Jul 30, 2010


To all my very LOYAL Readers, Followers and Customers,

Yes, I've heard you.  Because of your many, many requests, I am in the process of changing the way you may order or pre-order from me, including how you can now easily and quickly pre-order / purchase the new PINK ATG Tape Dispenser by 3M with the touch of a button!!  Making all these changes across the board is a very time-consuming process, so please be patient as I get items updated.

I have begun adding the ability for my customers to purchase many items by just clicking a button and going through a Checkout process, all managed by PayPal, which means every transaction is absolutely secure. Please note, so far, the Shopping Cart Buttons are ONLY set up for domestic mailing within the USA!! All International customers, including my Canadian customers, need to email me their information and I will send you a PayPal invoice. That way (for now anyway!), I can keep a better handle on the International shipping!! Please email me at glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com - be sure to include all the items you want shipped together, along with your mailing address / shipping information and your PayPal email address (if it's different than what you use to normally communicate with me).

I started with the Pink ATG Tape Dispenser. This item was sooooo well and generously received by all of you, and soooo many of you wanted to place a pre-order for it with me, that it actually crashed my email!!  I am still trying to sort out your emails about the Pink ATG from days ago.
So, if you have NOT yet received an invoice  from me for the Pink ATG and you want to purchase the Pink ATG Tape Dispenser (this is the item that 3M is donating part of the proceeds from to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation), please select either the tab up above on the Navigational Bar that says "ADHESIVES" or just CLICK HERE to go to the original post.  Now, in either of these two locations on my site, you can easily just add it to your Shopping Cart and pre-order / purchase it right there, without having to go back and forth, without sending and receiving multiple emails, and without receiving and responding to invoices, etc. This is going to help all of us save a great deal of time!

FYI--for news, updates and information about any pre-orders or re-orders, (such as the Pink ATG or the i-rock Tool, etc.) please go to the original post for whichever item you want to check.

I appreciate your patience as I continue to add to this process.  Any suggestions or criticisms you may have, I will gladly hear.  This site was created for you and your input is always valuable to me.  If you have any questions about your shipping charge after using the shopping cart checkout process, please go to the Contact/Shipping/Shopping Cart page and scroll down to the section about "Shipping charges using the Shopping Cart Buttons". To contact me, please email me at glendascreativeplace@yahoo.com. Thanks!!

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