • Next up is the Cricut® “Bridal Shower” Event cartridge which includes a variety of images such as rings, clothing, phrases, 3D objects, and more.  This will certainly be a welcome cartridge with the wedding season coming upon us.  Our own family is having its very first wedding this summer when our oldest son, Matthew and his fiancée, Nancy, get married, so I’m sure I will be getting some great use out of this cartridge!  Let’s take a look while I ponder all the different ways I can use this cartridge:
2001291-Bridal-Shower_binder    2001291-Bridal-Shower_overlay
2001291-Bridal-Shower-web-artOK, my mind is already spinning with ideas!!

  • So, what’s next you ask??  What’s the old saying?  First comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE, then comes “somebody” in a BABY CARRIAGE…?? Which means that the next logical life event on our cartridge reveal is the Cricut®  “Baby Shower” Event cartridge which you can use to create unforgettable invitations, decorations, party favors, table décor,  and more.     
2001234-Baby-Shower_binder    2001234-Baby-Shower_overlay
2001234-Baby-Shower-web-art-How cute!!


  • As we continue to stroll through these new releases, the next one is the Cricut® Elmo and Friends Holiday” cartridge which features Elmo and his friends having fun on Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays.  Get ready for super-cuteness:
elmo-friends-holiday_3D-binder    elmo-friends-holiday_handbook-page
elmo-friends-holiday_web-chartHow about that image with Oscar the Grouch holding the Valentine’s candy heart??!!  I warned you about the cuteness factor, didn’t I??

  • Now let’s look at Cricut® “My Quiet Book” Project cartridge which can be used to teach your children, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren their colors, shapes, numbers, and more with this cartridge content.
2001195-My-Quiet-Book_binder    2001195-My-Quiet-Book_overlay
2001195-My-Quiet-Book-web-art-Sweet images, right??

  • Next let’s look at a new Lite cartridge, which are found at Wal-Mart and/or at Cricut.com in the shopping section  Here is the Cricut® Lite “Fun in the Sun”  cartridge which features people waterskiing, boating, swimming, playing volleyball, or otherwise enjoying a day at a beach or lake.  (You all must know that this southern CA beach gal is loving this one, LOL!!!)
2001081-Fun-in-the-Sun-binder    2001081-Fun-in-the-Sun-overlay
2001081-Fun-in-the-Sun-web-art It’s a good thing I’m writing this article at night or I’d be tempted to grab a beach towel and run on over to the beach after looking at this cartridge, LOL!!

  • Last, but certainly not least is the latest and greatest Cricut® Circle Exclusive cartridge, the gorgeous “Letter Envy” cartridge which features an eclectic main font, bold crests, and an eye-catching second font with shadows.  Once again, please allow me take my hat off to the Circle folks up at Provo Craft who have really been doing a great job lately with proving us with fabulous content on the Circle Exclusive cartridges.  The Circle Exclusive cartridges are only available to members of the Cricut® Circle, and are automatically sent out to us each quarter (4 times a year!).  I wonder just how many of you who aren’t already part of this crafty club might be considering joining us when you see this gorgeous cartridge??!!
2001298-Letter-Envy_3D-binder    2001298-Letter-Envy_overlay
2001298-Letter-Envy-web-artOMG—can you believe how gorgeous and detailed these fonts are??  Will someone at Provo Craft PLEASE put me out of my misery and hurry up and send me my Circle package with this cartridge in it, LOL??!!!  I am absolutely just going crazy over here wanting to get my hands on this cartridge---please have mercy on me and all my other Circlets and rush this quarter’s Circle Exclusive cartridge out to us!!
Maybe when I see the Provo Craft folks at CHA I can get a hint as to how soon the new Circle cartridge will land on my doorstep!
Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all 10 of these new Cricut cartridges as much as I did!! I wonder which ones are at the top of your list??


  1. Just love your enthusiasm.... cause I got it too! thank you:)

  2. not impressed with any of them


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