Feb 23, 2012

Ever Wondered about Digital Scrapbooking or Card-Making? If you’re in Southern California, you’re in LUCK!! Ever edited a photo? Then you’re already a Digi Scrapper! Learn how to do Basic Photo Editing or to use digital techniques on your cards!!

Whenever I mention Digital Scrapbooking or Card-Making, inevitably several paper crafters very adamantly express that they will NEVER do digital!! But I think what many of them don’t understand is that they have ever edited a photo before they scrapped it, they have already become a digi scrapper/card-maker!!

If you’ve ever wished you could use your computer to realistically, quickly and easily correct and enhance your photos, fix your mistakes, etc., then you absolutely need to take advantage of one of the last chances any of us will have to take classes in person from  THE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK TEACHER, Patty D.  at Scrapbook Expo here in Orange County, CA before she retires her traveling classes.  She is teaching classes at Scrapbook Expo, which is now located at the Anaheim Convention Center (the same location as CHA was!!) Fri. Feb 23rd & Sat. Feb. 24th.  CLICK HERE to see the workshop schedules (they’re on the right side—see  both the Friday and Saturday workshops—she has no classes scheduled Sunday!).  She has seven classes scheduled for Basic Photo Editing and for Digital Card-Making.  Online registration is now closed, but you can register at the show and as of now, she does have some open spots in her classes.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND any and all of Patty’s classes!!

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Patty because she has been featured in many prominent craft magazines and you may also recognize her darling “Digi-Chick” avatar from her many national advertisements!!

There are many degrees of digital paper crafting—there are the folks who have gone 100% digital, then there are those referenced above who are engaged in the most basic level of digital by editing their photos on their computer, then the largest group is those of us smack dab in the middle, doing what is called “Hybrid”.  I am in that group and I am there because while I enjoy the many facets of digital scrapbooking / paper-crafting that allow me to get pages done more quickly, I am not now, nor do I think I will ever be ready to give up all the tactile parts of paper-crafting.  I love to touch (and sometimes even sniff, LOL!!) the beautiful papers I have, I love glue dots and “real” matching embellishments such as Prima flowers, all sorts of bling, such as rhinestones, Stickles, glitter, Perfect Pearls Mists, and so on.  I love brads and eyelets, and heaven knows, I LOVE ribbon!!!!  And this means that I am a hybrid scrapbooker / card-maker and proud of it!!

But because my crafting philosophy has always been that crafting should be easy and quick and should NEVER cause you any stress, I do love to use certain things within the digital realm to help me perform some tasks quickly and easily—“EASY PEASY” is my motto!!

And the very first and most important thing I use digital techniques for is to easily edit my photos.  The days of trying to fix “red eye” on photos with a special pen are long gone for me, because with a couple clicks of a mouse, I can fix that red eye in no time flat, and get completely realistic results!!  And what about those photos where the subject is so dark you can barely see who it is?  Guess what—again, with a couple clicks of a mouse, you can correct that as well and end up with a correctly edited photo that looks simply amazing!!

I HIGHLY recommend Patty’s classes because she’s the ONLY person who I’ve ever encountered who teaches classes strictly from the paper-crafter’s point of view!

I have a history with THE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK TEACHER, Patty in that we met while we were both taking Photoshop Elements classes together at the Huntington Beach Adult School—that’s where we both began our journey into digital.  And during all those classes, over a couple years time, whenever several of us were on break together we would always lament that there were no books or classes geared directly to paper-crafters.  There were tons of Photo Elements books out there, but they were all written from the point of a graphics person.  For a couple years we took these classes in Huntington Beach, and for a couple years we complained and complained about the fact that we had no good reference material to help us figure something out when we ran into trouble when scrapping in the middle of the night!!  Which led Patty to do something incredibly brave--she decided to write just such a book.  She did, and it was received with overwhelming success, which led her to teaching classes all over the country, as well as overseas.  She started her “DIGI BOOT CAMPS”, and her “DIGI DEGREE” program and has been running at an unbelievable pace since her first book was released.  After a huge outpouring of requests for an updated version of the book, she did a full re-write and released it this past year.  To say she’s been going non-stop for years now, doesn’t even really describe her schedule.  But due to personal reasons, she has decided to cut back on the traveling and do her “FAREWELL TOUR”.  Which is why if you ever wanted to take any of Patty’s classes, this is now the time you must do so, before she retires her traveling teaching!!

So if you’re anywhere in Southern California, I strongly encourage you to go to the Scrapbook Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center either this Fri., Feb 24th or Sat., Feb 25th and register for any classes being taught by THE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK TEACHER when you arrive there!!


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